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Saturday, 26. May 2012   (Image ©
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Youth Classes - Young European Sailing - Kiel GER - First races today
For quite some time, the Kiel 'Pfingstbusch Regatta' has been at the same time the 'Young European Sailing' event, and therefore, a number of Youth classes start today on the 'Kieler Foerde', i.e. Bay of Kiel. The 29ers, 29ersXX, 420s, 470s, Europes, Lasers (4.7, Radial, Standard) as well as the 5o5 and Pirates are among the classes. The event-website with links to the lists of participants.
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Youth Classes - Young European Sailing - Kiel GER

Saturday, 26. May 2012– Monday, 28. May 2012


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