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Top News – Sunday, November 23, 2014
Sunday, November 23, 2014   
Avoiding the northern current now, all teams are heading North, where an unclear weather situation with a calm high pressure system is waiting. To find the fastest way northbound considering this anticyclone is the challenge for the navigators.
At present, 'Abu Dhabi' with Ian Walker GBR is in the lead 8 miles ahead of 'Mapfre' (Iker Martinez ESP) and another mile 'Dongfeng' (Charles Caudrelier FRA).
The race viewer and the event website.
Sunday, November 23, 2014   (Image © PWA-John Carter)
The Slalom World Cup 2014 ended today on Noumea FRA in New Caledonia with the last Elimination with Ben Van der Steen BEL as final winner of this event. But the defending World Champion Antoine Albeau FRA remains on top of the overall Annual Rankings adding another World Champiion's title to his immense collection. Délphine Cousin FRA is the Numea winner as well as the World Champion in the female category.
All other details on the PWA website.
Sunday, November 23, 2014   
Yesterday, Robin Knox-Johnson GBR finished the Route du Rhum as 3rd of the category 'Class Rhum'. The winner of the first nonstop-solo-round-the-world race, the 'Golden Globe' in 1969, withstood with his modified Open 60 the heavy storms in the beginning of the race and showed an excellent performance at the age of 75. 12 Class 40 and 10 Class Rhum yachts are still underway.
The race viewer, the report of the day and the event website.
Sunday, November 23, 2014   
Lighter winds as predicted made the choice of the rig difficult. One of the few teams having opted for the smaller rig was 'Gotta love it 7' with Seve Jarvin AUS, who had a satisfying race until the last downwind leg to the finish, where the abating wind made the race again exciting. But the multiple Champion 'Gotta love it 7' remained of top. 'Thurlow, Fisher Lawyers' qnd 'Rag-Famish' occupy the ranks 2 and 3. The race can be reviewed in detail in a video clip. Theevent website.
Sunday, November 23, 2014   (Image © Martinezstudios)
Favorable conditions with a seabreeze freshening to 14 kn during the races prevailed also on the 4th day of the Oman-Cup.
Finishing 4/3/1, 'Nika' with Vladimir Prosikhin RUS (Terry Hutchinson USA) extended her lead before the last races planned for today on 9 points. Chris Bake GBR with his 'Team Aqua' (Taktics Cameron Appleton NZL) on rank 2 has a 4 points advantage on the 3rd 'Charisma' with Nico Poons MON (Tom Slingsby AUS). Chances for a medal remain also with 'Artemis' of Torbjörn Tornquist SWE (Ian Percy GBR) 4 points off the podium right now.
The ranking list and the report of the day.
Top News – Saturday, November 22, 2014
Saturday, November 22, 2014   (Image © Corinna Halloran-SCA)
The rough conditions stayed on and especially the steep waves due to the strong current are stressing the teams. A calm zone South of Madagascar has delayed shifts on a northern course up to now, but after the long tack eastbound, the navigators will have to take the strategic decision today when to change direction.
'Dongfeng' with Charles Caudrelier FRA leads 7 miles ahead of 'Alvimedica' with Charlie Enright USA an. The all-female Team 'SCA' with Samantha Davis GBR as last are now 47 miles behind the leader. Together with 'Abu Dhabi' they are the most-southern team in the fleet.
The race viewer and the event website ... not very easy to read.
Saturday, November 22, 2014   (Image © PWA-John Carter)
Another perfect day on Noumea in the South Sea with a 25 kn breeze allowing to sail the full program of the Slalom World Cup. The men's category has completed 8 Eliminations so far, the women's even 11.
Délphine Cousin FRA leads in the women's and the Tour victory and World Champion' title is practicall safe. The defending champion Antoine Albeau FRA had a strong comback yesterday with two wins, and in today's heats, he was always among the best. This brings him on top of the interims rankings replacing Cyrill Moussilmani FRA who has now 2 days left to correct the situation and grasp his first title.
In case you have a sleepless night in your time zone? You can follow the attractive competition every night live, starting at midnight on the PWA website.
Saturday, November 22, 2014   (Image © Pen Duick)
Yesterday, seven more Class 40 arrived on Guadeloupe and the next one expected will be the Pole Vault Olympic Champion Jean Galfione FRA on the 18th place. Finishing the race are also some participants of the Corinthian Class Rhum, three days after the winner of this category, Anne Caseneuve FRA. Andrea Mura ITA and 28 miles farther back Robin Knox-Johnson GBR, age 79 will finish on the positions 2 and 3.
The race viewer, the reports and the videos.
Saturday, November 22, 2014   (Image © Martinezstudios)
The Oman Cup of the RC44 Championship Tour continued yesterday with three races sailed in moderate conditions around 10 kn. Team of the day was 'Team Aqua' of Chris Bake GBR (Cameron Appleton NZL) advancing on rank 3 overall. 'Nika' with Vladimir Prosikhin RUS (Terry Hutchinson USA) stays on top of the general rankings followed by 'Charisma' with Nico Poons MON (Tom Slingsby AUS).
The reportof the day and the ranking list.
Top News – Friday, November 21, 2014
Friday, November 21, 2014   
The strong 'Agulhas' current from the North along the African East Coast forces the fleet to a wide detour around the Cape of Good Hope. After some rough hours after the start, the conditions have now calmed down somewhat, but the 20 kn breeze and the current create still an agitated sea keeping the seven teams on an easterly course quite busy. Only during the day, they will leave the current zone and put about northwards direction the port of call Abu Dhabi.
This morning, the Turkish/American 'Alvimedica' (Charlie Enright USA) was still in the lead 5 miles ahead of the Chinese 'Dongfeng' (Charles Caudrelier FRA). The all-female Team 'SCA' (Samantha Davis GBR) was last with a 32 miles' backlog. The race viewer and the event website.
Friday, November 21, 2014   (Image © PWA-John Carter)
The PWA Noumea Slalom World Tour event ended this morning after day with again good conditions. Only towards the end, the wind speed dropped below 10 kn. Ben Van der Steen BEL won two runs. The results have not yet been available on the PWA website, as the competition ended around edtitorial deadline this morning.
Friday, November 21, 2014   
Since yesterday, 10 of the 32 Class 40 yachts still racing have reached Guadeloupe. The official website today is dedicated to women. In addition to the winner in the 'Class Rhum' category, Anne Caseneuve FRA, there was also Miranda Merron GBR finishing on the excellent 6th place in the Class 40. The report. The Paralympic Champion Damien Séguin FRA crossed the finish line yesterday as 8th. Today, seven more Class 40 are exptected at Pointe-à-Pitre, among them Bernard Delesne FRA from the Swiss 'TeamWork' squad. A repair stop right after the start were a too big handicap to race for victory. The race viewer, the reports and the videos.
Friday, November 21, 2014   (Image © Martinezstudios)
The last Act of the RC44 Championship Tour 2014, the ProAm circuit on the super-racers designed by Russell Coutts NZL, began last Wednesday in Oman. According to the rules, the event began with the matchracing day and the Pro's steering, and 'Team Synergy' of Valentin Zavadnikov RUS with Ed Baird USA was the dominating winner in all matches, taking the Overall Annual Matchracing Championship title. The report. Yesterday was day one of fleetracing with the owners steering. With 'Nika' of Vladimir Prosikhin RUS with Terry Hutchinson USA as tactician, another Russian team is on top of the interim's rankings with a 6 points' lead after three races. 'Charisma' of Nico Poons MON with Tom Slingsby AUS as tactician follows on rank 2. The ranking list and the report.
Top News – Thursday, November 20, 2014
Thursday, November 20, 2014   
Puffy conditions prevailed yesterday evening at the start of the second leg of the Volvo Ocean Race off Cape Town, where a one-hour-round-course underneath the Table Mountain was completed in all kind of wind, from 0 to 30 kn, before heading for the open sea with the all-female Team 'SCA' in the lead. During the first night, the fleet rounded the Cape of Good Hope and will shift North during the day.
The Turkish-American 'Alvimedica' (Charlie Enright USA) is in the lead together with 'Dongfeng' (Charles Caudrelier FRA), but the boats are still closely together in a long upwind course. 'SCA' (Samantha Davis GBR) at the end of the fleet is only 9 miles behind.
The race viewer, the video of the start and the reports.
Thursday, November 20, 2014   (Image © Alexis Courcoux)
With the arrival of Alex Pella ESP, winner of the Class 40, and Anne Caseneuve FRA, first in the Corinthian 'Class Rhum', the Route de Rhum 2014 is now in its final phase. 32 yachts in total are still underway.
Alex Pella ESP realized the first Spanish victory in an important solo-offshore-regatta. Having taken over the lead at mid-race, he constantly extended his lead on the second-ranked Thibaut Vauchel FRA, and finally protected a one hours' lead in the critical light-wind approach to Guadeloupe. Six Class 40 arrived at Pointe-à-Pitre so far. Anne Caseneuve FRA was the superior winner of the Corinthian category in her fifth participation. She was sailing on the only trimaran and distanced her opponents by over 700 miles.
The race viewer with rankings, the reports and the videos.
Thursday, November 20, 2014   
This morning at Press Time, the 3rd Slalom World Cup Elimination was in full action. Cyrill Mousilmani FRA has consolidated his first position in the battle of the French trio for the World Champion's title, as the defending Champion Antoine Albeau FRA missed the qualification for the Final twice despite of his favorite big-breeze conditions. No problems however for Delphine Cousin FRA in the women. A 4th place at Noumea is sufficient for her for the Slalom World Champion's title 2014.
All details on the PWA website.
Top News – Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Wednesday, November 19, 2014   
Alessandro Di Benedetto ITA and 4 hours later Tanguy De Lamotte FRA have crossed the finish line in the earliest morning hours today, occupying the positions 6 and 7, and closing the race of the IMOCA Open 60s. Alex Pella ESP will follow soon as winner of the Class 40, as at 5 hrs UTC, he was only 13 miles before Pointe-à-Pitre. Another 40 miles farther back was Thibaut Vauchel FRA on 2nd defending this place against Kito De Pavant FRA 17 miles behind. Anne Caseneuve FRA, leading in the Corinthian 'Class Rhum' category has 114 miles to sail and is expected in Guadeloupe by this evening.
The race viewer, the reports and the videos.
Wednesday, November 19, 2014   
The Volvo Ocean Race 2014/15 continues in the later afternoon today with the start of the seven teams for leg 2, the 6'125 miles to Abu Dhabi at 16 hrs UTC. The Indian Ocean in the Monsoon period is a new experience for most of the navigators. After a windy first phase, calm and thunderstorm zones will influence the strategies of the teams and the fleet might well be spread over a wider area before the entry into the Arabian Gulf will reassemble the boats.
The report.
Racing are also over 100'000 participants in the Virtual Volvo Ocean Race, starting today at 16 hrs UTC as well. Participation is still possible by registering on the VOR Game page. Mikael Rydberg SWE was first in leg 1 winning a trip to the second leg finish in Abu Dhabi !
Follow the coverage of the start as from 15 hrs UTC live on the Internet.
Wednesday, November 19, 2014   (Image © PWA-John Carter)
Yesterday was day one of the last PWA event this year on the French South Sea island Noumea FRA with the crucial male and female Slalom competitions. The wind was missing yesterday, and the forecast for today is not any better, but lateron in the week, perfect trade winds have been promised.
The situation is fully open in both categories with the leading drivers very near together. Cyril Moussilmani FRA is closely followed by the multiple World Champion and defender of the title Antoine Albeau FRA, and also the young Pierre Mortefon FRA on 3rd has still an option on the title.
Delphine Cousin FRA leads in the women's category, and a 4th place at Noumea would be sufficient to grasp the title. Suspense is in the fight for rank 2 between Lisa Erdil TUR and Valéry Ghibaudo FRA at equal points.
The report of the day including an interview with Björn Dunkerbeck SUI, starting under Swiss flag, who will terminate his long PWA World Tour career with this event. A preview on the Noumea Slalom is on the PWA website.
Wednesday, November 19, 2014   
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014   (Image © Long Beach YC)
One of the oldest Match Race world-wide, the Congressional Cup of Long Beach CA, USA, celebrates next year the 50th anniversary. This event has been reintegrated in the 2015 edition of the World Match Racing Tour.
The news.