49er, 49erFX, Nacra 17 - World Championship 2016 - Clearwater FL, USA - Day 5 - live
Tuesday, 31. July 2012   
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Women Match Race - Olympic Games 2012 - Round Robin Day 3, Anna Tunnicliffe USA coming from behind
At half-time - all 12 teams have now sailed 6 matches - the ranking table has a clearer structure: AUS of Olivia Price is the only undefeated team, ESP (Tamara Echegoyan) and RUS (Ekatarina Skudina) have one loss each. With a 4-2 w/l score follow the two top favorites USA (Anna Tunnicliffe) and GBR (Lucy McGregor), and two teams, FRA (Claire LeRoy) and NZL (Stephanie Hazard), follow with a 3-3 w/l result. NED, FIN and DEN - all 2-4 w/l - will probably have to fight for the 8th quarter final place. POR and SWE with no wins have (too) long way to go to join the lucky eight.

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