Sunday, 22. July 2012   (Image © Jean-Marie Liot)
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M34 - Tour de France à la Voile - Leg 5 - Day 20
A short and direct transfer leg from Roses ESP to Gruissan FRA was sailed yesterday. The leading duo 'TPM-COYC Hyères' (Fabien Henri FRA) and 'Courrier Dunkerque' (Daniel Souben FRA) covered each other closely, allowing Jimmy Pahun FRA with his 'Ile de France' to book the first big victory. The advantage of 'TPM COYC Hyères' on 'Courrier Dunkerque' is now reduced to two points only. The amateur leader 'Ville de Genève' with Elodie Méttraux/Jerôme Clerc SUI finished 4th and defended the 5th place overall. The results, the daily report and the videos.
M34 - Tour de France à la Voile 2011 - Dunkerque FRA - La Seyne-sur-Mer FRA

Friday, 24. June 2011– Monday, 25. July 2011


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