Wednesday, 13. June 2012   (Image © PWA)
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Windsurfing - PWA World Tour 2012 - Slalom - Roses ESP, with Buzianis USA and Angulo ISV
A good thermal breeze prevailed at yesterday afternoon at the Costa Brava ESP where another Men's Slalom event of the PWA World Tour 2012 began with eight Single Elimination heats. All favorites, including Micah Buzianis USA and Josh Angulo ISV, qualified for the next Round. In the 9th and last race of the day, Björn Dunkerbeck SUI and Josh Angula ISV were among the first first four qualify for the Quarter-Finals. All details on the PWA-website.
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Windsurfing - PWA World Tour 2012 - Slalom - Costa Brava ESP

Tuesday, 12. June 2012– Sunday, 17. June 2012


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