Monday, 27. February 2012   
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18-Footer - JJ Giltinan Trophy - Sydney AUS - Final Results, Howie Hamlin USA 13th
The 7th and last race of the 18-footer JJ Giltinan Trophy, the inofficial World Championship, completed the podium with 'Thurlow Fisher Lawyers' (Michael Coxon AUS) and '' (Mikah Lane) taking Silver and Bronze. 'Gotta love it 7' with Seve Jarvin AUS, defending Champions, had the 2012 title already after 6 races, but nevertheless, they added another bullet yesterday making it 6 of 7 races in their favor. The veteran Howie Hamlin USA with Mike Martin and Matt Mc Kinlay finished on rank 13. The report, the final rankings and the videos.
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18-Foot-Skiff - JJ Giltinan Trophy 2012 - Sydney AUS

Thursday, 16. February 2012– Monday, 27. February 2012


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