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Monday, 9. April 2012   
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Kite- & Windsurfing - Mondial du Vent - Leucate FRA - Day 1
The Tramontane was blowing with 45 kn plus on the opening day of the Mondial du Vent at Leucate. The Kite- and Windsurfers started the event with a speed contest over 500 meters. Best of the day was the world-record holder Rob Douglas USA with 42 kn (78 kmh). The fastest windsurfer Anders Bringdahl SWE realised 38,62 kn. The Kite-Surf-Freestylers started their Worldcup competition as well. Winners of the first single elimination were Alex Pastor ESP with the men and Gisela Pulido ESP with the women. The report (f) and the videos of the previous year of this always very well attended happening, not only with high-level competition but also with parties and concerts.

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