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Sunday, 11. March 2012   (Image © Chris Ray)
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Laser - World Masters Championship 2012 - Brisbane AUS - Day 1
The Laser World Masters for Standards, Radials and 4.7 began today in Brisbane AUS, according to the rules split in categories from the 'youngest' Apprentices (age 35-40) to the 'senior' Great Grand Masters (60+). The results of the first races have already been published. In the Lasers Standard, the winners are Matias del Solar CHI (Apprentice), Brett Beyer AUS (Master) and Andre Martinie DOM (Grand Master). In the Lasers Radial, the first places go to Richard Bott AUS (Apprentice), Greg Adams AUS (Master), Michael Keaton AUS (Grand Master) and Adam French AUS (Great Grand Master). In the Lasers 4.7, Claire Heenan AUS (Master) is on top. The official preview and the event-website.
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Laser - Masters World Championship 2012 - Brisbane AUS

Sunday, 11. March 2012– Saturday, 17. March 2012


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