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Monday, 28. November 2011   (Image © Benoit Stichelbaut)
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Maxi-Trimaran 'Banque Populaire' - Trophée Jules Verne - Day 6
Yesterday, the 140-foot-trimaran 'Banque Populaire' crossed the Equator after a tough passing of the innertropical convergence zone was. The average speed over 24 hours dropped to 400 miles in the unconstant wind conditions, and the advantage on the record of 'Groupama' melted to 60 miles this morning. But now in the southern trade winds, Loïck Peyron FRA and his team have accelerated again on speeds above 25 miles. The next barrier to overcome is the anticyclone above the St-Helena island, a zone that was not perfect for 'Groupama' during her record ride. The race-viewer, the report and the videos.

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