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Thursday, 5. May 2011   (Image © PWA)
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Windsurfing - PWA World Tour 2011 - Freestyle- Podersdorf AUT - Final Day
Thanks to a passing low pressure system, there was enough wind not only to complete the Single Elimination but to terminate the Double Elimination on the final day as well. In rather cold temperatures around 5°C and a gusty wind between 10 and 17, Steven Van Broeckhoven NED achieved his first PWA Tour victory defeating Kiri Thode (Bonnaire) in the final heat with a 3-2 jury decision. All details on the PWA website.
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Windsurfing - PWA World Tour 2011 - Freestyle - Poderstorf AUT

Friday, 29. April 2011– Thursday, 5. May 2011


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