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Thursday, 2. September 2010   (Image © File)
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470 - European Championship 2010 - Istanbul TUR - Day 2 - Kliger/Sela ISR solve the riddle
It was a crazy, confusing day at the 2010 Open 470 European Championships in Istanbul, yet somehow Gideon Kliger/Eran Sela ISR emerged from their side of the men's qualifying with two 1st places. The Israeli team made sense of the light, patchy and shifty conditions that left most of the 92 teams quite bewildered. The only team that came close to matching the Israelis' consistency were the defending European Champions Sime Fantela/Igor Marenic CRO, who scored two 2nd places on the other side of the qualifying split. In 3rd Yurii Zhuralov/Pavlo Matsuyev UKR.
On the women's side Emmanuelle Rol/Helene Defrance FRA scored 1/3 for the early lead, followed by Camille Lecointre/Mathilde Geron FRA in 2nd and Henriette Koch/Lene Sommer DEN in 3rd. The report and the complete results, the gallery, plus the tracking page.

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