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Friday, 20. July 2012   (Image © Jean-Marie Liot)
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M34 - Tour de France à la Voile - Roses ESP - Day 18, the Swiss
14 kn Seabreeze and sunshine provided perfect sailing conditions for the two short races at Roses ESP. Although the two top teams had one of the weaker days, the sequence on top of the overall rankings remained unchanged. 'Courrier Dunkerque' (Daniel Souben FRA) leads with a small margin on 'TPM-COYC Hyères' (Fabien Henri FRA). 'Ville de Genève' confirmed rank 5 as best amateur team with the day ranks 6 and 3. 'Bienne-Voile' remains on rank 14. The official report and the videos.
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M34 - Tour de France à la Voile - Dunkerque FRA-La Seyne FRA

Friday, 29. June 2012– Thursday, 26. July 2012


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