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Thursday, 5. April 2012   (Image © Bruno Bouvry)
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Class 40 - La Solidaire du Chocolat - St. Nazaire FRA - Progreso MEX - Day 25 - Victory for ''
This morning at 2 hrs 19 min, Jörg Riechers GER and Marc Lepesqueux FRA with their '' crossed the finish line of the Solidaire du Chocolat after almost 25 days at sea. 'Agir' (Le Diraison/Hardy FRA), 'Geodis' (Amedeo/Tripon FRA) and '' (Bestaven/Drouglazet FRA) are also expected at Progreso MEX this morning. These three teams are separated by only 15 miles, and the fight for the podium will be hot. The race-viewer, the daily report and the videos.
Class 40 - La solidaire du chocolat - Lorient FRA-Progreso MEX

Sunday, 11. March 2012– Saturday, 7. April 2012


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