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Saturday, 11. June 2011   
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Paralympic Worldcup 2011 - Sail for Gold - Weymouth GBR - Final Day
Yesterday was the final day of racing in the Paralympic classes – 2.4mR (9 races in total), Sonar (10 races) and SKUD-18 (8 races) – at the Skandia Sail for Gold, in Weymouth GBR in rather light winds. No change in the top three of the Sonars where the leader John Robertson GBR and his team is 3 points ahead of the tied teams of Udo Hessels NED 2nd and Bruno Joudren FRA 3rd. Despite of a brilliant win in the last race, Rick Doerr USA and his team remain on rank 5 behind the 4th Wang-Hansen NOR. No change on top the 2.4 m IJ, where Damien Séguin FRA defended his lead against the Andre Rademaker NED, winner of the last race, second, by one point. The former leader Thierry Schmitter NED came back as 3rd on the podium with an excellent 1 and 4 score last day, relegating the tied Paul Tingley CAN on rank 4. No change for the top three in the Skud 18, with Daniel Fitzgibbon/Liesl Tesch AUS, Rickham/Birell GBR, Dunross/Cox AUS on the podium. All results and the report.
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Olympic Worldcup 2011 - Sail for Gold - Weymouth GBR

Monday, 6. June 2011– Saturday, 11. June 2011


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