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Monday, 11. April 2011   
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IMOCA Open 60 - Barcelona World Race - Day 101 - Boris Herrmann GER/Ryan Breymaier USA arrived
Boris Herrmann GER and Ryan Breymaier USA finished their Barcelona World Race yesterday afternoon after 100 days and 3 hours. For both, this was the first round-the-globe on an Open 60, and it goes without saying that both were impressed and satisfied about their 5th place. The report. Tuesday, the ladies team with Dee Caffari GBR and Anna Corbella ESP will arrive next. No other woman has sailed around the globe as often as Caffari. and Anna Corbella ESP is the first Spanish woman completing a circumnavigation. The videos of the arrival and the race-viewer. The last-ranked 'We are Water' is presently sailing along the coast of Brazil, still in the Southern hemisphere and will arrive in Barcelona beginning of May at the earliest.
IMOCA Open 60 - Barcelona World Race - Barcelona ESP

Friday, 31. December 2010– Monday, 28. March 2011


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