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Offshore Racing

Offshore Racing – Thursday, April 17, 2014
Thursday, April 17, 2014   (Image © Alexis Courcoux)
Yesterday, the fleet of the 14 two-person teams has been spreading out even more. After the low wind on Tuesday, the southern teams have now hit the trade winds and speed up again, pushing them probably on a direct way to the Caribbeans. The leading boats in the North adhering to a West front accelerated also after a short slow-down, and defended their lead up to now. But sooner or later, they have to head South across a lull zone to reach the trade winds. Corentin Horeau/Michel Desjoyeaux FRA lead 5,4 miles ahead of Jean Le Cam/Gildas Mahé FRA. Nicolas Lunven/Eric Péron FRA, first in the Southern group on position 6 overall, are already 225 miles behind. The race-viewer, the daily report and the videos.
Offshore Racing – Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Wednesday, April 16, 2014   
Yesterday was the day of the two-person teams having opted for the northern course after the mark rounding off the Canaries. They progressed partly over four times as fast as the rest of the fleet. The new leaders are now Corentin Horeau/Michel Desjoyeaux FRA 7,7 miles ahead of Jean Le Cam/Gildas Mahé FRA. The best southern team are Nicolas Lunven/Eric Péron FRA on rank 6 with a 143 miles' backlog. The weather situation remains instable and it is not impossible that upon reaching the trade winds, the southern boats with have the upper hand again. The race-viewer, the daily report (in French) and the videos.
Offshore Racing – Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Tuesday, April 15, 2014   (Image © Alexis Courcoux)
The unusual depression cell over the Canary islands continues to produce slack and unpredictable wind streams. Instead of a fast ride across the Atlantic in the trade-winds, the 14 two-person teams still in the race are trailing and searching for wind. While some hope to meet the trade-winds farther down south, some others, such as the routiniers Jean Le Cam FRA (with Gildas Mahé FRA) and Michel Desjoyeaux FRA (with Corentin Horeau FRA) stick to a northern course. It remains to be seen in a few days from now, which option will be paying.
Leaders in the interims position are Le Cam/Mahé FRA 1,2 miles ahead of Gbick/Le Pavant FRA. Horeau/Desjoyeaux FRA follow on rank 4 with a 8,6 miles backlog. The race-viewer, the reports and the video of the day.
Tuesday, April 15, 2014   
The 300 miles Pornichet Select Regatta - the solo-skippers opening event for the very popular and spectacular Mini-650-class - ended yesterday at Pornichet FRA. Superior winner in the Protos was Giancarlo Pedote ITA with his 'Prysmian', the round-bow special construction having dominated the class for three years now. Luke Berry GBR follows on rank 2 four hours behind. Very close was the final fight in the Series, where Tanguy Le Turquais FRA crossed the line only 6 minutes ahead of Damien Cloarec FRA. Execellent the first race of the newcomer to the mini-class Patrick Girod SUI finishing on rank 3 only 34 minutes behind the 2nd. The race-viewer with the final rankings and the event-facebook-page.
Tuesday, April 15, 2014   
Harald Sedlacek AUT needed twice the planned time for his record Atlantic crossing on the only 4,9 meter long experimental construction 'Fipofix'. Lull pads and technical problems - the autopilot broke on day 2 of his journey already - slowed down his ride over the Atlantic Ocean. Starved and tired, the Austrian, age 32, finally reached Palm Beach on Sunday. The project-website.
Offshore Racing – Monday, April 14, 2014
Monday, April 14, 2014   (Image © Alexis Courcoux / Penduick)
Yesterday afternoon in a light wind, Thierry Chabagny/Erwan Tabarly FRA rounded the virtual way-point North of the Canary island La Palma as first, but the previous leaders Gwenael Gbick/Kito de Pavant FRAare only 0,5 miles behind. The most important jump ahead realized Corentin Horeau/Michel Desjoyeaux FRA now on rank 4 only 7,6 miles behind the leaders. The light winds did shift to the West and the race remains very tactical. Considering the small gaps between the boats, position changes during the coming 24 hours are very likely. The race-viewer, the daily report (in French) and the video of the day.
Monday, April 14, 2014   
After rounding the mark off Lorient FRA, the leading boats are now on the home stretch to Pornichet. Giancarlo Pedote ITA on his Proto Mini 'Prysmian' leads the fleet, and this morning, he had 43 miles to sail to the finish line. The only one to follow the Italian was the young English Luke Berry GBR now 14 miles behind. Jean-Baptiste Daramy FRA as 3rd is already 31 miles back. First in the Series Minis is Damien Cloarec FRA, 5th overall. 80 miles before the arrival, the situation in the Series Minis of fully open. Only 0,5 miles behind Cloarec FRA follows Tanguy Le Turquais FRA and also Patrick Girod SUI as 3rd 2,2 miles behind is fighting for victory. The race-viewer and the event-facebook-pages.
Offshore Racing – Sunday, April 13, 2014
Sunday, April 13, 2014   (Image © Alexis Courcoux / Penduick)
After one week underway, the 14 two-person teams still racing are in the approach to the virtual way point 9 miles north of the Canary island La Palma. The exceptional wind conditions stay on with the breeze turning south and forcing the participants to sail upwind to the mark in a 20 kn head wind. Jean Le Cam/Gildas Mahé FRA are still ahead, but the race-viewer shows that Nicolas Lunven/Eric Péron FRA took the best out of the wind shift. The first 12 boats are still separated by 50 miles only. Even Cortin Horeau/Michel Désjoyeaux FRA on rank 11 with a 34 miles' backlog are not yet outside a top final ranking. 2600 miles are left to St-Barth and the wind conditions remain very unpredictable. The reports and the video of the day.
Sunday, April 13, 2014   
The 44 solo skippers are heading for Les Sables d'Olonne this morning, from where the course leads back to Pornichet. In the Protos, the favorite Giancarlo Pedote ITA with his 'Prysmian' is on top, 2,1 miles ahead of Luke Berry GBR. Only 4 miles behind the leading Proto follows Tanguy Le Turquais FRA as first of the Series minis. Damien Cloarec FRA follows 0,4 miles behind. The race-viewer with rankings and the event-website.