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Olympic Games 2012 - Weymouth GBR – Thursday, April 17, 2014
Thursday, April 17, 2014   
As expected, a very fresh Bora was blowing early in the morning, but after some waiting, decreased to 25 kn allowing to sail a final heat.
The Laser World nbr 1 Tonci Stipanovic CRO as first and the second-ranked Kacper Zieminski POL had uncatchable positions before the race and refrained from starting. Only the fight for Bronze was still on, but the 3rd placed alessio Spadoni ITA defended the podium place although Filip Jurisic CRO reduced the gap to one point. The Laser Standard final rankings.
Tina Mihelich CRO won also the last race in the Lasers Radial and was the clear winner ahead of Toma Stipanovic CRO and Sandra Lulic CRO.
Nenad Bugarin CRO stayed on top of the Finns, as did Ante Botica/Jure Vulatic CRO in the 470s.
All ranking lists, the final report and the videos.
Thursday, April 17, 2014   
Yesterday, the fleet of the 14 two-person teams has been spreading out even more. After the low wind on Tuesday, the southern teams have now hit the trade winds and speed up again, pushing them probably on a direct way to the Caribbeans. The leading boats in the North adhering to a West front accelerated also after a short slow-down, and defended their lead up to now. But sooner or later, they have to head South across a lull zone to reach the trade winds. Corentin Horeau/Michel Desjoyeaux FRA lead 5,4 miles ahead of Jean Le Cam/Gildas Mahé FRA. Nicolas Lunven/Eric Péron FRA, first in the Southern group on position 6 overall, are already 225 miles behind. The race-viewer, the daily report and the videos.
Thursday, April 17, 2014   
The 32nd Optimist Lake Garda Meeting was opened yesterday with the Parade passing the old-town of Riva. See the video. Sun and normal Lake Garda conditions with an up to 20 kn Ora breeze have been announced for the first races today. Over the weekend, a low pressure front will be passing over Northern Italy and rain with little wind must be expected according to the forecast. Almost 1000 participants will be on the starting lines. The event-website.
Thursday, April 17, 2014   
The Lasers are also part of the Lake Garda Youth Sailing Week and yesterday, the first races were sailed off Malcesine. In a good Ora - less strong than in the utmost northern part of the Lake - two heats were completed.
First in the Lasers Radial was the local Gianmarco Planchestainer ITA, Vice World Champion, winning both heats. Pietro De Luca ITA and Roberto Pollaro ITA follow on rank two at equal points. Eric Malach GER is 4th, Sarah Roeck GER the best girl is 5th. 31 participants from Italy, Germany and Luthuania.
Leon Zartl GER leads in the Lasers 4.7, ahead of Mads Hassum NOR and Matteo Saglia ITA on the ranks 2 and 3. Francesca Ramazotti ITA on rank 8 is the best girl. 32 participants from 7 nations.
The event-website with all rankings.
Thursday, April 17, 2014   
Taylor Canfield ISV consolidated his first position in the ISAF Men Matchrace World Rankings with his victory at the Congressional Cup. In the ISAF Women's rankings, Camilla Ulrikkeholm DEN replaced Lucy McGregor GBR on top and takes rank 1 for the first time. The World Ranking Lists and the ISAF report.
Thursday, April 17, 2014   
'Mainsail', CNN's video magazine, presented by the Olympic Champion Shirley Robertson GBR (this time partly in the skiff trapeze !), features the Sydney 18 Footer JJ Giltinan Trophy in a three-part broadcast with the title 'Rock'n'Roll' of sailing ! Part 1 covers the history, part 2 consists of an interview with the 6-times Giltinan champion Ian Murray AUS, who, after the Starboat Olympics became San Francisco America's Cup Sport Director in 2008, and is now CEO of the Australian America's Cup Syndicate. Part 3 is dedicated to the 75th Giltinan-Trophy of early March 2014. The Mainsail website.
Olympic Games 2012 - Weymouth GBR – Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Wednesday, April 16, 2014   (Image © Gilles Martin-Raget)
Also on the final day of the French Laser Europacup Regatta in Marseille FRA with race 7 and 8, the almost 400 Laser sailors enjoyed again perfect sailing conditions with a 12-14 kn breeze
In the Lasers Standard, Maksim Nikolaev RUS was the final winner 2 points ahead of Antony Munos FRA, finishing twice on top of yesterday's race almost reaching rank 1 overall. Thorbjörn Schierup DEN follows on rank 3 with the same number of points as Munos. 45 participants.
In the Lasers Radial, Romain Simmonot FRA, the French ISAF Youth Sailing Worlds representative, was the winner ahead of Marie Bolou FRA and William de Smet BEL with the same number of points on 3rd. 156 boats.
Superior winner in the Lasers 4.7 was Federico Fornassari ITA with a 23 points advance on the second-ranked Seref Unlu TUR. Aurelien Pierroz FRA was on rank 3. Asya Luvisetto SUI on rank 5 was the best girl, dropping out of the top-3 in the windy last races only. 119 Lasers 4.7 from 11 nations participated.
All ranking lists, the video of the day and the final report (in French).
Wednesday, April 16, 2014   
On the third day of the Split Olympic Sailing Week, the wind exceeded for the first time 20 kn. In the Lasers Standard, Tonci Stipanovic CRO was defeated for the first time by Daniel Mihelic CRO. but with 4 bullets and a 2nd rank, he remains the clear leader. Kacper Zieminski POL stays on 2nd ahead of the new on rank 3 Alessio Spadoni ITA.
Tina Mihelic CRO remains the clear leader in the Lasers Radial followed by Toma Stipanovic CRO and Sandra Lulic CRO.
With Ivan Kljiakovic-Gaspic CRO out of the regatta due to illness, it is now Nenad Bugarin CRO who is the superior first in the small Finn fleet.
Still very tight is the situation in the 470s: with Ante Botica/Jure Vuletic CRO one point ahead of Sebahattin Kutoglu/Abdullaj Baglica TUR.
All ranking lists, the daily report and the video of the day. The wind forecast of today, the last day of the event, foresees a strong Bora and it is quite possible that racing will be cancelled.
Wednesday, April 16, 2014   
Yesterday was the day of the two-person teams having opted for the northern course after the mark rounding off the Canaries. They progressed partly over four times as fast as the rest of the fleet. The new leaders are now Corentin Horeau/Michel Desjoyeaux FRA 7,7 miles ahead of Jean Le Cam/Gildas Mahé FRA. The best southern team are Nicolas Lunven/Eric Péron FRA on rank 6 with a 143 miles' backlog. The weather situation remains instable and it is not impossible that upon reaching the trade winds, the southern boats with have the upper hand again. The race-viewer, the daily report (in French) and the videos.
Wednesday, April 16, 2014   (Image © Elena Giolai)
The 32nd Optimist Lake Garda Meeting begins today with the Opening Ceremony and the Parade across the little town Riva. Again, more than 1000 Optimist sailors from 36 nations are on the entry list. For the first time, Algeria, Ghana and Belarus participate. 755 entries are in the elder 'Juniores' category. In the younger 'Cadetti', there are 255 participants. The preview and the video-trailer.
Wednesday, April 16, 2014   (Image © Elena Giolai)
The 29er Easter Regatta on Lake Garda ended yesterday with a final race, won by Peter Janezic/Ante Podlogar SLO, at the same time overall winners with a 5 points' advantage on Johannes Munk/Andreas Martin GER. The best girls' team Theresa Blumroth/Maria Berking GER is on rank 4. 20 teams from 5 nations participated. The final rankings and the report (in Italian).
Olympic Games 2012 - Weymouth GBR – Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Tuesday, April 15, 2014   (Image © Gilles Martin-Raget)
The announced westerly breeze filled in late, but the upcoming 15-18 kns allowed to complete the planned two races by fleet until sunset. The new leader in the Lasers Standard is Maxim Nikolaev RUS, 6 points ahead of Zan-Luka Zelko SLO. Benjamin Vadnaj HUN descended on position 3, and only one point farther back are Karolis Januliolis LTU and the local Anthony Munos FRA. In the Lasers 4.7, Federico Fornassari ITA extended his lead on 10 points. Seref Unlu TUR, Aurelien Pierroz FRA and Asya Luvisetto SUI - the best-ranked girl - share position 2. Unfortunately, the link to the Lasers Radial is not functioning on the event-website this morning. See the video of the day and read the daily report (in French) dedicated to the Marseille school classes visiting the races on chase boats.
Tuesday, April 15, 2014   (Image © Alexis Courcoux)
The unusual depression cell over the Canary islands continues to produce slack and unpredictable wind streams. Instead of a fast ride across the Atlantic in the trade-winds, the 14 two-person teams still in the race are trailing and searching for wind. While some hope to meet the trade-winds farther down south, some others, such as the routiniers Jean Le Cam FRA (with Gildas Mahé FRA) and Michel Desjoyeaux FRA (with Corentin Horeau FRA) stick to a northern course. It remains to be seen in a few days from now, which option will be paying.
Leaders in the interims position are Le Cam/Mahé FRA 1,2 miles ahead of Gbick/Le Pavant FRA. Horeau/Desjoyeaux FRA follow on rank 4 with a 8,6 miles backlog. The race-viewer, the reports and the video of the day.
Tuesday, April 15, 2014   
Light winds delayed the program in Split and only in the afternoon, all classes could sail a race in a little breeze. No problem for the Laser Standard World Nbr 1 Tonci Stipanovic CRO adding another race win. Filip Jurisic CRO and Kacper Zieminski POL on rank two follow at equal points. The World Champion Tina Mihelic CRO is on top of the Lasers Radial ahead of Miro Zelic CRO. The best non-Croatian woman is Eva-Maria Schimak AUT on rank 10. In the Finns, the leader Ivan Klijakovic-Gaspic CRO, having fallen ill, had to refrain from racing, and the winner of the race Nenad Bugarin CRO took over the overall lead. In the 470s, Ante Botica/Jure Vuletic CRO were also the winners of race 3. All ranking lists, the daily report and the video of the opening day.
Tuesday, April 15, 2014   
The 300 miles Pornichet Select Regatta - the solo-skippers opening event for the very popular and spectacular Mini-650-class - ended yesterday at Pornichet FRA. Superior winner in the Protos was Giancarlo Pedote ITA with his 'Prysmian', the round-bow special construction having dominated the class for three years now. Luke Berry GBR follows on rank 2 four hours behind. Very close was the final fight in the Series, where Tanguy Le Turquais FRA crossed the line only 6 minutes ahead of Damien Cloarec FRA. Execellent the first race of the newcomer to the mini-class Patrick Girod SUI finishing on rank 3 only 34 minutes behind the 2nd. The race-viewer with the final rankings and the event-facebook-page.
Tuesday, April 15, 2014   
A last race was sailed yesterday on Lake Garda to conclude the Europe Class International Meeting. Again, the two dominators Lars-Johan Brodtkorb NOR and Sylvain Notonier FRA won the races in their groups and jointly are on top of the overall rankings. The better discard results broke the tie in favour of the Norvegian (2/2) over the French (2/9). Henrik Bucher NOR follows on the 3rd place. 129 participants from 12 nations. The final ranking list.
Tuesday, April 15, 2014   (Image © Rich Roberts)
We reported yesterday about the victory of the World Nbr 1 Taylor Canfield ISV over the World Nbr 2 Ian Williams GBR. In a very close race, Canfield had the upper hand in the Final with 2-1 w/l. Winner in the Petite Final for rank 3 was Francesco Bruni ITA defeating Keith Swinton AUS with 2-1 as well. The final report.
Tuesday, April 15, 2014   
38 teams from the three Lake Constance neighbour nations participated in the traditional season opening regatta off Kreuzlingen SUI. The wind conditions on Saturday were perfect and allowed to complete three races, while on Sunday, the breeze was missing and the yachts remained in the harbour. Max Juchli YCA and Franco Barletta ensured an Esse 850 one/two victory. Tom Rüegge YCK on a blu26 is on rank 3. The final rankings.
Tuesday, April 15, 2014   
Harald Sedlacek AUT needed twice the planned time for his record Atlantic crossing on the only 4,9 meter long experimental construction 'Fipofix'. Lull pads and technical problems - the autopilot broke on day 2 of his journey already - slowed down his ride over the Atlantic Ocean. Starved and tired, the Austrian, age 32, finally reached Palm Beach on Sunday. The project-website.
Olympic Games 2012 - Weymouth GBR – Monday, April 14, 2014
Monday, April 14, 2014   (Image © Gilles Martin-Raget)
The French Laser Europacup Regatta continued yesterday with two races sailed in an initial 8 kn breeze, increasing to 12 kn during the day. New on top of the Lasers Standard is Benjamin Vadnai HUN one point ahead of Maxim Nikolaev RUS. The local Anthony Munos FRA moved up on rank 6 with a race win. 45 participants from 16 nations (a.o. Iran, Bahrain, Argentinia). Viktorja Andrulyte LTU extended her lead in the Lasers Radial with another race win, followed on rank 2 by Kirill Evfimyevkiy RUS, David Biedermann SUI and Romain Simmonot FRA at equal points. 184 participants. Federico Fornassari ITA defended his lead in the Lasers 4.7, two points ahead of Asya Luvisetto SUI as 2nd and Aurelien Pierroz FRA as 3rd among the 118 participants. The Europacup races continue today and tomorrow. All ranking lists, the report of the day (in French) and the video of the day.
Monday, April 14, 2014   (Image © Alexis Courcoux / Penduick)
Yesterday afternoon in a light wind, Thierry Chabagny/Erwan Tabarly FRA rounded the virtual way-point North of the Canary island La Palma as first, but the previous leaders Gwenael Gbick/Kito de Pavant FRAare only 0,5 miles behind. The most important jump ahead realized Corentin Horeau/Michel Desjoyeaux FRA now on rank 4 only 7,6 miles behind the leaders. The light winds did shift to the West and the race remains very tactical. Considering the small gaps between the boats, position changes during the coming 24 hours are very likely. The race-viewer, the daily report (in French) and the video of the day.
Monday, April 14, 2014   (Image © Rich Roberts)
Taylor Canfield ISV defeated the triple Match-Race World Champion Ian Williams GBR in the Final of the 50th Congressional Cup. The information on the event-website has not yet been updated this morning UTC, but an explicit video has been posted covering the final day in detail. We shall come back with event's details.
Monday, April 14, 2014   
Perfect conditions - sun and a 12-15 kn breeze - prevailed on the opening day of the Split Olympic Sailing Week. As expected, the local favorites took the lead after the first two races.
In the Finns, Ivan Klijakovic-Gaspic CRO won both heats, followed by Nenad Bugarin CRO. With two race wins started also Tonci Stipanovic CRO in the Lasers Standard, ahead of Kazper Zieminski POL and Filip Jurisic CRO. 28 participants from 9 nations. Tina Mihelic CRO is first in the Lasers Radial with the race ranks 1 and 2. Leaders in the 470s are Ante Botic/Jure Vuletic CRO with two bullets, but it has to be noted, that the Palma Worldcup winners Fantela/Marenic CRO are not present. All ranking lists, the daily report and the pictures.
Monday, April 14, 2014   
After two race days and 8 heats completed, an exciting duel between Lars Brodtkorb NOR and Sylvain Notonier FRA, both with four race wins each, will decide on the overall winner in the final races today. Sverre Reinke GER as 3rd is already 8 points behind. 119 participants from 17 nations. The ranking list.
Monday, April 14, 2014   
After rounding the mark off Lorient FRA, the leading boats are now on the home stretch to Pornichet. Giancarlo Pedote ITA on his Proto Mini 'Prysmian' leads the fleet, and this morning, he had 43 miles to sail to the finish line. The only one to follow the Italian was the young English Luke Berry GBR now 14 miles behind. Jean-Baptiste Daramy FRA as 3rd is already 31 miles back. First in the Series Minis is Damien Cloarec FRA, 5th overall. 80 miles before the arrival, the situation in the Series Minis of fully open. Only 0,5 miles behind Cloarec FRA follows Tanguy Le Turquais FRA and also Patrick Girod SUI as 3rd 2,2 miles behind is fighting for victory. The race-viewer and the event-facebook-pages.
Monday, April 14, 2014   (Image © Elena Giolai)
The 29er Easter Regatta, the opening event of the Lake Garda Youth Sailing Week, began last Saturday, and 8 races have been sailed so far. On the first position before the last races today are Peter Janezic/Ante Podlogar SLO 5 points ahead of Johannes Munk/Andreas Martin GER. 20 teams from 6 nations participate. The ranking list and the report.
The highlight of the Youth Sailing Week will again be the international Optimist Meeting beginning next Friday with around 1'000 participants.
Monday, April 14, 2014   (Image © DR)
Sun and favorable sailing conditions prevailed yesterday for the Finals of the French Match-Race Championship. In a close duel, the Laser Olympian Jean-Baptiste Bernaz FRA had the upper hand on Cédric Château FRA, vice-champion 2013 winning with 3-2 w/l. The results, the report (in French) and the pictures.
Monday, April 14, 2014   
No racing on the last day of the Melges European Sailing Series Act 1 off Naples ITA leaving Andrea Ferrari ITA (tactics Roberto Spata ITA) on rank 1 ahead of the Edoardo Lupi/Lorenzo Bressani ITA and Alessandro Rombelli ITA/Freddy Lööf SWE at equal points on rank 2. 13 teams from Italy, Monaco and Russia participated. The final rankings.
Monday, April 14, 2014   (Image © Meredith Block)
Yesterday, the 276 teams sailing in 16 different classes concluded the 2014 Charleston Race Week in South Carolina. Due to lack of wind no races were sailed on sunday. Among the winners are Mike Ingham USA in the J/24, Joel Ronning USA in the J/70, Brucea Ayres USA in the Melges 24 and Jason Michas USA in the Melges 20. All ranking lists and the event-website.
Monday, April 14, 2014   
Overcast sky and no wind on Saturday, but on Sunday, all classes could complete three races each. Winner in the Finns was Franz Bürgi RCO ahead of Peter Kilchenmann TYC and Andreas Friederich TYC. First in the 29ers were Sybilla Merian/Zoë Straub SCE winning all three heats - here the report. The ranking lists have not yet been posted on the club-website. We hope to be able to report on the results of the 420s and Ynglings tomorrow.
Monday, April 14, 2014   (Image © Martin Tschupp)
Bright sunshine for the opening regatta of the Ruf Cup 2014 at Stäfa/Lake Zürich over the past weekend. With the new event rules, the number of participants has increased to 13 teams. The dominator of this first event was Eric Monnin and his team, who steered the Onyx of the SC Stäfa. The YC Rapperswil with Caspar as helmsman and the RV Brunnen with Corinne Meyer completed the podium. The ranking list and the pictures.
Olympic Games 2012 - Weymouth GBR – Sunday, April 13, 2014
Sunday, April 13, 2014   (Image © Rich Roberts)
Round Robin two ended yesterday and the semi finalists of the 50th Congressional Cup are with a 13-5 score each Taylor Canfield ISV as well as Ian Williams GBR, with 12-6 Francesco Bruni ITA and - thanks to the direct duels - with 10-8 w/l Keith Swinton AUS eliminating Mathieu Richard FRA and Simone Ferrarese ITA at equal points. The results, the event-website and the videos.
Sunday, April 13, 2014   (Image © Alexis Courcoux / Penduick)
After one week underway, the 14 two-person teams still racing are in the approach to the virtual way point 9 miles north of the Canary island La Palma. The exceptional wind conditions stay on with the breeze turning south and forcing the participants to sail upwind to the mark in a 20 kn head wind. Jean Le Cam/Gildas Mahé FRA are still ahead, but the race-viewer shows that Nicolas Lunven/Eric Péron FRA took the best out of the wind shift. The first 12 boats are still separated by 50 miles only. Even Cortin Horeau/Michel Désjoyeaux FRA on rank 11 with a 34 miles' backlog are not yet outside a top final ranking. 2600 miles are left to St-Barth and the wind conditions remain very unpredictable. The reports and the video of the day.
Sunday, April 13, 2014   (Image © Gilles Martin-Raget)
The Marseille Laser Europacup 2014 began yesterday with two race by class sailed in a light breeze. Leading in the Lasers Radial is Viktorija Andrulyte LTU with the day ranks 1 and 2 ahead of Kévin Bonnevie BEL and Tommaso Rosa ITA. 184 participants. On top of the 45 Lasers Standard is Karolis Janulionis LTU in front of Maxim Nikolaev RUS and Benjamin Vadnai HUN. The Lasers 4.7 have assembled a strong fleet as well with 119 boats. Frederico Fornasari ITA is on rank 1 ahead of Asya Luvisetto SUI and Anabelle Sellame-Barrau FRA an. The pictures of the day, the video and the event-website.
Sunday, April 13, 2014   
The 44 solo skippers are heading for Les Sables d'Olonne this morning, from where the course leads back to Pornichet. In the Protos, the favorite Giancarlo Pedote ITA with his 'Prysmian' is on top, 2,1 miles ahead of Luke Berry GBR. Only 4 miles behind the leading Proto follows Tanguy Le Turquais FRA as first of the Series minis. Damien Cloarec FRA follows 0,4 miles behind. The race-viewer with rankings and the event-website.
Sunday, April 13, 2014   (Image © P. Deroualle / FFVoile)
Ideal conditions prevailed with a moderate 10-12 kn and the RC pushed the fleet during 9 hours on the water thru the Repechage, Quarter- and Semi Finals. In the Final today, Cédric Chateau FRA (second-ranked last year) and Jean Baptiste Bernaz FRA (double Laser Olympian) will be opposed. In the Petite Final, Maxime Mesnil FRA will encounter Arthur Herreman FRA. The report (fr.), the event-website and the results.
Sunday, April 13, 2014   
Today begins the Olympic Week in Split at the Croatian Adriatic Coast with Laser (Standard & Radial), Finn, 470 and RS:X-windsurfers attending. Especially the Lasers and Finns have a high-quality participation with the strong Croate athletes. Favorites in the Finns are Ivan Klijakovic-Gaspic CRO and Karlo Kuret CRO, the Laser top shots are Tonci Stipanovic CRO, Pavlos Kontides CYP, Kaszpar Zieminski POL and Daniel Mihelic CRO. For today and tomorrow, light winds have been announced. As from Tuesday, a fresh breeze exceeding 20 kn may be expected. The entry lists and the event-website.
Sunday, April 13, 2014   (Image © Meredith Block)
The favorable sailing conditions prevailed also yesterday, and all 16 classes could sail 3 to 4 races. The top positions in the large fleets did not change much. Joel Ronning USA (with Vasco Vascotto ITA) is still ahead in the J/70, Jason Michas USA leads in the Melges 20 while Bruce Ayres USA is first in the Melges 24. All ranking lists and the video of the day with a comment by Ed Baird USA, Alinghi helmsman AC victory 2007.
Sunday, April 13, 2014   (Image © Max Ranchi)
Three races were sailed in a light and inconstant wind on the second day of the Melges 32 European Series in Naples ITA. Andrea Ferrari ITA (tactics Roberto Spata ITA) remained on top. Alessandro Rombelli (with the Starboat Olympic Champion Freddy Lööf SWE) follows 9 points behind. Edoardo Lupi/Lorenzo Bressani ITA are 3rd for the moment. The ranking list, the daily report and the event-website.