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International Sailing

International Sailing – Saturday, October 25, 2014
Saturday, October 25, 2014   (Image © Matias Capizzano)
Slight chances on top of the rankings with the discard result in effect after yesterday's two races. Mara Turin SLO was again brilliant with two bullets bringing her on top overall with an 8 points advance on Nick Zeltner SUI, ranks 1 and 4 in his Group who moved up on the 2nd place after discard. The former leader Nicolas Rolaz SUI, day ranks 4 and 5 in his Group is now 3rd. The results and the event website.
Today and tomorrow, the Team-Race-Worlds is on the program. Next week, another 6 heats of the individual Championship are scheduled.
Saturday, October 25, 2014   (Image © Talbot Wilson)
Yesterday, the Round Robin of the Bermuda Gold Cup was concluded and the first Quarterfinal matches were sailed. Here the pairings with the standings: Eric Monnin SUI vs Pierre-Antoine Morvan FRA 1-0, Johnie Berntsson SWE vs Björn Hansen SWE 1-0, Taylor Canfield ISV vs Staffan Lindberg FIN 1-0, Ian Williams GBR vs Merek Stanczyk POL 1-0. Eliminated are Mathieu Richard FRA and Phil Robertson NZL, the 3rd and 6th in the overall Tour rankings. The results and the event website.
Saturday, October 25, 2014   
The perfect sailing condition in Clearwater Fl persist and exciting final races are ahead in the male and female categories.
In the male catergory, Mattia Camboni ITA defended the first place, but the best of the day (rank 3/1/1) was Radoslaw Furmanski POL reducing the gap on the leader to one point. This duo is 25 points ahead of the 3rd-ranked Toni Bonet ESP.
In the female category, there has also been a close-up, as the new first Emma Wilson GBR is only 4 points in front of the 4th Bérénice Mege FRA. Marta Maggetti ITA and Ma Kwan HKG are in between at equal points.
All ranking lists, the videos and the event website.
Saturday, October 25, 2014   
This year again, a number of international Optimist sailors have been invited to Bermuda on the occasion of the Bermuda Goldcup.
After two days and 7 races, Christian Spodsberg DEN is the clear leader 19 points ahead of Adam Larson BER and Rocco Falcone ANT at equal points. Martina Müller SUI is the best girl on the 11th place. 40 Optimists from 15 nations are on the entry list.
The results and the event website.
Saturday, October 25, 2014   
Cosy autumn days in the Bretagne ! Calm days reign instead of heavy Atlantic autumn storms at La Torche FRA. To entertain athletes and spectators, the Wave and Slalom Pros spend the day with towing sessions in the breakers.
The event website and the PWA website with an interview with Ricardo Campello VEN, winner of the first Wave-Elimination.
Saturday, October 25, 2014   
The ISAF President Carlo Croce informed yesterday in a Communiqué about the resignation of Chief Executive Officer Jerome Pels NED. After more than 17 years with the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), Jerome has decided to pursue other professional challenges. The news.
Saturday, October 25, 2014   
The Swiss single-hand-sailor and adventurer Yvan Bourgnon is fighting to terminate his round-the-globe journey on a beach catamaran. 80 % of the course were behind when he crashed his multihull on a rock in Sri Lanka. Bourgnon tried all to find money for a new boat, among other activities with a Crowd-Funding action coming to an end tomorrow. 40'000 EUR is the target, until this morning, 32'289 EUR were promised, becoming due only if the total sum will be achieved. A video summary of his jounrey so far and a detailed report has been posted on the collection website. Your kind help to bring this project to a happy end is very much appreciated. Thank you.
International Sailing – Friday, October 24, 2014
Friday, October 24, 2014   (Image © Matias Capizzano)
Never happened before: A Swiss is leading in the interim's rankings of the Optimist World Championship ! Two races were sailed yesterday in a moderate 8 to 12 kn breeze, and Nicolas Rolaz SUI finished on the ranks 2 and 5 in his Group, bringing him on top of the overall classification. Best of the day was Mara Turin SLO winning both heats in her Group. Her deficit on rank 1 was reduced to 4 points. Valentin Müller GER moved up on rank 3.
The results, the daily report of Nicolas Rolaz SUI and the event website - The official daily report has not yet been posted, but there is a video of day one with an interview with Nicolas Rolaz SUI.
Friday, October 24, 2014   (Image © Charles Anderson)
The Round Robin continued yesterday in fresh winds, and some teams have already completed their program. The Tour leaders Ian Williams GBR (7,5-0) and Taylor Canfield ISV (7-1) are - on top of their Groups - already qualified for the Quarterfinals. Other well places contenders for the next round are in Group A Björn Hansen SWE (6-1) Pierre-Antoine Morvan FRA (5-2) as well as Keith Swinton AUS and Johnie Berntsson SWE (4-3 each). Second-placed in Group B is Staffan Lindberg FIN (5-2), followed by - all with 4 wins - Marek Stanczyk POL (4-3), David Gilmour AUS (4-4), Eric Monnin SUI (4-4), Nathan Outteridge AUS (4-5) and Mathieu Richard FRA (4-3).
The results and the report.
Friday, October 24, 2014   
A fresher breeze changed the setting for the second part or the event after the lay day at the RS:X Youth Worlds in Clearwater Fl.
In the male category, Mattia Camboni ITA is now on top, but the advantage on Toni Bonet ESP on rank 2 is only one point. Radoslaw Furmanski POL follows closely behind. The former 2nd Oël Pouliquen FRA is now 4th already 22 points back.
In the female category, the leading Ma Kwan HKG and Marta Maggetti ITA defended their positions on top, but the advantage has considerably melted. The best of the day Bérénice Mege FRA, day ranks 1/2/1, is now 3rd at equal points with the second Marta Maggetti ITA. Emma Wilson GBR, leading the U-17-rankings follows one point behind as 4th.
The event website and the event facebook page.
Friday, October 24, 2014   (Image © PWA-John Carter)
No wind at the French Atlantic Coast yesterday. Only on two of the six days, racing was possible ! However, the forecast for today is encourageing with a 12-18 kn breeze. All other details on the PWA website.
International Sailing – Thursday, October 23, 2014
Thursday, October 23, 2014   (Image © Matias Capizzano)
The 2014 Optimist World Championship in Argentina began yesterday with two races for each of the three Groups, sailed in a 10 kn breeze. Favoured by his experience in the choppy waves of the Rio de la Plata mouth, Dante Citadini ARG won both heats of his Group and is the first overall leader, jointly with Dimitris Papadimitriou GRE, who also won the two races of his Group. On rank 3 follows Nicolas Rolaz SUI (4/2). The best girl is Deike Bornemann GER on the 6th place.
The ranking list and the report of the day.
Thursday, October 23, 2014   (Image © Talbot Wilson)
The Bermuda Gold Cup 2014 began yesterday with four flights in both Groups. Ian Williams GBR is the only undefeated skipper in Group A, but he was deducted 1/2-point for negligent collision, leaving the score at 3,5-0. Keith Swinton AUS, Pierre-Antoine Morvan FRA and Björn Hansen SWE follow behind with a 3-1 w/l each. The surprising leader in Group B is Marek Stancyk POL with 4-0. Eric Monnin SUI, Taylor Canfield ISV and Staffan Lindberg FIN are behind with a 3-1 score each.
The results and the report.
Thursday, October 23, 2014   (Image © Icarus Media)
Fresh winds prevailed on the last day of the Student Yachting World Cup and two races were sailed. England with Annabel Vose GBR was a class of its own winning overall with a 36 points advantage after 16 races. Silver went to Italy with Luca Nassini ITA, and Bronze after a close battle to Norway with Ida Trulsrud NOR overtaking Ireland 2 points behind.
The final rankings and the event facebook page.
Thursday, October 23, 2014   
Lay day in Florida yesterday for the RS:X windsurfing youth after 6 light-wind races so far. As from today, a fresher breeze has been announced, and it might well be, that the ranking lists will change considerably.
In the RS:X-Boys, Toni Bonet ESP is clearly on top with a 14 points lead over Oël Pouliquen FRA. Clémant Bourgois FRA follows as 3rd. Leader in the RS:X-Girls is Ma Kwan HKG closely followed by Marta Maggetti ITA and Emma Wilson GBR.
The report and the event website.
Thursday, October 23, 2014   (Image © PWA-John Carter)
Bad luck for the Windsurfing Professionals during the past weeks. After Klitmöller DEN and Sylt GER on the North Sea with almost no wind, the La Torche FRA Grand Slam is not much better. After Monday, the day with perfect conditions thanks to a depression front passing, the wind has disappeared again. Up to now, the Wave specialists finished only a Single Elimination, won by Riccardo Campello VEN. Here the spectactular video. For today, a 12-14 kn breeze has been announced. All other details on the PWA website.
International Sailing – Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Wednesday, October 22, 2014   
The RS:X Youth World Championship in Florida continued yesterday with three races sailed in moderate winds.
Toni Bonet ESP was again the best in the Boys category, extending his lead on already 14 points. Oël Pouliquen FRA and Clément Bourgois FRA remained 2nd and 3rd.
In the Girls category, the leader is still Ma Kwan HKG, but the 2nd-ranked Marta Magetti ITA, best of the day, reduced the backlog on 3 points. Emma Wilson GBR on rank 3 is at the same time best U-17.
The daily report, the video and the event website.
Wednesday, October 22, 2014   (Image © PWA-John Carter)
Perfect conditions at La Torche FRA for the Wave specialists with sun, a 20-30 kn breeze and 2 meter waves, completing the first Single Elimination and the Qualifiers of the Double Elimination. Ricardo Campello VEN won the Final of the Single Elimination defeating Thomas Traversa FRA. The report, pictures and videos on the PWA website.
Wednesday, October 22, 2014   (Image © Talbot Wilson)
Today - a day late because of the hurricane 'Gonzalo' passing over the islands at up to 100 kn, damaging one of the IOM-yachts used at the Cup - begins the 2014 Bermuda Gold Cup. The 20 participants, among them in addition to the 8 Tour Card Holders also Nathan Outteridge AUS, Eric Monnin SUI or the newcomer Arthur Herreman FRA , sail in two groups. The best four per group qualify for the Quarterfinals.
The preview.
Wednesday, October 22, 2014   (Image © Matias Capizzano)
Today, the start to the first races of the Optimist World Championship 2014 on the Rio de la Plata will be given. 209 girls and boysw sail in three groups. The wind forecast is favorable with 10-12 kn, but the venue is very challenging because of the choppy water and the current. Yesterday, the opening ceremony was held after the Practice Race. Here the illustrated report.
Wednesday, October 22, 2014   (Image © Icarus Media)
A fresh 30 kn breeze filled in yesterday after four light-wind days. Two races were sailedf, both won by the leading English team with Annabel Vose GBR and extending their lead on 29 points. The second-ranked Italian team with Luca Nassini ITA is now only one points ahead of the Irish with Philipp Duncan IRL.
The ranking list, the event facebook page and the video of the day.
International Sailing – Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Tuesday, October 21, 2014   
The Optimist World Championship 2015 in Argentina began yesterday with the measurement controls, and today, the Practice Race is on the program. 261 participants from 51 nations are present, and the key favorites are this year again the Singapore sailors.
The event website.
Tuesday, October 21, 2014   
The RS:X Youth World Championship 2014 began yesterday with three races. The first leader in the male category is Toni Bonet ESP, day ranks 3/3/2, meaning a 10 points' lead already. Clément Bourgeois FRA and Oël Pouliquen FRA follow at equal points on the ranks 2 and 3. Ma Kwang HKG and Sara Wennekes NED share the lead in the female category, Noy Drihan ISR and Emma Watson GBR are 3rd at equal points.
The event website.
Tuesday, October 21, 2014   (Image © Icarus Media)
The Student Yachting World Cup at La Rochelle continued yesterday with 4 short races and coastal race, sailed in a light wind. England with Annabel Vose GBR defended the lead but less dominantly as the day before. The advantage is still 18 points. New on rank 2 is Italy with Luca Nassini ITA, while Ireland with Philip Doran IRL is still on 3rd.
The event facebook page.
Tuesday, October 21, 2014   (Image © PWA-John Carter)
The prematurely announced frontal system from the West will finally arrive today with wind speeds of 25-30 kn and 3-meter-waves and an 'explosive day' is ahead. All details on the PWA website.
International Sailing – Monday, October 20, 2014
Monday, October 20, 2014   (Image © Icarus Media)
The Student Yachting World Cup at La Rochelle FRA, sailed on Grand Surprises, has been running since Friday. Eight races were completed so far in light winds.
First in the interim's rankings is the English Team with Annabel Vose GBR steering with six race wins. Ireland with Philip Doran IRL and Italy with Luca Nassini ITA are on the ranks 2 and 3. 12 teams participate.
The ranking list and the event facebook page.
Monday, October 20, 2014   (Image © Eric Bellande)
The PWA World Tour French Grand Slam for Wave and Slalom specialists began at La Torche FRA on Saturday on the most western points of Britanny, but up to now, there was not enough wind to start the competitions. But the surfs on the beach are massive announcing the storm depression approaching from the North Atlantic. Spectacle guaranteed !
The PWA-Website mit dem video of day one.
Monday, October 20, 2014   (Image © Lars Wehrmann)
The inaugural Champions' League Regatta in Copenhagen DEN, an annual final series attended by Club Champions (or the best-qualified Club) of European national sailing federations, ended yesterday in pouring rain but with a well-established breeze.
With an impressive performance on the final day, the first European Champion of Club Champions is the Kongelig Dansk YC with the double Olympian Michael Hestbaek DEN, who compensated the 10 points' deficit on the previous leader Circolo Canottieri Ansiene ITA with Lorenzo Bressani and advanced on the first place with a 0,5 points advantage on the Italian team. 'Oman Sail' with Phil Robertson NZL follows on 3rd. 23 teams participated.
The ranking list, the official report and the report of the Swiss team.
Monday, October 20, 2014   
Bad luck with the wind for the 28 Moths ready for the Swiss Championship on 'Petit Lake Geneva'. Never enough wind from Friday till Sunday to complete a race ! The wind on Friday allowed at least to do some Speed Contest runs in a 8-10 kn breeze. Patrick Jan with his Foiler Kiteboard clocking a 16.667 kn speed was the fastest closely followed by Jean-Pierre de Siebenthal-Ziegert with 16,477 kn on his Foiler Moth.
The ranking list and the event facebook page.
Monday, October 20, 2014   
Today begins the RS:X Youth World Championship 2014 at Clearwater FL.
28 girls from 14 nations are on the entry list with the successful ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship athletes Haddad Heller ISR and Marta Maggetti ITA as favorites. In the 52 boys fleet from 19 nations are France, Israel and Poland with big delegations the main favorites.
The competition can be followed on the live ticker running on the event website.
International Sailing – Sunday, October 19, 2014
Sunday, October 19, 2014   (Image © ISAF)
The Qingdao Worldcup event ended yesterday with the Medal Races sailed in light winds and big waves.
Byron Kokkalanis GRE was already the premature winner after the Qualification Series in the RS:X male windsurfers, and Aichen Wang CHN defended the Silver medal with a second place in the Medal Race. Maxim Oberemko RUS won Bronze. In the RS:X female windsurfers, Jiali Sun CHN was first ahead of Olga Maslivets RUS. The winner of the Medal Race Hongmei Shi CHN advanced on the 3rd place.
No change on the podium in the 470 men, where the youngsters Jordi Xammar/Joan Herp ESP crowned their successful season with a Worldcup event victory. Mantis/Kagialis GRE and Barreiros/Curbelo ESP finished 2nd and 3rd. The 470 women podium was all Chinese: Mengxi Wei/Yani Xu CHN won in front of Xiaomei Xu/Ping Zhang CHN.
In the Lasers Standard, Tonci Stipanovic CRO controlled the only remaining contender for the first place, Pavlos Kontides CYP, during the Medal Race and finished on top. Tom Burton AUS defended the 3rd place. Dongshuang Zhang CHN had an easy victory in the Lasers Radial, as her direct 2nd-ranked opponent Tatjana Droszdovskaja BLR flopped in the Medal Race. Tina Mihelic CRO won Silver, Sara Winter NZL Bronze, as the Belarussian finished last in the Medal Race collecting heavy 20 points .
All ranking lists and the final report.
Sunday, October 19, 2014   
Good wind conditions prevailed also on the 4th and 5th day of the Luderitz Speed Challenge, and a number of national records were improved. The windsurfer Remo Diethelm SUI - his faster brother Patrick has also an Italian passport and his records are Italian - improved the official Swiss record on 48,31 kn, the veteran Anders Bringdal SWE set the new Swedish record on 50,3 kn. The report.
Sunday, October 19, 2014   
The Champions' League Regatta – kind of European Championship of Sailing Clubs – continued in Copenhagen DEN yesterday with 21 races sailed in light winds. With a row of 1st and 2nd ranks, Lorenzo Bressani ITA skipper of the 'Circolo Canottieri Aniene' ITA has built up a solid 9,33 points' lead before the crucial last races today. Phil Robertson NZL, helmsman of 'Team Oman' follows on rank 2, the local matador Michael Hestbaek DEN from the 'Koneglig Dansk YC' and Carsten Kemmling GER ('Norddeutscher Regatta-Verein') follow closely behind at equal points.
The ranking list,the official report and the report of the Swiss team. Racing can be followed live on the Internet as from noon.
Sunday, October 19, 2014   (Image © Rolex / Daniel Forster)
Just before the time limit, some wind filled in on the Frisco Bay allowing a final race at the Farr 40 World Championship yesterday, without any influence on the podium places. Alex Roepers USA (tactics Terry Hutchinson USA) won clearly ahead of Martin Hill USA (Andrew Campbell USA) and Alberto Rossi ITA (Vasco Vascotto ITA). Wolfgang Schäfer GER (Ray Davis USA) won the final race, advancing on rank 4 overall, but he just missed the podium by 2 points.
The ranking list and the final report.
Sunday, October 19, 2014   (Image © SN St Tropez)
Light winds prevailed yesterday off St-Tropez during the final race where the leading duo were controlling each other and finished midfleet, i.e. their discard result. Thanks to the superior number of race wins, Giuseppe Duca ITA won the Trophy ahead of Gavia Wilkonson-Cox GBR at equal points. Marc Bouet FRA followed on the 3rd place.
The ranking list and the event facebook page
Sunday, October 19, 2014   (Image © MaxComm Communication/SYZ & CO Speed Week)
No news from the Moth Swiss Championship or other competitions at the Sail-Speed-Record event this morning, ... not on the event facebook page and not on the Club website or the Moth class website. Considering the wind forecast, we suppose that there were no sailing activities due to lack of wind.
International Sailing – Saturday, October 18, 2014
Saturday, October 18, 2014   (Image © ISAF)
The Qualification Series ended yesterday with 3 races, sailed in a fresh 18-22 kn breeze. The Medal Races are already underway this morning.
Byron Kokkalanis GRE was the premature winner in the RS:X men yesterday evening already. Winner in the Medal Race was Maxim Oberemko RUS, but he remained on rank 3 behind Aichen Wang CHN. Leader change however in the RS:X women, where Jiali Sun CHN moved on top with two race wins. In today's Medal Race, she controlled the previous leader Olga Maslivets RUS defending her first position. Hongmei Shi CHN, winner of the Medal Race advanced on rank 3.
The other Medal Races have not yet been completed this morning at 7 hrs CET. The 470 team Jordi Xammar/Joan Herp ESP extended their advance in the men two-person dinghy event on 10 points. Mantis/Kagialis GRE and Barreiros/Cabrero ESP will start to the Medal Race from the positions 2 and 3. On a solid path to victory are Mengxi Wei/Yani Xui CHN in the 470 women. Their advantage is 9 points.
In the Lasers Standard, Tonci Stipanovic CRO and Pavlos Kontides CYP 4 points behind will duel for the final victory. Tom Burton AUS finally reached the podium, a place he will have to defend today against Wannes Van Laer BEL and Michael Bullot NZL. Fully open is the situation in the Lasers Radial: The leading duo has been disqualified, and the new top group consists now of Dongshuang Zhang CHN as first, followed by Sara Winter NZL, Tatjana Droszdovskaja BLR and Tina Mihelic CRO closely behind.
All ranking lists (the Medal Races will end around 11 hrs CET. and the ISAF report.
Saturday, October 18, 2014   (Image © SN St Tropez)
Three races were sailed again yesterday on the Bay of St-Tropez in a light and shifty breeze. Giuseppe Duca ITA, winning a race, is now on top of the rankings after discarding the worst result. But the replaced Gavia Wikinson-Cox GBR has another two races today to compensate the 5 points backlog during the final day. Marc Bouet FRA remained on 3rd, but with a 20 points deficit, he will not be able to interfere in the fight for rank one.
The rankings and the report.
Saturday, October 18, 2014   (Image © Lars Wehrmann)
Yesterday was day one of the inaugural Sailing Champions League 2014 Regatta in Copenhagen DEN, with teams from European top clubs competing on J/70s in a stadium-type racing close to the harbour shore. L
Leader after day one is 'Oman Sail' with Robert Greenhalgh ahead of the 'Kongelig Dansk Yachtclub' with Michael Heastback and the 'Circolo Canottieri Aniene' with Lorenzo Bressani ITA.
The ranking list. Racing can be followed live on the Internet this afternoon.
Saturday, October 18, 2014   (Image © Daniel Forster)
The wind-safe Frisco Bay let the Farr 40 fleet down yesterday, as after four hours' waiting on the water, the boats returned to the harbor without race.
On rank 1 before the last races today is Alex Roepers USA (tactics Terry Hutchinson USA) with a 16 points' lead on a safe way to the title, ahead of Martin Hill USA (tactics Andrew Campbell USA), Alberto Rossi ITA (Vasco Vascotto ITA) and Andrew Hunn AUS (David Chapman AUS) on the ranks 2-4 separated by 2 points fighting for Silver or Bronze.
The ranking list and the daily report.
International Sailing – Friday, October 17, 2014
Friday, October 17, 2014   (Image © ISAF)
Light winds and a substantial currant prevailed on the 3rd day of the Qingdao ISAF Worldcup. The 470s and Lasers sailed one race each, the RS:X two.
New on top of the Lasers Radial is the light-wind specialist Dongshuang Zhang CHN winning this race. On rank two 4 points behind are Tatjana Droszdovskaja BLR, Tina Mihelic CRO and Sara Winter NZL at equal points. Tonci Stipanovic CRO extended his lead in the Lasers Standard with another race win on 6 points. Pavlos Kontides CYP and Wannes Van Laer BEL remained on the ranks 2 and 3, in spite of the fact, that they sailed their discard result yesterday.
New leaders in the 470 men are Jordi Xammar/Joan Herp ESP finishing 2nd yesterday as the only of the top teams finishing among the first boats. Panagiotis Mantis/Pavlos Kigalis GRE are now 2nd with a 4 points backlog. Sozykin/Gribanov RUS advanced on rank 3. In the 470 women, Mengxi Wei/Jani Xu CHN extended her overall lead with another race win. Xu/Zhang CHN and Chen/Gao CHN are now the closest opponents.
Two races per category were sailed in the windsurfer: Byron Kokkalanis GRE delivered his worst results so far (5 and 9) in the RS:X men, but nevertheless he clearly stays on top ahead of Aichen Wang CHN on a solid 2nd rank. In the RS:X women, Olga Maslivets RUS, best of the day with the ranks 1 and 2, remains clearly on the first place. Jiali Sun CHN is new on rank 2.
All ranking lists and the video summary.
Today's races are already underway, and with the prevailing 18 - 20 kn breeze, it is again the fresh winds specialist's turn. The report.
Friday, October 17, 2014   (Image © Rolex / Daniel Forster)
The Farr 40 Worlds continued yesterday in a 14-16 kn breeze with three races. Alex Roepers USA (tactics Terry Hutchinson USA) extended his lead on 18 points with a series of top results. Martin Hill USA (tactics Andrew Campbell USA) follows on rank 2, new on rank 3 is Alberto Rossi ITA (Vasco Vascotto ITA). The best team of the day with the ranks 1/3/5 was 'Struntje Light' with Wolfgang Schäfer GER (Ray Davies USA) on rank 6.
The ranking list and the report of the day.
Friday, October 17, 2014   (Image © Kim Wolf)
The Semi Finals and Finals were sailed in light and unconstant winds, and the two comeback teams from the past Olympics - Lucie MacGregor GBR and Katie Spithill AUS - met in the last encounter. Macgregor had the upperhand with 3-2 in a tight match. Anna Kjellberg SWE won the Petite Final against Trine Paludan DEN 2-0. The Danish woman replaced the injured team skipper Camilla Ulrikkeholm DEN, and this 4th place was sufficient for the Danish team to win the Women International Matchracing Series 2014.
The report with the results.
Friday, October 17, 2014   
Ideal 12 kn breeze conditions prevailed yesterday on the Bay of St-Tropez, and three races were completed. Gavia Wilkinson-Cox GBR and her team took the overall lead, and her advance is already 6 points and more on the pursuers. Giuseppe Duca ITA, best of the day, advanced on rank 2 overall. Marc Bouet FRA remained on the 3rd place.
The ranking list and the report.
Friday, October 17, 2014   (Image © Martina Orsini)
Today begins the Moth Swiss Championship 2014, this year part of the Geneva Speed Week organised by the SN of Geneva. 22 participants from 5 nations are on the entry list, among them the favorites Giovanni Galeotti BEL, Chris Rast SUI and - with some deficits regarding Moth training, but knowing the venue - Arnaud Psarofaghis SUI. The wind forecast for today is not bad, as a strom front will pass over Switzerland, but during the weekend, mild Indian summer weather with little to no wind might arrive.
The event-website.
Friday, October 17, 2014   
Francisco Renna of Argentina is the 2014 World Champion. His spectacular score line included four race wins giving him a final 17 point cushion over his nearest competitor. The final three races of the series were sailed on Thursday to complete the series at nine races. Jean Paul de Trazegenies of Peru sailed a great final three races to move into second place. Conner Blouin of the United States was close behind in third. In all seventy two competitors from ten countries participated in the championship. Read the report and see the complete results.
International Sailing – Thursday, October 16, 2014
Thursday, October 16, 2014   (Image © ISAF)
Rough conditions prevailed for the 171 competitors from 21 nations on the second day of the Qingdao Worldcup with a 18 kn breeze and a strong current.
Team of the day were in the 470 men the multiple Youth World Champions Jordi Xammar/Joao Herp ESP with two 2nd ranks, joining the leaders Panagiotis Mantis/Pavlos Kagialis GRE on top of the overall rankings. Mengxi Wei/Yani Xu CHN extended their lead in the 470 women
With another race win, Tonci Stipanovic CRO is the clear leader in the Lasers Standard. Pavlos Kontides CYP follows 3 points behind and Wannes Van Laer BEL defended his 3rd place as well. Thanks to the discarded result, Tom Burton AUS advanced now on rank 8. A overthrow happened in the Lasers Radial Winning twice, Tatjana Droszdowskaja BLR has taken the lead in front of Tina Mihelic CRO and Dongshuang Zhang CHN.
A class of his own is Byron Kokkalanis GRE in the RS:X men. His advantage on the second-ranked Aichen Wang CHN is 16 points. Almost with the same advance is Olga Maslivets RUS on top of the RS:X women.
All ranking lists and the video report of the day.
Thursday, October 16, 2014   (Image © Kim Wolf)
The Round Robin at the Busan Match Racing ended yesterday in light winds, and the best four prodeeded immediately to the Semi Finals. After one flight, Lucy Macgregor GBR leads against Anna Kjellberg SWE 1-0, and Trine Palludan DEN defeated Katie Spithill AUS. The report.
Thursday, October 16, 2014   (Image © Robert Hajduk / AWMRT)
Winning Chicago and Lelystad NED moved the defending World Champion Taylor Canfield ISV on top of the latest ISAF Match Racing World Open Rankings of October., ahead of Ian Williams GBR and Mathieu Richard FRA.
No changes happened in the women's World Rankings. Camilla Ulrikkeholm DEN remains on top ahead of Anna Kjellberg SWE and Stephanie Roble USA.
All ISAF World Ranking Lists.
Thursday, October 16, 2014   (Image © SN St Tropez)
The 'Dragon St-Tropez' is the first of a series or regattas organised by the still much appreciated former Olympic keelboat class on the Mediterranean during winter time with an event almost every second weekend in the hopefully always shining sun on the Côte d'Azur. Light winds and sun cared for Indian summer conditions yesterday, and two races were completed.
Ron James GBR took the lead with the ranks 2 and 7, one point ahead of the tied Gavia Wilkinson-Cox (the IYRU Executive Secretary of the 80ies), Alar Volmar EST and Marc Bouet FRA. 30 teams from 12 nations and 3 continents participate.
The ranking list and the event website.
Thursday, October 16, 2014   (Image © Rolex / Daniel Forster)
The Farr 40 World Championship 2014 began yesterday on the Frisco Bay in moderate winds around 10 kn. A number of top sailors sit again on some of the owner-driven yachts as tacticians. Flawless was day one of the Worlds for Alex Roepers USA (Taktik Terry Hutchinson USA) winning all three races. Guido Belgiorno AUS (tactics Tom Slingsby AUS) follows on 2nd. 19 teams from 7 nations participate.
The ranking list and the report.
International Sailing – Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Wednesday, October 15, 2014   (Image © ISAF)
The Qingdao Worldcup began yesterday in an 8 kn breeze. Lasers and 470s sailed two, the RS:X windsurfers three races. Gusts and a strong current made the competition quite challenging. Tonci Stipanovic CRO mastered the conditions flawlessly and won both heats in the Lasers Standard. His training's partner Pavlos Kontides CYP was twice on rank 2. The Worldcup leader Tom Burton AUS however is already in difficulties with the day ranks 10 and 20, leaving him on rank 14 overall. First in the small Laser Radial fleet is the previous year's winner Dongshuang Zhang CHN. Sara Winter NZL follows on rank 2.
In the 470 men, Mantis/Kagialis GRE succeeded to keep control over the strong Chinese teams on the ranks 2 to 4. In the 470 women, the leaders are Mengxi Wei/Yani Xu CHN ahead of Ai Kondo/Miho Yoshioka JPN, the only non-Chinese team in the fleet.
A big fleet but not many international athletes compete in the windsurfing races. In the RS:X men, first is the only European competitor Byron Kokkalanis GRE, closely followed by Qi Xue CHN. On top of the 30 RS:X women are at equal points Yunxiu Lu CHN and Olga Maslivets RUS, the only non-Chinese in the fleet.
All ranking lists and the report.
Wednesday, October 15, 2014   (Image © DR / WIM Series)
After the unplanned pause due to the passing typhoon, the Round Robin continued yesterday still in a fresh breeze, but is not yet finished. Completed the qualifier round have Katie Spithill AUS (leading with 9-2) and Trine Paludan DEN (substitute for the helmswoman Camilla Ulrikkeholm DEN with 8-3). Lucy MacGregor GBR (7-3) meets in her last match Anna Kjellberg SWE (6-2 so far).
The results, the report and the video of the day.
Wednesday, October 15, 2014   (Image © L�deritz Speed Challenge.)
Yesterday, there must have been a lay day at Luderitz ... at least on the event website. A first prize giving ceremony was held, with Patrick Diethelm SUI/ITA as fastest with 51.09 kn. 17 national records have been broken so far. More on the event facebook page.
International Sailing – Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Tuesday, October 14, 2014   
Early this morning UTC, the 4th ISAF Olympic Classes Worldcup Event began on the Olympic waters of Qingdao CHN. Missing in China are the 49ers, 49ersFX, Nacras-17 and the Finns. The forecast announces a moderate North breeze around 10 kn, with cool temperatures. Unfortunately, neither the event website nor the ISAF Worldcup page contain any news on today´s activities yet.
Tuesday, October 14, 2014   
The Italian Lasers sailed their National Championship on Lake Garda over the past weekend. Light and unconstant winds prevailed in rainy weather, but nevertheless, 7 races by class could be completed.
Superior winner in the Lasers Standard was Robert Scheidt BRA, followed by Francesco Marrai ITA and Alessio Spadoni ITA. 48 participants from 9 nations.
A Scheidt victory also in the Lasers Radial: Gintare Scheidt-Volungeviciute LTU, Olympic Silver medalist 2008, dominated with 3 race wins and clearly won ahead of Silvia Zennaro ITA and Joyce Floridia ITA.
The event website with all ranking lists.
Tuesday, October 14, 2014   
The super-typhoon 'Wongfong' over South-East Asia made sailing impossible in Busan KOR yesterday. No matches were therefore planned on the second day of the 4th and last event of the Women Matchracing Series 2014. This morning however, the competition was resumed already. At press deadline, Denis Lim SIN, Lucy McGregor GBR, Katie Spithill AUS and Trine Paludan DEN were leading the Round Robin with 4-1 scores each. The results, the report and the video of day 1.
Tuesday, October 14, 2014   
Last Sunday, 1878 yachts started ín Triest ITA to the ´Barcolana´, the most attended regatta on the Mediterranean Sea: a new record participation ! However, the very light winds prompted half of the fleet to abandon the race, in spite of a shortened course.
For the fifth time in a row, the winner was the 100-foot Super-Maxi 'Esimit Europa II' with Jochen Schümann GER. But the only Super-Maxi even got into difficulties stalling in a lull just before the finish line, when the closest persuers, only half in length, came very close in a gust. The RC44 'Illyteca' mit Marina Quaiat ITA finished 2nd.
The ranking list.
The ´Barcolana´ has grown to a real city festival with all kind of activities, and also with several other regattas, among others the X40-catamarans with a show race. On Saturday evening, a night regatta was organised just in front of the Harbour. Over 300´000 spectators followed the start of the huge fleet ! The impressive pictures, the video and the final report.
Tuesday, October 14, 2014   
Last Saturday, the Luderitz Speed Week 2014 in Namibia was kicked-off. As in the previous years, this is the reunion of the fastest Kiteboarders and Windsurfers trying to establish personal, national and World records on the specially prepared race channel pushed by an optimal wind.
Already on the first three days, a number national records were beaten. The fastest windsurfer was Patrick Diethelm SUI/ITA setting the new national record on 51,09 kn. Franz Grabner AUT improved the Austrian record on 47,22 kn. The list of 48 participants.
The event website with the reports of the first three days as well as the video of the 2nd day.