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Wind- & Kitesurfing

Wind- & Kitesurfing – Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Tuesday, September 16, 2014   
Very light winds, big shifts and the strong tidal current made racing almost impossible. Only half of the 49er fleet completed two races.
Finishing twice as 5th, Delle-Karth/Resch AUT took the lead one point ahead of Basalkin/Chernikov RUS. Kostov/Cupac CRO are 3rd. The biggest surprise however are the unknown Ganapathy Kelapanda/Varun Thakkar IND on rank 4, even ahead of the Olympic Champions Outteridge/Jensen AUS. Some teams are already under pressure to reach the Goldfleet of the 25 best, such as Warrer/Thomsen DEN (rank 24), Dyen/Christidis FRA (31st) or Fletcher/Sign GBR (35th). Strammer/Brown USA are on the 27th place, Ferguson/Ferguson CAN are 48th.
The ranking list and the report of the day.
The wind forecast for today with a 10-12 kn breeze looks quite promising to sail the complete program for all classes. Raing can - as on every day - be followed live on the Internet.
Tuesday, September 16, 2014   (Image © PWA-John Carter)
The PWA Wave Worldcup began yesterday at the Danish 'Cold Hawaii' Klitmöller on Denmark's West Coast with a supersession. Moderate winds and a fisherman's boat stranded inmidst the race area (see picture) impeded the competition. Marcilio Brown BRA won the final ahead of Thomas Traversa FRA and Flo Jung GER. The event website and the PWA website.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Monday, September 15, 2014
Monday, September 15, 2014   (Image © Pedro Martinez)
Very light winds - 4 to 8 kn - prevailed yesterday in Santander and only a reduced program was completed. The Laser Standard and Radial Goldfleets sailed only one Final race each, while the Silver- and Bronzefleets remained without results. The RS:X windsurfers sailed only 2 of the 3 planned heats. The 470 men completed one, the women two regattas.
First leaders in the 470 women are Maelenn Lemaitre/Aloise Retornaz FRA with the day ranks 1 and 2, followed by Fernanda Oliveira/Ana-Luiza Barbachan BRA and Huimin Feng/Lizhu Wang CHN. The 470 women rankings.
Group winners in the 470 men were Bouvet/Mion FRA and McNay/Hughes USA, with Fantela/Marenic CRO and Charbonnier/Nebout-Javal FRA on ranks 2, and Autenrieth/Autenrieth GER as well as Kampouridis/Papadopulos GRE on the 3rd places.
New on top of the Lasers Standard is Nicolas Heiner NED, Charlie Buckingham USA advanced on rank 2, at equal points with Tom Burton AUS. Robert Scheidt BRA dropped on rank 4 after a premature start disqualification.
In the Lasers Radial, the winner of the only race of the day was Dongshuang Zhang CHN taking the overall lead 6 points ahead of Josefine Olsson SWE. Marit Bouwmester NED follows on the 3rd place.
Piotr Myszka POL is now on top of the RS:X men windsurfers at conclusion of the Gold- and Silverfleet Qualifications. Nick Dempsey GBR, Byron Kokkalanis GRE and Toni Wilhelm GER follow at equal points on the ranks 2 to 4.
Charline Picon FRA remained on the first position in the RS:X women 6 points ahead of Byrony Shaw GBR. Patricia Freitas BRA is 3rd.
The video of the day presents the 470s. Check out also the ranking list and the event website.

The results of the best North Americans are:
Laser Standard : Charlie Buckingham USA 2nd, Chris Barnard USA 11th, Lee Parkhill CAN 21st.
Laser Radial: Erika Reinecke 6th, Isabella Bertold CAN 23rd.
RS:X men: David Mier Y Teran MEX 46th (and Goldfleet), Zach Plavsic CAN 63rd. Carson Crain USA 64th,
RS:X women: Demita Vega de Lille MEX 24th, Farrah Hall USA 34th, Laurence Bonneau CAN 55th.
470 men: McNay/Hughes USA 2nd, Chaplin-Saunders/Chaplin-Saunders CAN 13th
470 women: Haeger/Provancha USA 19th, Surette/tenHove CAN 55th
See also the US Sailing Team and the Sail Canada websites for details.

As from today, all classes will be on the water, for the first time the Nacra 17, the 49ers and the 49ersFX. Racing today can again be followed live on the Internet.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Sunday, September 14, 2014
Sunday, September 14, 2014   
Moderate winds around 10 kn prevailed yesterday during the Laser and RS:X races.
With 4 heats completed, the two Laser classes will continue racing in a Gold-, Silver- and Bronzefleet. Finishing on the ranks 3 and 1, the defending champion Robert Scheidt BRA has taken the lead in the Lasers Standard 2 points ahead of Nicolas Heiner NED, and another 2 points in front of Tom Burton AUS. 24 nations are now firmly qualified for Rio 2016, the 23 nations now in the Goldfleet plus Brazil as organisers. The report.
Veronika Kozelska-Fenclova CZE defended her first place in the Lasers Radial. Viktorija Andrulyte advanced on rank 2 as best of the day (1/4). The favorites Marit Bouwmester NED and Dongshuang Zhang CHN follow at equal points on the positions 3 and 4. 33 nations qualified for the Goldfleet, where 19 Olympics berths will be allotted.
The French dominate windsurfing. Pierre Le Coq FRA won both races of his group in the RS:X-men and leads overall ahead of Louis Giard FRA. Piotr Myszka POL follows on the 3rd place.
Charline Picon FRA won two of the three heats in the RS:X-female windsurfers, 2 points ahead of the surprising Demita Vega de Lille MEX. Byrony Shaw GBR, Eugenie Ricard FRA and Zofia Noceti-Klepacka POL follow on the ranks 3 to 5 at equal points.
All ranking lists and the event website .

The results of the best North Americans in the Lasers Standard : Charlie Buckingham USA 8th, Chris Barnard USA 12th, Lee Parkhill CAN 16th. Lasers Radial: Erika Reinecke 8th, Isabella Bertold CAN 35th. RS:X men: David Mier Y Teran MEX 34th, Carson Crain USA 39th, Zach Plavsic CAN 40th. RS:X women: Demita Vega de Lille MEX 2nd, Farrah Hall USA 35th, Laurence Bonneau CAN 57th. See also the US Sailing Team and the Sail Canada websites for details.
All ranking lists and the daily report.
In addition to the Lasers and RS:X-windsurfers, the 470s will begin their Championship today. As always, racing can be followed live on the Internet.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Saturday, September 13, 2014
Saturday, September 13, 2014   
Once the thick fog had gone, the first races of the ISAF Olympic Classes World Championship were started in a light 6 to 8 kn breeze yesterday, with the Laser Classes as firsts.
On top after two races in the large Laser Standard fleet with the complete elite sailing is Juan Maegli GUA with the day ranks 1 and 3. Tom Burton AUS (5/3) and Matthew Wearn AUS (7/2) follow behind. On rank 4 is the youth sailor Giovanni Coccoluto ITA as best of only 3 Europeans in the top 10. The defending Champion Robert Scheidt BRA is on position 7 with the rank 13 nd 2.
With Veronika Kozelska-Fenclova CZE (1/3) on top of the Lasers Radial, an experienced sailor appears ahead of the women single-handed dinghies. Min Gu CHN on rank 2 however is a new-name among the international top-sailors of the class. Emma Plaesschart BEL follows on rank 3, the 4th place is shared by the top-favorites Marit Bouwmester NED and Dongshuang Zhang CHN.
The results of the best North Americans in the Lasers Standard: Lee Parkhill CAN 10th, Chris Barnard USA 19th, and in the Lasers Radial: Erika Reinecke 28th (after winning race 1), Isabella Bertold CAN 36th. See the US Sailing Team and the Sail Canada websites for details.
All ranking lists and the daily report.
Today, two more Qualification Races of the two Laser Classes and first races of the RS:X Windsurfers are on the program. 18 nation berths in the men and 13 nation berths in the women are at stake. Racing can be followed over GPS-live-tracking.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Tuesday, September 9, 2014   (Image © PWA-John Carter)
For the first time since 8 years, the PWA professionals have surfed on an inside pool at the National Polnish Football Stadium in Warszaw POL over the past weekend. Freestyle, Slalom and Wave (over a jump) were on the program. Over 40'000 spectators attended the competition. The winners were: Nicolas Akgazciyan FRA and Sara-Quita Offringa NED Freestyle, Ben Proffitt GBR and Lena Erdil TUR Slalom (with the Olympic campaigner Zofia Klepacka POL on 2nd), Amanda Beenen NED and Thomas Traversa FRA Wave. The fastest in a Speed-Contest was Taty Frans NED with 25 kn. All other details on the PWA website.
Tuesday, September 9, 2014   
We already reported on the Bridge-to-Bridge Race in our news on the 18-footer International Regatta. However, the skiffs were unable to finish the famous long-distance race in the fresh breeze exceeding 30 kn and the strong counter-currents. The only two starters were forced to abandon after several capsizes.
Winner of the race was Johnny Heineken USA on his foiler-kiteboard, but he too did not succeed to come near his course record in the difficult conditions. An 8-minutes video summarizes the event.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Sunday, September 7, 2014
Sunday, September 7, 2014   
Racing at the Kiteboarding Course Race Europeans continued yesterday after the windless Friday.
The men completed three heats in each the Gold- and Silverfleet, the women sailed only one race. Elena Kalinina RUS defended her lead with a 2nd race rank, but Aga Grzymska POL reduced the gap on the leader with a race win to 5 points. Finishing twice on top, Oliver Bridge GBR extended his lead in the men's Goldfleet to 13 points. New on rank 2 is Florian Trittel ESP, 2011 and 2012 crew of the 29er ISAF Youth Sailing World Champion. Ricardo Lecchese ITA follows on rank 3. The results and the daily report of Friday.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Saturday, September 6, 2014
Saturday, September 6, 2014   
Already on Thursday, the wind was dying in the afternoon, and yesterday, there was apparently no wind at the Kiteboarding Course Race Europeans. Leading after six races are two 17-year-old teenies, Oliver Bridge GBR in the men's category and Elena Kalinina RUS in the women's. The video of day 2, the ranking lists and the daily report of Thursday.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Friday, September 5, 2014
Friday, September 5, 2014   (Image © Bogo/Sieplywa.pl)
The Kiteboarding Course Race European Championship in Poland has been on since Wednesday. Four races were sailed on the first day in a light breeze around 10 kn. Yesterday, only two heats were completed. Oliver Bridge GBR, age 17, has taken the lead with ranks 1 and 2, and the best woman Elena Kalinina RUS is also in the youth age. The overall positions 2 and 3 behind Bridge are with Alejandro Climent ESP and Ricardo Lecchese ITA at equal points. The past World Champion Florian Gruber GER is on the disappointing 9th place for the moment. 35 participants from 16 nations are racing. Aga Grzymska POL and Tatjana Sysoewa RUS are on the positions 2 and 3 among the 8 drivers from 7 nations in the women's classifications.
The ranking lists as well as the report and the video of day one.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Monday, September 1, 2014
Monday, September 1, 2014   (Image © PWA-John Carter)
The PWA Slalom Worldcup at Alcati TUR ended yesterday with a last race.
Sara-Quita Offringa NED added another race win and finished the women's competition as outstanding winner ahead of Delphine Cousin FRA and Lena Erdil TUR. The duel between Julien Quentel FRA and Antoine Albeau FRA ended in the qualfiers where both were eliminated, and as a consequence, Quentel realised the first Worldcup win in his career as professional. Pierre Toselli FRA completed the all-French podium.
Reports, ranking lists and video links on the PWA website.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Saturday, August 30, 2014
Saturday, August 30, 2014   
After two relatively moderate days with two races completed by day, the Frisco Bay lived up to its best two days ago with a 30 kn breeze and a strong counter current, making the Bridge-to-Bridge Race open for all wind-driven engins extremely challenging. In addition to the 18-footers, kite- and windsurfers as well as some multihulls were on the entry list. However, only two 18-footers dared to start, but both were forced to abandon after capsizes.
The Foil-Kiters dominated the heat and the World Champion Johnny Heineken USA was the winner after 15 min 1 sec, missing his record from the previous year by over 3 minutes.
The illustrated report with results.
Yesterday, the 18-footer International Regatta continued with two big-breeze races, but only 3 teams were on the starting line. The veteran Howie Hamlin USA and his team won both races reducing the backlog on the interim leader Brett Munster AUS on 4 points. Two races are on the program today, final day of the event.
The ranking list and the report.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Friday, August 29, 2014
Friday, August 29, 2014   (Image © PWA-John Carter)
The Seabreeze started yesterday earlier as expected and three more heats were completed. In the women's race Sara-Quita Offringa NED continued her outstanding performance with three more victories, Delphine Cousin FRA and Lena Erdil TUR are completing the podium so far. In the men's competition Ben Van der Steen NED, Pascal Toselli FRA and Björn Dunkerbeck SUI each won a heat. In the overall rankings Julien Quentel FRA continues to lead ahead of Pascal Toselli FRA and Antoine Albeau FRA. All news and videos on the PWA-website.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Thursday, August 28, 2014
Thursday, August 28, 2014   
The seabreeze was late on the second day of the PWA Slalom in Turkey as well, but nevertheless, another Elimination was completed by each gender.
In the women, it was again Sara-Quita Offringa NED who was on top, while in the men, Julien Quentel FRA booked his first win in 2014, as some of the top drivers such as Antoine Albeau FRA or Björn Dunkerbeck SUI missed the qualifcation for the Final. Sara-Quita Offringa NED and Pierre Toselli FRA lead in the interim's rankings. The wind will fill in late also today.
Please find all deteils on the PWA website, inclusive the videos.