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International – Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Tuesday, September 2, 2014   (Image © Tempest - International Class)
The Tempest World Championship began yesterday on Lake Como, but apparently the wind/weather conditions did not allow racing. 33 teams from 7 nations are on the entry list. The event facebook page with first pictures as well as the event website.
Tuesday, September 2, 2014   (Image © Rolex / Carlo Borlenghi)
Good conditions with a 17-20 kn breeze prevailed yesterday at the Maxi-Cup - including the Mini-Maxi (up to 72 foot) World Championship - in Sardinia ITA. A coastal race was on the program.
Andres Soriano GBR won in the Mini-Maxis with his Mills 72 'Allegre, followed by Bella Mente' of John Fauth USA. Among the participants are also four J-Class-yachts. 'Ranger' won ahead of 'Rainbow' and 'Velsheda'. The only Swiss is Marco Voegele SUI, with his 'Inoui', 2nd in the Super-Maxis
All other ranking lists, the report of the day and as always the impressive Gallery.
International – Monday, September 1, 2014
Monday, September 1, 2014   
Yesterday, Eric Monnin SUI and his team finished the traditional Knickerbocker Cup on Manhasset Bay, ISAF Grade 2 event, with a 2-0 victory over Antoine Morvan FRA as undefeated winners. In addition to the prize money, the Swiss team secured a berth at the Bermuda Gold Cup, the next event of the World Match Racing Tour in October. The results and the event website with videos.
Monday, September 1, 2014   (Image © Martina Orsini)
After three perfect sailing days, the wind was gone on the Wittensee near Kiel yesterday, and the Moths remained ashore.
Chris Rast SUI was proclaimed winner with a 3 points lead over the 2nd-ranked Ben Paton GBR, the Swiss' fourth Eurocup victory this year. Nils Akervall SWE finished on the 3rd place, his first appearance on the podium. The Mini-Transat winner Benoît Marie FRA follows on the 9th place as best French. 26 participants from 6 nations are on the ranking list. Here the final report. In three weeks, the 6th and final Act of the Moth Eurocup 2014 will be organised on Lake Garda.
Monday, September 1, 2014   (Image © PWA-John Carter)
The PWA Slalom Worldcup at Alcati TUR ended yesterday with a last race.
Sara-Quita Offringa NED added another race win and finished the women's competition as outstanding winner ahead of Delphine Cousin FRA and Lena Erdil TUR. The duel between Julien Quentel FRA and Antoine Albeau FRA ended in the qualfiers where both were eliminated, and as a consequence, Quentel realised the first Worldcup win in his career as professional. Pierre Toselli FRA completed the all-French podium.
Reports, ranking lists and video links on the PWA website.
International – Sunday, August 31, 2014
Sunday, August 31, 2014   
The Foiler-Moth Eurocup on the Wittensee continued yesterday with four races sailed in a gusty 12 to 18 kn breeze, and won by Chris Rast SUI and Ben Patton GBR. These two Moth pilots will duel for the final victory today. With three wins yesterday, Chris Rast SUI extended his lead on 4 points. 19 points behind Patton GBR follows Nils Akervall SWE on rank 3.
The daily report and the ranking list.
Sunday, August 31, 2014   (Image © Stefano Gattini)
Winning the final race, John Kilroy USA/Paul Goodison GBR/Jeff Reynolds USA made everything clear yesterday winning the Melges 20 World Championship with a 16 points' advantage on Achille Onorato ITA/Malcom Page AUS/Stefano Campialini ITA. Guido Miani MON/Gabriele Benussi ITA/Massimo Gherarducci ITA finished 3rd.
The final report, the ranking list and the video of the day.
Sunday, August 31, 2014   (Image © PWA-John Carter)
The initial 10 kn breeze was freshening to up to 22 kn at the PWA World Tour Slalom in Turkey. After the races 7 and 8, Sara-Quita Offringa NED is still on a safe leader position in the women's inspite of a defeat against Lena Erdil TUR yesterday. But at the same time, she extended her lead on the 2nd-ranked Delphine Cousin FRA. The fresher breeze was in favor of the World Champion Antoine Albeau FRA, winning a race and advancing on the 2nd place close to the leading Julien Quentel FRA in the men's category. The final victory will be disputed among these two drivers.
Sunday, August 31, 2014   
Eric Monnin SUI, winner of the Knickerbocker-Cup Round Robin, remains undefeated. In the Quarter Final, he eliminated Chris Poole USA 3-0 and in the Semi Final against David Storr USA, he leads 2-0. The second Semi with Pierre-Antoine Morvan FRA and Johnie Berntsson SWE is 0-1 for the moment. Today, the Semi Finals will be concluded and the Finals will be decided to earn not only the price money, but also a berth in the Bermuda Gold Cup, event of the Match Race World Tour. The results and the event website with videos.
International – Saturday, August 30, 2014
Saturday, August 30, 2014   (Image © Stefano Gattini)
The Melges 20 Worlds on Lake Garda continued yesterday with 3 races sailed in a 12-15 kn Ora. wurde gestern die WM der Melges 20 auf dem Gardasee mit 3 Wettfahrten fortgeführt. Tomorrow, the last crucial race will be on the program. The best of the day Achille Onorato ITA/Malcom Page AUS reduced the backlog on the still leading James Kilroy USA/Paul Goodison GBR on 5 points, and the title is still within reach in the last heat. As 3rd, already 19 points back, follow Guido Miani MON/Gabriele Benussi ITA, and with a 22 lead on the 4th, the Bronze medal is theirs.
The ranking list, the daily report and the video of the day.
Saturday, August 30, 2014   
For the first time this season, the Foiler-Moths enjoyed a fresh breeze of 16-22 kn during the first race day of the 5th Eurocup Act on the Wittensee GER, and 5 races could be completed.
Bad luck for the prime favorite Ben Paton GBR, Vice European Champion, who was forced to abandon the first race due to equipment failure. With the ranks 2/1/2/2 afterwards, he clearly demonstrated his potential, but the leader after 5 heats is still the first-ranked in the Annual Tour Classification Chris Rast SUI. Nils Akervall SWE follows as 2nd, Maximilian Maege GER is 3rd among the 28 participants from 6 nations racing in Germany.
The ranking list and the report of the day.
Saturday, August 30, 2014   (Image © PWA-John Carter)
The Slalom Worldcup of the professional windsurfers continued yesterday in Turkey with two runs sailed in the freshest breeze so far of up to 30 kn.
Race winners were in the men Antoine Albeau FRA and Julien Quentel FRA with Quental leading overall ahead of Albeau. In the women's, Sara-Quita Offringa NED was defeated for the first time. Delphine Cousin FRA booked her first win, but in the second heat, Offringa NED was again on top remaining the clear overall leader in front ot Delphine Cousin FRA an. Reports, ranking lists and videos as always on the PWA website.
Saturday, August 30, 2014   
Eric Monnin SUI won yesterday the last two Round Robin matches and is the undefeated leader with 9-0 score. Pierre-Antoine Morvan FRA 7-2 and David Storss USA 5-4 follow as 2nd and 3rd. Today, the Quarter Finals are on the program. The event facebook pagee does not inform on the pairings, but numerous videos can be linked in.
Saturday, August 30, 2014   
After two relatively moderate days with two races completed by day, the Frisco Bay lived up to its best two days ago with a 30 kn breeze and a strong counter current, making the Bridge-to-Bridge Race open for all wind-driven engins extremely challenging. In addition to the 18-footers, kite- and windsurfers as well as some multihulls were on the entry list. However, only two 18-footers dared to start, but both were forced to abandon after capsizes.
The Foil-Kiters dominated the heat and the World Champion Johnny Heineken USA was the winner after 15 min 1 sec, missing his record from the previous year by over 3 minutes.
The illustrated report with results.
Yesterday, the 18-footer International Regatta continued with two big-breeze races, but only 3 teams were on the starting line. The veteran Howie Hamlin USA and his team won both races reducing the backlog on the interim leader Brett Munster AUS on 4 points. Two races are on the program today, final day of the event.
The ranking list and the report.
International – Friday, August 29, 2014
Friday, August 29, 2014   (Image © Stefano Gattini)
Typical Lake Garda conditions with northerly winds in the morning and the thermal Ora in the afternoon allowed the 57 teams of the Melges 20 worlds 2014 another three races. In 10-15 kn James Kilroy USA sailing with Laser Olympic goldmedallist Paul Goodison GBR took over the lead by posting an impressive 2/1/2 series. With an even better score of 1/3/1 Guido Miani MON (tactics Gabriele Benussi ITA) moved up to second, 14 points behind Kilroy USA. On equal points Dario Levi/Niccolo Bianchi ITA are third. The daily report, the rankings and the video of the day.
Friday, August 29, 2014   (Image © PWA-John Carter)
The Seabreeze started yesterday earlier as expected and three more heats were completed. In the women's race Sara-Quita Offringa NED continued her outstanding performance with three more victories, Delphine Cousin FRA and Lena Erdil TUR are completing the podium so far. In the men's competition Ben Van der Steen NED, Pascal Toselli FRA and Björn Dunkerbeck SUI each won a heat. In the overall rankings Julien Quentel FRA continues to lead ahead of Pascal Toselli FRA and Antoine Albeau FRA. All news and videos on the PWA-website.
Friday, August 29, 2014   
Good wind conditions on the Manhasset Bay almost allowed the ten teams to complete the Round Robin of this years Knickerbocker Cup. 6 to 7 of the 9 Flights of the Round Robin have been sailed. With a clean score of 7-0 victories it's Switzerlands Eric Monnin SUI leading the rankings. On second with a score of 5-1 it's top seeded Pierre-Antoine Morvan FRA who lost his duel against Monnin SUI. The results and the live ticker of the event website.
International – Thursday, August 28, 2014
Thursday, August 28, 2014   (Image © Carlo Borlenghi)
After three rainy days, the sun was back at the Melges 20 World Championship on Lake Garda yesterday, accompanied by a light to moderate Ora breeze around 10-12 kn. Three races were sailed and as expected, the teams from Italy and the USA are on top of the interim's rankings. Alessandro Rombelli ITA (tactics Daniele Cassinari ITA) is on top 7 points ahead of John Kilroy USA (with Paul Goodison GBR). 'Men' of the day was Liam Kilroy USA, age 11, with Steve Hunt USA and Stephanie Roble USA, on rank 3, just behind his father.
The ranking list, the daily report and the video of the day.
Thursday, August 28, 2014   
The seabreeze was late on the second day of the PWA Slalom in Turkey as well, but nevertheless, another Elimination was completed by each gender.
In the women, it was again Sara-Quita Offringa NED who was on top, while in the men, Julien Quentel FRA booked his first win in 2014, as some of the top drivers such as Antoine Albeau FRA or Björn Dunkerbeck SUI missed the qualifcation for the Final. Sara-Quita Offringa NED and Pierre Toselli FRA lead in the interim's rankings. The wind will fill in late also today.
Please find all deteils on the PWA website, inclusive the videos.
Thursday, August 28, 2014   
Today begins the Knickerbocker Cup in the Manhasset Bay, traditionally the Qualification Event for the Congressional Cup, the most important Match Race in the USA. Top in the seedings is Pierre-Antoine Morvan FRA (world nbr 7), second on the list is Eric Monnin SUI (world nbr 11) and his team. Johnie Berntsson SWE or Sam Gilmour AUS are other high-class matchracers on the entry list.
The event website.
Thursday, August 28, 2014   
The project Hydros is not only active with experimental foiler catamarans in regattas and record attempts, but also in research efforts to find the most energy-efficient boat, a very important initiative considering the energy consumption of today's commercial navigation. A competition open for universities had been launched ending with a comparison of the models on the water. Here the presentation video of the organisers and the video report of the Australian team.
International – Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Wednesday, August 27, 2014   (Image © PWA-John Carter)
The first Single Elimination of the PWA World Tour Slalom at Alcati TUR was completed on day one already thanks to a well-established 15 kn breeze. In the men's category, Ben Van der Steen BEL won ahead of Pascal Toselli FRA und Antoine Albeau FRA. In the women's, Sara-Quita Offringa NED (Aruba) was the fastest, followed by Lena Erdil TUR and Fulya Ünlü TUR on the ranks 2 and 3. As to the dominators of previous years: Valérie Ghibaudo FRA finished 5th, Karin Jaggi SUI did not compete.
More details on the PWA website.
Wednesday, August 27, 2014   (Image © JOY)
Late - around 15 hrs CET - and very light was the Ora wind yesterday because of the overcast sky. The 57 teams left the harbour for a last training, but the Practice Race was cancelled as a thunderstorm was approaching. The wind forecast for the coming days is not very promising. The report of the day.
Wednesday, August 27, 2014   (Image © Chris Ray)
Fresh winds between 20 and 25 kn dominated the first two days of the traditional 18 Foot International Regatta. Howie Hamlin USA and his team are leading the fleet after 4 races sailed. Just one point back Brett Van Munster AUS is second. Read the full report and see the complete results.
International – Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Tuesday, August 26, 2014   (Image © Lloyd Images)
Cardiff Bay saved the best for last for the 11-boat Extreme 40 fleet, where 'The Wave - Muscat' (Leigh McMillan GBR), 'Alinghi' (Morgan Larson USA) and 'JP Morgan-BAR Racing' (Ben Aisnlie GBR) battled it out until the bitter end for the top positions, in one of the closest – and most exciting – three-horse fights seen in the Series, which resulted in a three way collision and three consecutive penalties too boot in the final and double points race. (See the video, crash happens after 3 min 30 sec). Inspite of finishing this last race on the last places ('Alinghi' 9th, 'BAR' 10th, 'Wave' 11th), these three teams finished in Cardiff 1 - 2 - 3 overall. In the 2014 Series interim's rankings, 'Alinghi' remains on top but the advance on 'The Wave - Muscat' has melted on 2 points. Third in the annual rankings are Jerôme Clerc SUI/Arnaud Psarofaghis SUI on 'RealTeam' thanks to a 5th place in Cardiff. and a weak result of Dean Barker NZL and his 'Team New Zealand' in Wales.
The report and the rankings.
Tuesday, August 26, 2014   (Image © Max Ranchi)
Today on Lake Garda is day one of the Melges 20 World Championship 2014, a class spreaded widely during the last three years. 57 teams from 11 nations and 3 continents are on the entry list. A number of high-ranked sailors are among the participants such as the Laser 2008 Olympic Champion Paul Goodison GBR, the multiple Laser and Starboat European Champion Michael Hestbaek DEN, the double 470 Olympic Champion Malcom Page AUS or the past Soling World Champion Bill Hardesty USA. The title will most probably go to a USA or Italian team.
The official preview and the event website.
International – Monday, August 25, 2014
Monday, August 25, 2014   (Image © Lloyd Images)
After the windy start days, only a light breeze prevailed yesterday over the Cardiff Bay for another five short races. 'Alinghi' with Morgan Larson USA hardly found the speed in the first three heats, finishing with the backmarkers, and had to leave rank 1 in the interim's rankings to 'The Wave - Muscat' with Leigh McMillan GBR. Their lead before the last races today (including the final double points heat) is 7 points, ... and a fresh breeze around 25 kn has been announced. On rank 3 follows Ben Ainslie GBR with his 'BAR Racing Team'. The second Swiss multihull 'Realstone' with Jerôme Clerc SUI moved up on rank 4.
The rankings and the daily report.
Monday, August 25, 2014   (Image © Tim Wilkes)
The light wind on the final day allowed only a race for the 2.4m and the Skud-18. The race of the Sonars had to be abandoned. Here the results: Bruno Jourdren/Nicolas Vimont-Vicary/Eric Flageul FRA wins in the Sonars, another title for the Frenchman. Silver and Bronze went to Paul Tingley CAN and Colin Harrison USA with their teams. The tightly leading trio in the 2.4m finished the last race in the middle of the fleet, and Heiko Kröger GER succeeded to defend his first place. Helena Lucas GBR advanced on rank 2, Séguin FRA won the Bronze medal. In the Skud-18, Alexandra Rickham/Niki Birrell GBR needed a race win to overtake the leading Daniel Fitzgibbon/Liesl Tesch AUS, but finishing 'only' second, they remain second overall at equal points with the new World Champions. Marco Gualandris/Marta Zanetti ITA won Bronze.
The ranks 1 to 6 qualify the nations for the Paralympics 2016 in Rio. The USA teams have qualified in the 2.4mR and SKUD-18 classes. CAN has achieved their overall goal by securing berths in all three classes. All ranking lists and the event website.
International – Sunday, August 24, 2014
Sunday, August 24, 2014   (Image © Mark Sauvageot)
The U21 World Championships 2014 of the Olympic Laser Classes ended yesterday with a last race in the Douarnenez FRA Bay. Lorenzo Chiavarini GBR controlled Hermann Tomasgaard NOR, his last opponent in the Lasers Standard and sailed him down to the midfleet, securing the Gold medal with a 3 points advantage. Bronze went to Stefano Peschiera PER. Winner in the U19 ranking was Finn Lynch IRL, moving up on rank 4 in the last race. The North Americans are on the positions 44 Sandy Beatty CAN, 51 Andrew Puopulo USA and 52 Ander Belausteguigoitia MEX.
Outstanding winner in the Lasers Radial was Agata Barwinska POL with a 33 points lead over Daphne Van der Vaart NED ! The Bronze medal went to Martina Reina ESP, at the same time winner of the U19-rankings. The best American girls are Corinne Peters CAN 29th and Haddon Hughes USA, dropping on 33rd with a DNC in the last race.
All ranking lists and the event facebook pages.
Sunday, August 24, 2014   
A weather change with rain brought enough wind yesterday for the final races at the Youth Sailing Olympics in Nanjing CHN.
No changes concerning the medal ranks: Bernie Chin SIN won in the Byte-Boys ahead of Pedro-Luis Marcondes BRA and Rodolfo Pires POR. The North Americans Justin Vittecoq CAN, Henry Marshall USA and Scott McKenzie ISV are 8th, 9th and 13th. Samantha JingYi Yom SIN took Gold in the Byte-Girls ahead of Odile Van Aanholt NED and Jarian Brandes PER. Paula Pelayo MEX is 13th, Paige Clarke ISV 16th.
In the Techno male windsurfers, Maxim Tokarev RUS is first ahead of Francisco Saubidet ARG and Lars Van Sommeren NED. Gold in the Techno female windsurfers goes to Linli Wu CHN with Mariam Sekhposyan RUS and Lucie Pianazza FRA completing the podium with Silver and Bronze.
All ranking lists and the event website.
Sunday, August 24, 2014   
Good sailing conditions yesterday allowed an intensive program with three races for the 2.4m and Skud-18s, while the sonars completed two heats.
The situation in the 2.4m before the last races is exciting with Heiko Kröger GER on top, but the day's best Damien Séguin FRA has joined him. Only 2 points behind follows Helena Lucas GBR. In the Skud-18, the title will be decided in a duel between Daniel Fitzgibbon/Liesl Tesch AUS and Alexandra Rickham/Niki Birrell GBR 3 points behind. Unchallenged on rank 3 are Marco Gualandris/Marta Zanetti ITA. New leaders in the Sonars are Bruno Jourdren/Nicolas Vimont-Vicary/Eric Flageul FRA, 3 points ahead of Paul Tingley CAN and his team. Colin Harrison AUS advanced on rank 3.
All ranking lists and the event facebook pages.
Sunday, August 24, 2014   
The Optimist Team Racing European Championship ended yesterday on Lake Ledro ITA above Lake Garda with light wind races. Loosing only twice in 14 duels, the Team Turkey is the outstanding winner ahead of the closely fighting Team Spain, Silver medal, and Poland, Bronze medal. The final report.
Sunday, August 24, 2014   
Moderate winds of 14 to 18 kn created much action on the second day of the Extreme Sailing Series. Ten short races were sailed on the narrow, partly only 300 meter wide, race course.
'Alinghi' with Morgan Larson USA and Anna Tunnicliffe USA (read her - as alway - very explicit report) came back on top of the rankings ahead of 'The Wave - Muscat' with Leigh McMillan GBR on rank 2. 'BAR Racing' with Ben Ainslie GBR is down on rank 3.
The report, the ranking list and the Videos.
International – Saturday, August 23, 2014
Saturday, August 23, 2014   (Image © Christophe Favreau)
The 5o5 World Championship 2014 ended yesterday in Kiel with a last race, sailed in a 20 kn breeze and won by Mike Holt/Rob Woelfel USA after a tight duel with Peter Nicholas/Luke Payne AUS. With this victory, the USA team defended the first place and earned the 5o5 World Champion's title in front of the Australian advancing on rank 2. Wolfgang Hunger/Julien Kleiner GER finished 3rd yesterday and take the Bronze medal.
The report and the final rankings.
Saturday, August 23, 2014   
The moderate conditions stayed on at the Laser U21 Worlds in Douarnenez FRA and the situation for the men's title remains open before the last two races today, while the women's title has already been decided.
Hermann Tomasgaard NOR and Lorenzo Chiavarini GBR lead in the Lasers Standard at equal points. Stefano Peschiera PER, 8 points behind, as well as Michele Benamati ITA, are also fighting for a medal. Joel Rodriguez ESP on the 5th place leads in the U19-classification. The North Americans are on the positions 43 Sandy Beatty CAN, 48 Andrew Puopulo USA and 52 Ander Belausteguigoitia MEX.
The new Laser-Radial-U21-World Champion before the last two races already is Agata Barwinska POL. Her advance on Daphne Van der Vaart NED is 29 points. New on rank 3 is Martha Faraguna ITA. Marina Reino ESP on rank 5 leads in the U-19 classification ahead of Marie Barrué FRA on rank 10 as second-U19. The best American girls are Haddon Hughes USA 27th and Corinne Peters CAN 29th.
All ranking lists and the event facebook page.
Saturday, August 23, 2014   
The wind was very light yesterday at Halifax CAN and only the Skud-18 finished one race. Winning this heat, Daniel Fitzgibbon/Liesl Tesch AUS climbed on top of the overall rankings one point ahead of Alexandra Rickham/Niki Birrell GBR. With a small 2 points' deficite on the leaders, Marco Gualandris/Marta Zanetti ITA are still in the race for the title. 8 points is the advance of Heiko Kröger GER on Damien Séguin FRA in the 2.4m. In the Sonars, Tingley/Lutes/Campbell CAN are 4 points in front of Jourdren/Vimont-Vicary/Flageul FRA.
All ranking lists and the event website.
Saturday, August 23, 2014   (Image © ISAF)
No breeze on Lake Jinniu near Nanjing yesterday and the the Medals at the Youth Sailing Olympics have to be decided in the last race of today, provided their will be enough wind. If not, there is still a spare day on Sunday.
After seven races sailed, Bernie Chin SIN leads in the Byte Boys 4 points ahead of Pedro-Luis Macondes BRA and another 3 points on Rodolfo Pires POR on rank 3. Also 4 points is the lead of Odile Van Aanholt NED in the Byte Girls, where only Samantha Jing Yi SIN still has a chance to replace her on top. Carolina Albano ITA is already 23 points back.
In the Techno Boys windsurfers, Maxim Tokarev RUS has only one point on Francisco Saubiodet ARG, but also Lars Van Someren NED on 3rd with a 3 points' backlog is still in the race for Gold. Leader in the Techno Girls windsurfers is Linli Wu CHN ahead of Mariam Sekhposyan RUS and Lucie Pianazza FRA folgen at equal points on rank 2.
All results and the report of the day.
Saturday, August 23, 2014   (Image © Lloyd Images)
Act 5 of the Extreme Sailing Series began yesterday in Cardiff GBR with nine 10-minutes' short races. 'JP Morgan - BAR' with Ben Ainslie GBR is the first leader 8 points ahead of the 'SAP Sailing Team' with Jes Gram Hansen DEN. Third is 'Alinghi' with Morgan Larson USA closely followed by 'The Wave - Muscat' with Leigh McMillan GBR, duelling for the overall Tour lead. The Swiss 'RealTeam' with Jerôme Clerc SUI follows on rank 5. The report and the ranking list.
Saturday, August 23, 2014   (Image © H.J. Weimer)
Again a splendig Maloja wind day yesterday and the Swiss Optimist Championship continued with 4 races. Winning three heats in his group, Rok Verderber SLO took the overall lead 10 points ahead of Roko Mohr GER and Valentin Müller GER at equal points on the ranks 2 and 3. The best Swiss Nicolas Rolaz SUI descended on rank 7, followed by the best girl Gaia Bergonzini ITA.
The ranking list and the short report.
International – Friday, August 22, 2014
Friday, August 22, 2014   (Image © Christophe Favreau)
Moderate conditions prevailed yesterday with a 10-15 kn breeze, enhanced with rainy squalls. Two more races were sailed at the 5o5 Worlds, making the situation before the last race today very exciting, as the gaps between the boats have been reduced.
Mike Holt/Rob Woelfel USA lead 2 points ahead of Andy Smith/Tim Needham GBR and 5 points on Peter Nicholas/Luke Payne AUS, the winners of yesterday's first race. Still chances for a medal have Hunger/Kleiner GER, Pinnell/Shelton GBR and Böhm/Roos GER on the ranks 4 to 6.
The ranking list and the event website with the video of the day.
Friday, August 22, 2014   (Image © DR)
Moderate 10 kn conditions prevailed also yesterday off Douarnenez at the French Atlantic Coast, and both classes sailed the planned two races each.
Agata Barwinska POL keeps the first place in the Lasers Radial extending her lead on Daphne Van der Vaart NED to 18 points. Martina Reina ESP was the best of the day and regained the 3rd place overall. She is also on top of the U19 Girls. The best American girls are Haddon Hughes USA 27th and Corinne Peters CAN 29th.
No changes on the podium in the Lasers Standard: Hermann Tomasgaard NOR leads with just one point ahead of Lorenzo Chiavarini GBR. Stefano Peschiera PER remains on the 3rd position. Joel Rodriguez ESP follows as best U19 sailor on rank 4 overall. The North Americans are on the positions 36 Andrew Puopulo USA, 51 Sandy Beatty CAN and 53 Ander Belausteguigoitia MEX.
All ranking lists and the event facebook page.
Friday, August 22, 2014   (Image © ISAF)
After three days with light to very light winds, Lake Jinniu was plagued with little to no wind yesterday at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games with no racing possible. After 6 races completed so far, Linli Wu CHN is first in the Techno female windsurfers, Maxime Tokarev RUS in the Techno male windsurfer, Odile Van Aanholt NED in the female Bytes and Bernie Chin SIN in the male Bytes. Racing continues today Friday and concludes Saturday. All ranking lists and the report of the day.
Friday, August 22, 2014   (Image © Onur Cam)
The Qualification Series at the Kiteboarding Course Race Worlds in Southern Turkey mostly sailed in light winds was concluded yesterday. The leaders so far, Florian Gruber GER and Ricardo Lecchese ITA, terminated the heats partly with mid-fleet ranks, leaving rank 1 to Oliver Bridge GBR 5 points ahead of Maxime Nocher FRA. No change in the women's fleet, where Steph Bridge GBR leads ahead of Erika Heineken USA. See the video summery covering the first three days of the event. The event website.
Friday, August 22, 2014   (Image © Tim Wilkes)
Late and very light was the seabreeze yesterday allowing each class to complete only one race.
Heiko Kröger GER jumped on rank 1 in the 2.4m yesterday with a 3rd place and the discarded result. Damien Séguin FRA and Megan Pascoe GBR discarded their premature starts from day one as well and moved up on the positions 2 and 3 overall. John Ruf USA is 6th, Bruce Millar CAN 11th. Leader change in the Skud-18 too with Alexandra Rickham/Niki Birrell GBR taking the first place with a race win. Marco Gualandris/Marta Zanetti ITA follow 2 points behind. Daniel Fitzgibbon/Liesl Tesch AUS stay on rank 3. John McRoberts CAN and this team are 4th, Ryan Porteous USA 6th. Paul Tingley CAN and his team defended their first place in the Sonars. Bruno Jourdren FRA advanced on the 2nd place thanks to the discarded result. John Robertson GBR is now 3rd. Rick Doerr USA and his team are now 6th.
All ranking lists and the event website.
Friday, August 22, 2014   (Image © H.Weimer)
Surprisingly favorable Maloja wind conditions prevailed yesterday on Lake Silvaplana at ths Swiss Optimist Championship. Split in three groups, the 199 participants sailed 3 races. Nicoals Rolaz SUI/CNM succeeded to control the strong international competitors leading with a 3-points advance on Roko Mohr GER, at the same time best of the B-category (U11). Gaia Bergonzini ITA on position 3 is the best girl. Luke Madeiros BER on 58th is best ranked Northamerican.
The ranking list and the short report.