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Wind- & Kitesurfing

Wind- & Kitesurfing – Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Tuesday, April 8, 2014   
Some changes occurred in the ISAF Olympic World Rankings after the Palma Worldcup event last week. New on top of the 470 women are Camille Lecointre/Hélène Defrance FRA. With Julien d'Ortoli/Noe Delpech FRA on the first place of the 49ers, France has another Worldranking leader team. The stellar victory of Marit Bouwmester NED in Palma pushed her from rank 10 to rank 1 in the Lasers Radial. In the RS:X-men windsurfers, Hongkong has a leading duo with Ho Tsun Leung HKG as number 1.
All rankings and the ISAF report.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Sunday, April 6, 2014
Sunday, April 6, 2014   (Image © Jesus Renedo)
Moderate conditions prevailed yesterday on the Palma Bay during the Medal Races of the 4th 2013/14 Worldcup event. Rank 6 was good enough for Sime Fantela/Igor Marenic CRO to earn the overall victory in the 470 men, as their closest opponent Calabrese/De la Fuente ARG was relegated on the 5th place after a premature start. Silber and Bronze went to Dahlberg/Bergström SWE, winners of the Medal Race as 2nd, and with the same number of points Belcher/Ryan AUS as 3rd. The Olympic Champions Jo Aleh/Polly Powrie NZL won the Medal Race replacing Camille Lecointre/Hélène Defrance FRA on top of the 470 women. On rank 3 follow Hannah Mills/Saskia Clark GBR. A New Zealand team is also on rank 1 of the 49ers, as Peter Burling/Blair Tuke NZL managed to keep their lead in the three short Medal Races. Warrer/Lang DEN and Fletcher/Sign GBR complete the podium. The moderate conditions were certainly of help for Martine Grael/Kahena Kunze BRA to defend their first place in the 49ersFX against Baad-Nielsen/Thusgaard DEN and Dobson/Ainsworth GBR. Only rank 8 in the Medal Race, but enough to remain on top of the Finns, as Giles Scott GBR had enough points' reserves from the fresh-wind races of the past week. Thomas Le Breton FRA and Jonathan Lobert FRA follow on the ranks 2 and 3. Finishing 2nd in the Nacra-17 Medal Race, Billy Besson/Marie Riou FRA demonstrated once more their superiority winning overall with almost 30 points on the direct opponents Vittorio Bissaro/Silvia Sicouri ITA, Darren Bundock/Nina Curtis AUS finished 3rd and are more and more a team to consider in this new Olympic event. Winner in the RS:X men windsurfers is Pierre Le Coq FRA in front of the tied Byron Kokkalanis GRE and Louis Giard FRA. Charline Picon FRA had her Trophy win already before the RS:X women Medal Race. Lilian De Geus NED and Blanca Manchon follow on the ranks 2 and 3. See separate Laser news. All ranking lists, the final report and the videos.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Saturday, April 5, 2014
Saturday, April 5, 2014   (Image © Jesus Renedo)
Sun and a lovely 8-15 kn breeze over Majorca replaced the windy conditions of the previous days for the last Final Series regattas deciding on the composition of the Medal Races. Some overall winners are already known before the last heat. The 22 points' advance on the second-ranked makes Billy Besson/Marie Riou FRA the clear winners in the Nacra 17. The best of the day and winners of the Miami Worldcup Vittorio Bissaro/Silvia Sicouri ITA progressed on rank 2, and the 17 points' lead on rank 3 will most probably be sufficient for Silver. The trio Thomas Zajac/Tanja Frank AUT, Darren Bundock/Nina Curtis AUS one and Franck Cammas/Sophie de Turckheim FRA two points back will fight for Bronze. Already thru is also Charline Picon FRA in the RS:X women windsurfers with a record-suspect advance of 42 points ! The chasers Lilian de Geus NED, Blanca Manchon ESP, Byrony Shaw GBR and Flavia Tartaglini ITA are within 7 points and the fight for Silver and Bronze will be exciting. Considerable gaps between the top-3 of the 470 men. Fantela/Marenic CRO are 7 points ahead of Calabrese/De la Fuente ARG, and 13 points in front of Belcher/Ryan AUS, who had a disappointing 22nd race rank yesterday. 7 points is the lead of Camille Lecointre/Hélène Defrance FRA in the 470 women, and only Jo Aleh/Polly Powrie NZL have a theoretical chance to replace them on top. Mills/Clark GBR and Oliveira/Barbachan BRA will duel for the Bronze medal. Admittedly, the 22 points' lead of Burling/Tuke NZL in the 49ers is considerable, but the new format with three short medal races keeps the race open for the second-ranked Warrer/Lang DEN. A duel between Martine Grael/Kahena Kunze BRA and Ida-Marie Baad-Nielson/Marie Thusgaard DEN will decide for gold in the 49ersFX. Giles Scott GBR continued his winning streak in the Finns yesterday, and only Thomas Le Breton FRA, 8 points behind, could replace him on top. Full of thrill also the situation in the RS:X men windsurfers, where the first 4 are separated by 7 points only. Pierre Le Coq FRA leads 3 points in front of Toni Wilhelm GER, Julien Bontemps FRA und Louis Giard FRA and all will fight for the medals today. The Laser news follow separately.
All ranking lists, the report of the day and the videos of the day.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Friday, April 4, 2014
Friday, April 4, 2014   (Image © Jesus Renedo)
The Organisers were again unable to complete racing for all fleets according to program. The perfect but rough 20-25 kn breeze and 5 meter swell conditions should normally be no reason to limit racing for Olympic level sailors, but actually with the wind increasing during the day, the final group – Men and Women 470 – was kept ashore. The fragile Skiffs and Multihulls had again their capsizing festival with equipment damage.
The arrival of the 1092-feet long USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier in the Bay of Palma also led to some adjustments in the event plan. The US Navy vessel was anchored in the bay with a 1000 meter restriction area in which no boat can sail and a 2400 meter area in which it is forbidden to stop. These exclusion areas forced the Laser course to be moved and reduced the leg length of the RS:X course due to the wind direction today. The racing on Friday is expected to be impacted, but the Medal Races on Saturday will be sailed close to shore, so the air carrier will have no impact on the racing.
In the 49ers, Burling/Tuke NZL extended their lead on 18 points, followed by the experienced skiffers Warrer/Lang DEN and Delle-Karth/Resch AUT on the ranks 2 and 3. In the 49sFX, Ida-Marie Baad/Marie Thusgaard DEN were the team of the day with three bullets, advancing on the 2nd place, but Martine Grael/Kahena Kunze BRA defended their lead with a 3 points' advance. Dobson/Auinsworth GBR remain on 3rd. Giles Scott GBR won again both Finn races extending his lead on the second-ranked Thomas Le Breton FRA. Jonathan Lobert FRA advanced on position 3. The Nacra-17 sailed only one race and finishing 3rd, Billy Besson/Marie Riou FRA increased their lead on Cammas/de Turckheim FRA to 21 points. Bundock/Curtis AUS follow as 3rd. The RS:X men windsurfers are closely packed with Byron Kokkalanis GRE now leading ahead of Pierre Le Coq FRA and Julien Bontemps FRA. First in the RS:X women is now Charline Picon FRA, already 15 points in front of Peina Chen CHN, who is closely followed by Byrony Shaw GBR. See separate news for the Lasers.
All ranking lists, the daily report and the videos. Today, the last races of the Final Series are on the program with the selection of the best 10 by class for tomorrow's Medal Races.
Friday, April 4, 2014   
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Wind- & Kitesurfing – Thursday, April 3, 2014
Thursday, April 3, 2014   (Image © Jesus Renedo)
An exceptional weather situation and the Worldcup organizational requirements with split fleets and races scheduled over the whole day made the day completely messy. While some classes fighted for survival at the upper speed limit (20 kn for the new Olympic classes – here a video of the capsizing festival of the Nacra 17), the Lasers, RS:X-Windsurfer and the Paralympic 2.4m waited in vain for wind and had no valid races at the end of the day !
In the 470 men, the long-time class dominators Matthew Belcher/Will Ryan AUS came strongly back with the day ranks 2 and 9 taking the overall lead, but Fantela/Marenic CRO and Calabrese/De la Fuente ARG jointly on rank 2 are only one point behind. In the 470 women, Camille Lecointre/Hélène Defrance FRA defended their lead. Hannah Mills/Sakia Clark GBR advanced on rank 2 with two race wins, and the Olympic Champions Joe Aleh/Polly Powrie NZL are now 3rd. Two race wins also for Peter Burling/Blair Tuke NZL taking the clear lead in the 49ers in front of Evans/Powys GBR and Botin/Turrado ESP. The only 49erFX-team capable to handle their skiff in all conditions are Martine Grael/Kahena Kunze BRA. Not only, they were the clear leaders after the initial light-wind races, but they dominated the fleet also in the big breeze yesterday with the ranks 1 and 2, and clearly are on top of the rankings ahead of Ida Baad-Nielsen/Marie Thusgaard DEN advancing on rank 2 and Charlotte Dobson/Sophie Ainsworth GBR on the 3rd place. Two race wins booked also Giles Scott GBR in the Finns, replacing Thomas Le Breton FRA on the first place by one point. Deniss Karpak EST follows on position 3. The catamaran-king Billy Besson FRA (2013 Nacra and F18 World Champion) with Marie Riou FRA handled the Nacra-17 safely in these rough conditions and extended his lead on Frank Cammas/Sophie de Turckheim FRA to 16 points. Darren Bundock AUS, another multihull specialist, with Nina Curtis AUS moved up on rank 3, and this only three months after their start in this mixed discipline. See separate news for the Lasers. All ranking lists, the daily report and the videos.
Thursday, April 3, 2014   
The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has confirmed plans for the future of the ISAF Sailing World Cup aiming for a turn-around of this suffering showcase event. End of year in the Middle East, a Grand Final with the 20 best-ranked boats per class will be organised (as the Star Class did with its Star Sailors League on the Bahamas last year). The decision date for the selection of teams will be September 22nd. Qualified will be all winners of one of the 2014 World Cup events, each top continental crew (based on performance at "home" Worldcup regatta), the top three crews at the Class World Championships, the top 6 on the ISAF World Sailing Rankings and ISAF invitation wild cards up to the 20-teams' level per class. The top continental crew place guarantees every continent at least one place in each fleet at the Grand Final, and reflects the Olympic continental qualification that ISAF introduced for Rio 2016.
Prize money and shipping support will be provided by the organizers. The ISAF report.