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Sailing Switzerland

Sailing Switzerland – Monday, September 1, 2014
Monday, September 1, 2014   
Apparently, the wind situation on Lake Uri did not allow racing yesterday, and the ranking list after the 4 heats sailed on one day becomes final. Tom Studer CVN/Esther Oggenfuss/Marc von Weissenfluh/Yves Calame/Marc Ursenbacher are the Swiss Champions 2014 2 points ahead of Christoph Renker RCO. The Bronze medal goes to Lorenz Müller YCB. 19 teams participated. The ranking list.
Monday, September 1, 2014   
The announced West wind filled in on time with 8-15 kn yesterday allowing to complete three more races at the Starboat Swiss Championship. Finishing 1/2/1, Hubert Merkelbach/Gerrit Bartel GER lived up to their role as favorite and won the title ahead of Stefan Schneider/Uli Seeberger GER and Ingvar Krook/Christoffer Lundgren SWE. Martin Ingold/Dario Bischof SUI/TYC followed as best Swiss on position 4. The previous leaders Bernhard + Sofie Seger SUI/SVB dropped on rank 5 in the fresher breeze. The results (PDF).
Monday, September 1, 2014   
After only one race on Friday and Saturday, late in the afternoon in a light Joran breeze, the West wind filled in yesterday offering best conditions to complete another three heats by fleet.
In the Lasers Standard, Jean-Pierre Vogtensperger FRA finished on top thanks winning the last race ahead of the tied Robert Ronnbäck SUI and Markus Ochs SUI. 26 Standards from 6 nations participated, among them a NZL boat. French was the winner in the Lasers Radial with Pierrick Amizet FRA with Jeff Loosemore GBR and Didier Weiler FRA completing the podium. 19 Radials from 5 nations.
The event website with ranking lists and reports.
Monday, September 1, 2014   (Image © Florian Lorenz)
The Platu 25 Alpcup Act 4 on Lake Uri remained without racing yesterday, as apparently, the wind did not fill in sufficiently to allow further regattas. Winner after four races are therefore Thomas Laherstorfer AUT and his team ahead of Christian Sutherland GBR and Martin Siegrist SUI. 14 teams from 4 nations participated.
The ranking list (scroll down).
Monday, September 1, 2014   
Four races in a light breeze on Saturday and four heats in a 3-4 bft West wind on Sunday provided for intensive racing for the 470s and Finns on the Lower Lake Constance. Thanks to 4 race wins on Saturday, Mara Bezel/Fiona Müdespacher SVT realised their first 470 Swisscup victory ahead of Christian Sprecher/Jlonca Gosztonyi SCE and Rene Ott/Stephan Ammann SVK. On rank 6 follow the only non-Swiss participants Waleed Al Sharshani/Jassim Alsulaiti QAT ! In the Finns, Piet Eckert ZSC was the clear winner with 5 race wins ahead of Hans Fatzer YCA. The ranking lists.
Monday, September 1, 2014   (Image © Loris Von Siebenthal)
Four more races were completed yesterday at the Décision-35 Catamaran Swiss Open on Lake Geneva in a gusty breeze from the shore. Ernesto Bertarelli SUI defended the lead extending his advantage in the Annual Tour rankings. 'Mobimo' with Christian Wahl SUI finished 2nd, 'Zen Too' with Fred Le Peutrec FRA 3rd.
The report and the ranking list.
Monday, September 1, 2014   
The Shark-Eurocup on Lake Thoune ended yesterday with a last race without any influence on the rankings on top. Jürgen Ahlfeldt GER and his team are the winners ahead of Botond Szigethi HUN and Birgit Brantner AUT. Peter Harsch SUI/ASC on rank 17 is the best Swiss. The results (PDF).
Sailing Switzerland – Sunday, August 31, 2014
Sunday, August 31, 2014   
After the windless first day, the Dolphin Swiss Championship was really launched yesterday with a breeze allowing to complete 4 races on Lake Uri. Tom Studer CVN and his team won two heats and took the lead. Also two race wins were in favor of Christoph Renker RCO on rank 2 overall just 2 points behind Studer. Lorenz Müller YCB follows on rank 3.
The ranking list.
Sunday, August 31, 2014   
Apparently no racing at the Starboat Swiss Championship on Lake Constance yesterdeay ! Up to now, two light wind races were finished, both won by Bernhard and Sofie Seger SVB. For today, the forecast announced a 14kn Westerly breeze ! The missing two races to validate the Championship will hopefully be completed today.
The ranking list.
Sunday, August 31, 2014   
The Platu 25 Alpcup began yesterday with four races after the windless opening day. With two race wins, the first leader is Thomas Laherstorfer AUT 2 points ahead of Christian Sutherland GBR and Martin Siegrist SUI at equal points on rank 2. 14 teams from 4 nations participate.
The ranking list (scroll down).
Sunday, August 31, 2014   (Image © Loris Von Siebenthal)
The D-35-catamarans continued with their Annual Championship circuit yesterday off Versoix/Lake Geneva. Five races were completed and Ernesto Bertarelli SUI with his 'Alinghi' is the leader after day 1 with rank 1 and 2 finishes. 'Mobimo' with Christian Wahl SUI is second, Dona Bertarelli SUI with her 'Ladycat' is 3rd. The report and the ranking list.
Sunday, August 31, 2014   (Image © Jean-Francois Hervo)
Ideal conditions prevailed yesterday on Lake Geneva for the Solo Translémanique. The 5-10 kn breeze was very accommodating for the solo skippers and above all just perfect for the multihulls participating for the first time. The line honors after 7 hrs 30 min was Christoph Peclard SUI with his M1-Cat 'Zenith Fresh' ahead of the two M2-Cats of Didier Pfister ('GSMN Genolier') and Antoine Thorens ('TeamWork'). In the Surprise class, Patrick Girod SNG was first in front of Valentien Gautier SNNY. On top of the Grand Surprise was Benoit Morelle FRA, and of the Toucans Christophe Magnin SUI. All ranking lists .
Sunday, August 31, 2014   
Good conditions prevailed yesterday on Lake Thoune and 4 races were completed at the Shark-24-Eurocup in Spiez. Jürgen Ahlfeldt GER and his team defended the first position with two race wins. Botond Szigethi HUN on 2nd has a 7 points backlog. New on rank 3 is Birgit Banter AUT with her team. Peter Harsch SUI on rank 17 is the best Swiss. The ranking list (PDF).
Sailing Switzerland – Saturday, August 30, 2014
Saturday, August 30, 2014   
Again very light winds on Lake Constance yesterday, allowing to complete just one race. And again, it were Bernhard and Sofie Seger SVB/RCO winning, and this on the 28-year-old Starboat used by Seger winning the title in 1986 ! Stefan Schneider/Uli Seeberger GER follow 4 points behind, the favorites Hubert Merkelbach/Gerrit Bartel GER are 3rd. Thanks to a 2nd race rank, Roman + Philipp Juchli SUI/YCA advanced on the 4th place.
The ranking list.
Saturday, August 30, 2014   
No news from Brunnen/Lake Uri SUI this morning, where the Swiss Championship of the Dolphins and the Alp Cup of the Platu 25s takes place on the occasion of the Windweek. We assume, that the general weather pattern over the Alps prevented the thermal breeze from filling in.
Saturday, August 30, 2014   
Three races were sailed yesterday at the Shark 24 Eurocup Regatta on Lake Thoune. Jürgen Ahlfeld GER and Botond Szigeti HUN with their teams share the lead 3 points ahead of Christian Müller-Uri AUT an rank 3. Peter Harsch SUI on the 17th place is the best-ranked Swiss among the 19 teams from 4 nations.
The ranking list.
Sailing Switzerland – Friday, August 29, 2014
Friday, August 29, 2014   
In light winds the Swiss Star Championship started on Lake Constance with one single race, the second one had to be cancelled in a dying breeze. Victory went to Whitbread-Roud-the-world veteran Bernhard Seger RCO/SVB - who grabbed the title 28 years ago already ! - who is sailing with his 17-year old daughter Sofie. Beat Hunziker/Vincent Nagelisen SUI/SCH and Stefan Schneider/Uli Seeberger GER completed the podium. The ranking list.
Sailing Switzerland – Thursday, August 28, 2014
Thursday, August 28, 2014   
The Geneva sailmaker Europ'Sails offers as from today until November 30 up to 25% autumn discount on all sails manufactured in Switzerland. Interesting discounts are also available for the full product line of EuropSails. Here the details.
Thursday, August 28, 2014   
Last Sunday, the Fireball UK Nationals at Fendy ended after 10 races sailed. Tom Gillard/Richard Anderton GBR were the clear winners after 7 races. Claude Mermod/Ruedi Moser SUI finished on the remarkable 7th place in the high-level British Fireball scene. 45 teams participated. The ranking list and the final rankings.
Thursday, August 28, 2014   
Today begins the Knickerbocker Cup in the Manahasset Bay, traditionally the Qualification Event for the Congressional Cup, the most important Match Race in the USA. Top in the seedings is Pierre-Antoine Morvan FRA (world nbr 7), second on the list is Eric Monnin SUI (world nbr 11) and his team, second-ranked last year. Johnie Berntsson SWE or Sam Gilmour AUS are other high-class matchracers on the entry list.
The event website.
Thursday, August 28, 2014   
The project Hydros is not only active with experimental foiler catamarans in regattas and record attempts, but also in research efforts to find the most energy-efficient boat, a very important initiative considering the energy consumption of today's commercial navigation. A competition open for universities had been launched ending with a comparison of the models on the water. Here the presentation video of the organisers and the video report of the Australian team.
Thursday, August 28, 2014   
Today is day one of the Starboat Swiss Championship off Bottighofen/Lake Constance SUI, provided there is enough wind. The late summer weather is not very promising in this respect. 25 teams from 4 nations are present, among them as favorite the European Champions Hubert Merkelbach/Gerrit Bartel GER. The preview.
Sailing Switzerland – Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Wednesday, August 27, 2014   
The Grand Surprise Class Championship 2014 was held over the past weekend on the French side of Lake Geneva at Thonen. Winner after two intensive race days with 8 races was 'Little Nemo' of Bernard Borter SUI 7 points ahead of 'Tipsy One' of Marc Tournier FRA 2nd and 'Mea Huna' of Christian Aegi SUI 3rd. 14 teams participated. Here the Grand Surprise ranking list.
The Surprise were also racing at Thonon, and after 8 heats, 'Moi Non Plus' of Yvan Burkhalter SUI was first at equal points with 'Bien Sur' of Bernard Gianola SUI at equal points. 16 Surprise participated. Here the Surprise ranking list.
Wednesday, August 27, 2014   (Image © Laurens Morel)
Sailing Switzerland – Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Tuesday, August 26, 2014   (Image © Gilles Morelle)
The start to the night regatta 'Belle Etoile', counting for the Annual Championship of the Petit Lac, was given on Friday evening at 19 hrs, in an initially fresh Westerly breeze, slackening towards the end of the regatta. Nevertheless, it was a fast race the 40 yachts separated in two fleets. Alain Gerber on 'Nanouk' was first in calculated time, with Alexandre Vandini, 'Pump It Up' and Chris Leone Salvatore, 'Illico Ti Vitti Team' completing the podium.
The ranking lists, theevent website and the Yacht Club de Genève website
Tuesday, August 26, 2014   
Today on Lake Garda is day one of the Melges 20 World Championship 2014, a class spreaded widely during the last three years. 57 teams from 11 nations and 3 continents are on the entry list. With August Schram AUT there is even a team sailing under Swiss flag. Not among the starters is Michael Kiss USA, usually sailing with Chris Rast SUI as tactician. A number of high-ranked sailors are among the participants such as the Laser 2008 Olympic Champion Paul Goodison GBR, the multiple Laser and Starboat European Champion Michael Hestbaek DEN, the double 470 Olympic Champion Malcom Page AUS or the past Soling World Champion Bill Hardesty USA. The title will most probably go to a USA or Italian team.
The official preview and the event website.
Tuesday, August 26, 2014   
The Semaine du Soir of the CN Founex has grown to a very popular public festival with not only 25% more participants racing, but also a final evening with over 2000 participants. The winners were: Classe Deriveur : Walter Max on his 'Max'; Grand Surprise : 'Flash' with Maurice Gay: not-measured : 'Bucephale' with Eric Lehmann; Surprise : 'R2CI service' with Ludovic Robert-Charue; TCF1 : the only 'Luthi F10' with Olivier Luthi; TCF2 : 'Aza' with Alain Hofer; TCF3 : 'Reddeck' with Milko Mantero; TCF4 : 'Sambucco2' with Guy Michaud and Oldtimers: 'Endrick de Benoit de Gorski'.
The ranking lists and the event website.
Tuesday, August 26, 2014   (Image © Simon Jenkins)
75 teams from 8 nations participated in the Dart-18 European Championship 2014 in England during the past week. With just a one point's advantage, the winners were Dan Norman/Jenni Donovan GBR ahead of Herve Le Maux/Abbey Jupp FRA, Silver, and Dave + Louise Roberts GBR Bronze. No Swiss starting.
The final rankings.
Tuesday, August 26, 2014   
The Semaine du Soir of the CN Pully (near Lausanne) ended last Friday after five regatta evenings during the past week.
The winners were in the Red Groupe 'S.A.S' of Philippe Gaillard (19 boats) and in the Green Groupe 'Beurre Noisette' of Simon Jonathan. The results and the club website.
Sailing Switzerland – Monday, August 25, 2014
Monday, August 25, 2014   
Over the last weekend, the Dolphin Class sailed a tune-up race off Lucerne in view of the Swiss Championship, beginning next Thursday at Brunnen/Lake Uri (hopefully). Four races were completed with Tom Studer CVN winning ahead of Rico Gregorini RCO and Alain Stettler RCO at equal points. 15 teams participated.
The ranking list.
Monday, August 25, 2014   
The overcast sky on the final day of the Fireball and Tempest Swiss Championships affected the thermal breeze, and both classes completed therefore only one race in a very light wind, without influence on the top ranks.
In the Fireballs, two Czech teams are on the ranks 1 and 2 with Milan Hajek/Michaela Preibsichova CZE as Swiss Champions and Peter Koran/Milan Kvasnik CZE as 2nd. Regula Baumgartner-Schärer/Stefan Schärer SUI/CVE finished 3rd in the 25 boats' fleet from 4 nations.
Superior Swiss Champions in the Tempests are Cornelia and Ruedi Christen SUI/TYC, 12 points ahead of Mario Suter/Andreas Hochuli SUI/SCH on rank 2. Reto Kunz/Bart Van Weesenbeek SUI/YCSe took Bronze. 19 teams from 4 nations participated.
The event website and a video summury of the local TV Tele1.
Monday, August 25, 2014   
Little wind on Lake Joux at the Dinghy and Catamaran Bol d'Or. The Foiler-Moths, superior winners in the last years, had even to renounce starting, as there was never enough wind to lift-off.
The Windy 'Duplessis' finished after 2 hours and 53 minutes as first centerboard dinghy with almost a half-hour lead, enough for the overall win in calculated time. The line honors went to the first catamaran, the Nacra 18 of Jutzi/Herzig, finishing the round-the-lake course after 2 hours 27 minutes. The M3 catamarans sailed in addition their 'Coupe M3', with Laurent Vez on his A-Cat as winner. The event website.
Monday, August 25, 2014   (Image © Nicolas Jutzi)
After two races sailed on Saturday in a light and shaky wind, a splendid sunny Sunday followed with a well-established 8-16 kn breeze allowing to complete another six heats. 'Gust' with Olivier Schenker SUI demonstrated once more their superiority in fresh winds and won ahead of 'Valruz Creation' with Claude Berger SUI and 'Genolier' with Michel Vaucher SUI.
The report with rankings.
Sailing Switzerland – Sunday, August 24, 2014
Sunday, August 24, 2014   (Image © Mark Sauvageot)
The U21 World Championships 2014 of the Olympic Laser Classes ended yesterday with a last race in the Douarnenez FRA Bay. Lorenzo Chiavarini GBR controlled Hermann Tomasgaard NOR, his last opponent in the Lasers Standard and sailed him down to the midfleet, securing the Gold medal with a 3 points advantage. Bronze went to Stefano Peschiera PER. Winner in the U19 ranking was Finn Lynch IRL, moving up on rank 4 in the last race. Nils Theuninck SUI finished the Worlds on rank 29 and 5th in the U19 classification.
Outstanding winner in the Lasers Radial was Agata Barwinska POL with a 33 points lead over Daphne Van der Vaart NED ! The Bronze medal went to Martina Reina ESP, at the same time winner of the U19-rankings.
All ranking lists and the event facebook pages.
Sunday, August 24, 2014   (Image © JOY)
The Melges 20 US Nationals ended yesterday with two races sailed in a 12-15 kn seabreeze. Cesar Gomes Neto/Andre Fonseca BRA are the Champions ahead of Drew Weirda/Scott Nixon USA. Michael Kiss USA with Chris Rast SUI as tactician had to content themselves with rank 6. The report and the final rankings.
Sunday, August 24, 2014   
The Maloja wind in the Engadine valley has taken a rest yesterday, and no racing was possible. The wind forecast for the final races today is not very promising either.
After 7 races sailed, Rok Verderber SLO leads ahead of Roko Mohr GER and Valentin Müller GER. The best Swiss Nicolas Rolaz SUI is only 4 points behind rank 2.
The ranking list and the event website.
Sunday, August 24, 2014   
Moderate winds of 14 to 18 kn created much action on the second day of the Extreme Sailing Series. Ten short races were sailed on the narrow, partly only 300 meter wide, race course.
'Alinghi' with Morgan Larson USA and Anna Tunnicliffe USA (read her - as alway - very explicit report) came back on top of the rankings ahead of 'The Wave - Muscat' with Leigh McMillan GBR on rank 2. 'BAR Racing' with Ben Ainslie GBR is down on rank 3. 'Realstone' with Jerôme Clerc SUI defended rank 5 in the 12 boats' fleet.
The report, the ranking list and the Videos.
Sunday, August 24, 2014   (Image © M2 Speed Tour)
A new event has been added to the M2-Catamaran Speedtour 2014, the Perroy Cup with a special format, i.e. short races and a speed contest. The good conditions allows to complete two races yesterday, both won by 'Gust' of Olivier Schenker. Bjorn Rizzi SUI and Claude Berger SUI follow on the ranks 2 and 3. Winner in the afternoon speed runs was 'Celsius Pro'. The event website.
Sailing Switzerland – Saturday, August 23, 2014
Saturday, August 23, 2014   (Image © Christophe Favreau)
The 5o5 World Championship 2014 ended yesterday in Kiel with a last race, sailed in a 20 kn breeze and won by Mike Holt/Rob Woelfel USA after a tight duel with Peter Nicholas/Luke Payne AUS. With this victory, the USA team defended the first place and earned the 5o5 World Champion's title in front of the Australian advancing on rank 2. Wolfgang Hunger/Julien Kleiner GER finished 3rd yesterday and take the Bronze medal. Caroline and Philippe Jacot SUI remained on rank 17 in the 153 boats' fleet.
The report and the final rankings.
Saturday, August 23, 2014   (Image © Marc Sauvageot)
The moderate conditions stayed on at the Laser U21 Worlds in Douarnenez FRA and the situation for the men's title remains open before the last two races today, while the women's title has already been decided.
Hermann Tomasgaard NOR and Lorenzo Chiavarini GBR lead in the Lasers Standard at equal points. Stefano Peschiera PER, 8 points behind, as well as Michele Benamati ITA, are also fighting for a medal. Joel Rodriguez ESP on the 5th place leads in the U19-classification. Nils Theuninck SUI, the only Swiss in the Goldfleet, is on position 31 and 4th of the U19-sailors.
The new Laser-Radial-U21-World Champion before the last two races already is Agata Barwinska POL. Her advance on Daphne Van der Vaart NED is 29 points. New on rank 3 is Martha Faraguna ITA. Marina Reino ESP on rank 5 leads in the U-19 classification ahead of Marie Barrué FRA on rank 10 as second-U19.
All ranking lists and the event facebook page.
Saturday, August 23, 2014   (Image © H.J. Weimer)
Again a splendig Maloja wind day yesterday and the Swiss Optimist Championship continued with 4 races. Winning three heats in his group, Rok Verderber SLO took the overall lead 10 points ahead of Roko Mohr GER and Valentin Müller GER at equal points on the ranks 2 and 3. The best Swiss Nicolas Rolaz SUI descended on rank 7, followed by the best girl Gaia Bergonzini ITA.
The ranking list and the short report.
Saturday, August 23, 2014   
No news this morning from Lake Uri, where the Tempests and Fireballs sail their Swiss Championships. Leaders after the first day with three races are Cornelia and Ruedi Christen TYC in the Tempests, and Regula Baumgartner/ ? CVE in the Fireballs.
The results and the event website.
Saturday, August 23, 2014   (Image © JOY)
Shifty light winds made sailing challenging at the Melges 20 US Nationals in Newport RI. Three races were sailed and finishing three times on rank 2, Cesar Gomes BRA and his team have taken the lead ahead of Drew Wierda USA. Michael Kiss USA (with Chris Rast SUI) advanced on rank 5 thanks to a race win.
The ranking list and the report of the day.
Sailing Switzerland – Friday, August 22, 2014
Friday, August 22, 2014   (Image © Christophe Favreau)
Moderate conditions prevailed yesterday with a 10-15 kn breeze, enhanced with rainy squalls. Two more races were sailed at the 5o5 Worlds, making the situation before the last race today very exciting, as the gaps between the boats have been reduced.
Mike Holt/Rob Woelfel USA lead 2 points ahead of Andy Smith/Tim Needham GBR and 5 points on Peter Nicholas/Luke Payne AUS, the winners of yesterday's first race. Still chances for a medal have Hunger/Kleiner GER, Pinnell/Shelton GBR and Böhm/Roos GER on the ranks 4 to 6. The best-ranked Swiss are now Caroline and Philipp Jacot SUI on rank 27. Ueli Marti/Res Schürch SUI follow as 32nd.
The ranking list and the event website with the video of the day.
Friday, August 22, 2014   (Image © DR)
Moderate 10 kn conditions prevailed also yesterday off Douarnenez at the French Atlantic Coast, and both classes sailed the planned two races each.
Agata Barwinska POL keeps the first place in the Lasers Radial extending her lead on Daphne Van der Vaart NED to 18 points. Martina Reina ESP was the best of the day and regained the 3rd place overall. She is also on top of the U19 Girls.
No changes on the podium in the Lasers Standard: Hermann Tomasgaard NOR leads with just one point ahead of Lorenzo Chiavarini GBR. Stefano Peschiera PER remains on the 3rd position. Joel Rodriguez ESP follows as best U19 sailor on rank 4 overall. Nils Theuninck SUI is now 31st.
All ranking lists and the event facebook page.
Friday, August 22, 2014   (Image © Onur Cam)
The Qualification Series at the Kiteboarding Course Race Worlds in Southern Turkey mostly sailed in light winds was concluded yesterday. The leaders so far, Florian Gruber GER and Ricardo Lecchese ITA, terminated the heats partly with mid-fleet ranks, leaving rank 1 to Oliver Bridge GBR 5 points ahead of Maxime Nocher FRA. No change in the women's fleet, where Steph Bridge GBR leads ahead of Erika Heineken USA. Astrid Berz SUI defended the 5th place. See the video summery covering the first three days of the event. The event website.
Friday, August 22, 2014   (Image © H.Weimer)
Surprisingly favorable Maloja wind conditions prevailed yesterday on Lake Silvaplana at ths Swiss Optimist Championship. Split in three groups, the 199 participants sailed 3 races. Nicoals Rolaz SUI/CNM succeeded to control the strong international competitors leading with a 3-points advance on Roko Mohr GER, at the same time best of the B-category (U11). Gaia Bergonzini ITA on position 3 is the best girl. Also among the top-10 are Morgan Lauber SUI/CNM and Joshua Richner SUI/SCM on the ranks 9 and 10.
The ranking list and the short report.
Friday, August 22, 2014   
Yesterday, the Fireball and Tempest had their first three Swiss Championship races off Brunnen, as part of the newly launched 'Windweek'. Cornelia and Ruedi Christen TYC won all races in the 19 boats' Tempest fleet and are - once more - the superior leaders. Regula Baumgartner/ ? SUI/CVE and Milan Hajek CZE jointly lead among the 26 Fireballs. The ranking lists.
Sailing Switzerland – Thursday, August 21, 2014
Thursday, August 21, 2014   (Image © DR)
Sailable 15-20 kn was the breeze on the Kiel Bay, but some rainy squalls above 25 kn brought again many of the 170 teams in difficulties. Finishing 6th and 1st, Mike Holt/Rob Woelfel USA are the new leaders ahead of Andy Smith/Tim Needham GBR. Stefan Böhm/Gerald Roos GER follow on rank 3. Best of the day (ranks 3/3) were the defending champions Hunger/Kleiner GER, advancing on rank 4 overall. Ueli Marti/Res Schürch SUI, the best Swiss, follow on rank 29 just in front of Cedric Bart/René Betschen SUI.
The ranking list, the report of the day and the video of the day. Today's races can again be followed live on the Internet.
Thursday, August 21, 2014   (Image © DR)
After some waiting, the breeze filled in and each fleet sailed two races in an 8 kn wind during the afternoon. Yesterday's results allowed to discard the worst race and some modifications in the rankings occurred.
Hermann Tomasgaard NOR - best of the day with the ranks 1 and 2 in his group - took the lead in the Lasers Standard ahead of Lorenzo Chiavarini GBR at equal points. Stefano Peschiera PER remains on 3rd. Joel Rodriguez ESP, best U19 helmsman, follows on the 5th place. Nils Theuninck SUI progressed on the 29th position and is 5th in the U19 classification.
Agata Barwinska POL, ranks 1 and 3, was the best yesterday too in the Lasers Radial and extended her lead on Daphne Van der Vaart NED to 12 points. Ecem Güsel TUR new on 3rd is already 30 points back. Martina Reino ESP, best U19 helmswoman is on the 4th place.
All ranking lists and the event facebook page.
Thursday, August 21, 2014   (Image © Onur Cam)
The Kiteboarding Course Race Worlds continued yesterday with 4 races sailed in a somewhat lighter breeze as on day one. The Bridge-Family ruled the show with Steph Bridge GBR keeping her first place in the women's ahead in the of the defending champion Erika Heineken USA by a small margin, and her son Olver Bridge GBR, age 17, taking the lead in front of defending champion Florian Gruber GER at equal points. Ricardo Leccchese ITA remained on rank 3. Astrid Berz SUI, the only Swiss athlete present, moved up on rank 5 in the women's category.
All ranking lists and the daily report.
Thursday, August 21, 2014   (Image © DR)
The Optimist Swiss Championship 2014 will start racing today, provided the wind conditions are satisfactory inspite of the bad weather killing the thermal breeze. Among the 205 participants from 14 nations are sailors from the Bermudas and India. The event website.
Thursday, August 21, 2014   
The Optimist Team Racing European Championship 2014 began yesterday on Lake Ledre above Lake Garda after some waiting. 8 flights (4 races by team) were sailed by the 16 national representatives split in two groups. Leading after day one with a 4-0 w/l score are France and Turkey. Poland and the defending champion Spain follow with a 3-1 w/l score. No Swiss this time, as they are sailing their National Championship during these days.
The results and the report.
Thursday, August 21, 2014   (Image © Marek Wilku Wilczeck)
And another Youth Championship ......... Initiated by EUROSAF, the European Continental Federation, the inaugural European Youth Sailing Championship began yesterday in Poland with excellent sailing conditions, i.e. sun and a 14 kn breeze. All classes sailed two races.
Leaders in the 420 Girls are Laura Izzo Maria/Giovanna Lanzillo ITA, followed by Leonie Eichhorst/Tatjana Hoesch GER. Italian is the first place in the 420 Boys as well with Matteo Pincherle/Ludovico Basharzad ITA.
First in the Lasers Radial are Sebastian Kalafarski POL with the Boys and Hannah Andersohn GER with the Girls.
Emma Wilson GBR and Radoslav Furmanski POL are on top of the RS:X windsurfers, in the 29er, Daniel Blight/Rowan Edwards GBR are first.
No Swiss participates.
With 10-15 starter by class, the fleets are disappointingly small. Isn't the number of Championships an overkill ! All ranking lists and the daily report.