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Sailing Switzerland

Sailing Switzerland – Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Wednesday, April 23, 2014   
The results of the 5o5er-Europacups, ending on Monday in St-Raphael, have been posted meanwhile. Wolfgang Hunger/Holger Jess won 5 of the 7 races sailed and are the stellar winners. With a good final day, Caroline and Philippe Jacot SUI moved up on the excellent 2nd rank. Jan-Philipp Hofman/Jan Brocherhof GER finished 3rd. The final rankingis.
Sailing Switzerland – Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Tuesday, April 22, 2014   
Only the Nacra 17 with Matias Bühler/Nathalie Brugger SUI have been shining on the first day of the Hyères Worldcup. Finishing 2/3/10, they are on the 7th interims' rank. A rather difficult kickoff had Yannick Brauchli/Romuald Hausser SUI in the 470 men, where they occupy the 28th place. The 470 women of Linda Fahrni/Maja Siegenthaler SUI had good first upwinds, but lost during the races. They are on position 37 for the moment. Similar was the performance of Mateo Sanz-Lanz SUI as 28th in the RS:X-men-windsurfers. The youth sailors Elia and Matteo Colombo SUI, for the first time in a Worldcup regatta, follow on the ranks 67 and 88. The two Swiss Lasers are in the second half of the fleet: Guillaume Girod SUI is 89th, Benoît Lagneux SUI folgt 118th. The 49erFX-team of Fiona Testuz/Livia Naef SUI is on rank 31 after three races.
Tuesday, April 22, 2014   
The International Optimist Spring Cup, one of two World-/European Championship selection event of the Swiss Optimist Class, began yesterday in Cannes. Three races were sailed. Thomas Tristan FRA leads in the D1 group of the best sailors with two race wins, one point ahead of Tom Marsan FRA. Third, with a race win in his group as well, follows the best Swiss Nicolas Rolaz SUI 2 points behind. Joshua Richner SUI 13th, Livio Erni SUI 21st, Morgan Lauber SUI 26th and Nick Zeltner 30th are well placed for a National Team selection. 151 Optimists sail in the top D1 group.
Swiss are racing also in the younger Benjamins' (age 8-11) category, where Martin Verhulst SUI is 8th. Jules Renaudeau FRA is on the first place. All other ranking lists are on the event-website.
Tuesday, April 22, 2014   
The 29er Eurocup at Cavalaire FRA (between St-Tropez and Hyères) ended yesterday with three races. Peter Janezic/Anze Podlogar SLO were the winners with a 55 (!) points advantage after 14 races, ahead of Juuso Roihu/Henri Roihu EST and Cas Van Dongen/Daniel Bramervaer NED. Romain Defferard/Théo Meier SUI finished on the remarkable rank 25 in their first international regatta, even racing with the best in very light airs. It's up to the Swiss Sailing selection board now, whether they will qualify for the ISAF-Youth Sailing World Championship. The final rankings.
Tuesday, April 22, 2014   (Image © Ouest France)
The Spi Ouest in La Trinité ended yesterday with a light-wind race. Winners in the Grand Surprise is C.Montoriol FRA and his team. HEC Lausanne remained on rank 6. Leader change in the M34 where Daniel Souben FRA, 'Courrier Dunkerque' FRA, replaced the previous first 'Groupama' of Fabien Henry FRA by one point. 'Ville de Genève' with Nicolas Groux SUI finished the race on the 6th place. Nicolas Berenger FRA won also the last race and clearly dominated the Longtzes. Caro Billing SUI and her team finished 11th. In the largest fleet, the J/80s, the 49er Olympian Morgan Lagravière FRA moved up on rank 1 on the last race day. All ranking lists and the event-website.
Sailing Switzerland – Monday, April 21, 2014
Monday, April 21, 2014   
Today begins the 5th and last ISAF 2013/14 Worldcup Event on the Bay of Hyères FRA. With over 780 boats and over 1100 sailors from 60 nations, this is the worldwide best attended sailing competition of the year ..... they are all here, the World Champions, Olympic medalists and the Worldcup leaders. Light to moderate Easterly winds will prevail for the Qualifications Series today and tomorrow, while by the end of the week, an up to 30 kn breeze will set the stage for a fast and furious events' final. Switzerland participates this time with 13 boats with above all the 470 men Yannick Brauchli/Romuald Hausser SUI, the Nacra-17-catamaran Matias Bühler/Nathalie Brugger SUI, the neo-Swiss windsurfer Mateo Sanz-Lanz SUI and the women 470 Linda Fahrni/Maja Siegenthaler SUI as candidates for top results, perhaps even the qualification for the Medal Races of the final day. The official preview. Racing can be followed on Twitter and as from 10 hrs UTC live on the Internet.
Monday, April 21, 2014   (Image © Elena Giolai)
Local sailors from Lake Garda were the winners of the 2014 Optimist Meeting at Riva ITA ending yesterday. The first of the two races in the morning was sailed in a rather unconstant wind but the final heat in the afternoon was completed in a perfect Ora breeze. Davide Ducchi ITA flopped in the first Juniores race (rank 73) but winning the last heat, he remained on top of the rankings six points ahead of Lucas Bergström SWE on 2nd. Daniil Krutskikh RUS was 3rd. Zoya Novikova RUS on rank 23 was the best girl. The Goldfleet ranking list. Sailing in the Silverfleet, Till Seger SUI finished on rank 98 (=223 overall) as best Swiss, Maud Schmid SUI followed on rank 123 (=248 overall).
In the younger Cadetti, the tiebread went in favor of Francesco Novelli ITA thanks to better individual race results ahead of Felix Neszvescko GER. Third and the best girl was Gaja Pela ITA. Maxim Dneprov SUI, the best Swiss, followed on position 26.The rsults of the Cadetti.
All other ranking lists and the final report (in Italian).
Monday, April 21, 2014   (Image © fotozambra)
Turbulant weather on day three of the Lugano Laser Europacup as well. The normal thermal wind seemed to take over in the morning and the three fleets completed a race on Lake Lugano. But an upcoming rain front from the East caused a 90° windshift and a second race was started with good hopes to continue the competition. However, shortly after the start of race 2, the wind slackened and only the Standards and Radial succeeded to make the finish line.
The Laser 4.7 rankings after the Sunday race had Guillaume Rol SUI on top thanks to a 2nd race rank. The best girl Asya Luvisetto SUI advanced on rank 2. Alexis Mégevand SUI and Damian Suri SUI on the position 3 and 4 confirmed the strong Swiss performance. New on top of the Lasers Radial was John Booth GBR, the only one with all single-digit results so far. Guglielmo Bonfili ITA on rank 2 is already 11 points back. The best girl Anna Liebmann GER follows as 3rd. Thanks to a 2nd race rank, Andrea Nordquist SUI is now as best Swiss on the 7th place. In the Lasers Standard, Marco Ponti ITA defended his lead just one point ahead of the tied Robert Rönnback FIN and Doré de Morsier SUI. The Olympian Christoph Bottoni SUI - ranks one and 14 yesterday - follows on the 4th place. The ranking list.
Monday, April 21, 2014   
Five races in moderate winds were sailed yesterday off Cavalaire FRA. The updated ranking list after 11 heats has now been published. Janezic/Podlogar SLO, winners of the Riva ITA Eurocup a week ago, are again the clear leaders with a huge 36 points' advantage. Lindermann/Schaeper GER follow on rank 2, Van Dongen/Bramervaer NED advanced on rank 3. A major jump forward came from Romain Defferard/Théo Meier SUI, advancing on rank 17 thanks to a 2nd race rank, and on a good path to qualify for the ISAF Youth Sailing Worlds in the last races today. The ranking list.
Monday, April 21, 2014   (Image © Vincent Mouchel)
Three races were sailed at the Spi Ouest in moderate conditions. Leader after seven races in the Grand Surprise ist R.Jehanno FRA. Thanks to the discard result, as well as good races finishes (2/4), the team of HEC Lausanne with J. Simon SUI advanced on rank 5. Dominating the M34 is still Fabien Henry FRA on 'Groupama', but Daniel Souben FRA on 'Courrier Dunkerque' slightly reduced the gap to the leaders thanks to two race wins. 'Ville de Genève' with Nicolas Groux SUI remained on rank 6. In the Longtzes, Nicolas Berenger FRA extended his lead. Caro Billing SUI follows on rank 11. Sylvain Pellessier FRA is the new leader in the J/80, the largest fleet with 89 units. All ranking lists and the event-website.
Monday, April 21, 2014   
The breeze on the Bay of Almanerre FRA filled in late in the afternoon to allow to complete a final heat in an easterly breeze with flat water. Marco Lange AUT added another race win and was the stellar winner overall ahead of Daniel Aeberli SUI and Richard Stauffacher SUI. 64 windsurfers from 5 nations participated in this traditional season opening event, the majority coming from Switzerland. The ranking list and the illustrated short report.
Sailing Switzerland – Sunday, April 20, 2014
Sunday, April 20, 2014   (Image © Elena Giolai)
The wind situation on Lake Garda stabilised yesterday and racing took place according to program with three races for the Juniores and two for the Cadetti. The crucial day is today in the two heats of the Goldfleets.
The local Davide Duchi ITA has taken the lead in the Juniores on his home waters. Lennart Kuss GER follows 4 points back on rank 2, Luca Valentino ITA and Salvo Sciuto ITA share rank 3. The best girl Filippa Johr SWE is on the 17th place. Till Seger SUI, the best Swiss, advanced on rank 192 and continues racing today in the Silverfleet.
In the younger Cadetti, Arikan Okyanus TUR, Dmitry Golkov RUS and Francesco Novelli ITA are on top at equal points. Only one point behind follow Rodion Provin RUS and the best girl Gaja Pela ITA fighting for the overall victory today. Maxim Dneprov SUI follows as best Swiss on rank 41.
The event-website.
Sunday, April 20, 2014   
The 29er Eurocup began at Cavalaire, French Mediterrean Coast, 20 km East of Hyères, on Friday with three races. Apparently, there was no racing yesterday. Brice Yrieix/Loïc Fischer FRA lead the rankings after 3 heats with a 5 points' adavantage on Jost Lindermann/Lukas Schaeper GER and Peter Janezic/Anze Podlogar SLO. Romain Defferard/Théo Meier SUI, best Swiss team, are on the 37 place among the 70 teams. The ranking list.
Sunday, April 20, 2014   (Image © Ouest France)
Racing at the Spi Ouest continued yesterday with 1-2 heats in each of the 16 classes. In the M34, 'Groupama' with Fabien Henry FRA stays on top. Thanks to a race win, 'Ville de Genève' with Nicolas Groux SUI moved up on rank 6. On top of the Grand Surprise is Eric Baillet FRA. Manuel Stern SUI and his team advanced on the 9th place with a 4th race rank, while the HEC Lausanne team with J.Simon dropped on position 25 after another premature start. The favorite Nicolas Berenger FRA took the lead in the Longtzes. Caro Billing SUI progressed on rank 10. Hervé Le Duc FRA is first in the J/80. All ranking lists, the video of the day and the event-website.
Sunday, April 20, 2014   
Unfriendly weather yesterday over Lake Thoune again, and only a passing big rain cloud brought at least a wind puff allowing to sail one shortened race. Overall winners in the 5.5m were Burger/Kindlimann/Von Werth TYC, the best Dragon sailor was Norbert Stadler SGYC with his team, followed by the tied Hans-Dieter Lang GER and Stefan Bleich GER. Kurt and Markus Scheidegger TYC were the winners in the Starboats.
Sailing Switzerland – Saturday, April 19, 2014
Saturday, April 19, 2014   (Image © Elena Giolai)
After a normal Lake Garda day during the first races on Thursday with a good Ora, the wind did barely fill in yesterday. Only the elder Juniores succeeded to complete at least one race. The new leader thanks to the discarded result is Yasar Rasim TUR, winning the race of his group. Davide Duchi ITA, Lennart Kuss GER and Luca Valentino ITA follow one point behind. The best girl is Arianna Passamonti ITA on rank 15. The Swiss have lost some places and the best-ranked Till Seger SUI is now on rank 228 among the 623 participants. No race and therefore no changes in the rankings of the youngerCadetti with Francesco Novelli ITA on rank 1. The event-website.
Saturday, April 19, 2014   (Image © Juerg Kaufmann)
The 148 participants in the Lugano Laser Europacup Regatta had to wait a longtime for wind yesterday. Only late in the afternoon, a light breeze filled in on Lake Lugano, and the Lasers Standard succeeded to complete a full race. The course of the Radials and the 4.7s had to be shortened. Leader in the largest fleet with 59 boats, the Laser 4.7, Giulia Servida is first ahead of Guillaume Rol SUI and Asya Luvisetto SUI. Elisabeth Küster ITA is on rank one of the Radials ahead of Anna Liebmann ITA and Rokas Rutgalvis LTU. Silvan Bohren SUI on rank 6 is the best Swiss. Race winner in the Lasers Standard was Marco Ponti ITA in front of Christoph Bottoni SUI at his comeback on his home waters after a two years' break. All ranking lists.
Saturday, April 19, 2014   (Image © Ouest France)
Good conditions prevailed on the first day of the Spi Ouest with a 10-12 kn breeze and all classes completed 3-4 races. The HEC Lausanne team with J. Simon SUI was impressive in the Grand-Surprise's: ranks 1/1/2 was rank 14 at the end of the day, as the first bullet was a premature start. Here their report. Clear leaders are Eric Baillet FRA and his team. Fabien Henry FRA mit 'Groupama' has taken the lead in the M34 with 3 wins in 4 heats. 'Courrier Dunkerque' with Daniel Souben FRA and 'Oman Sail' with Sydney Gavignet FRA follow on the positions 2 and 3. 'Ville de Genève' advanced on the 6th place.On top of the Longtzes are L. Berjon FRA and his team, as the favorite Nicolas Bérenger FRA has an early start in his results. Caro Billing SUI follows on rank 12. Leader in the largest fleet, the J/80 with 89 participants, is Gael Jaffrezic FRA. All ranking lists and the event-website.
Saturday, April 19, 2014   
The Swiss windsurfers opened the 2014 season traditionally with the California-Cup in Hyères. In moderate conditions around 12 kn, two slalom heats were completed, both won by Marco Lang AUT ahead of Daniel Aeberli SUI twice on 2nd. The double Olympian Richard Stauffacher SUI follows on rank 6. 61 drivers from 5 nations participate. The ranking list.
Saturday, April 19, 2014   
Wet-cold weather on Lake Thoune and only late in the afternoon - around 17 hrs - one light-wind race could be sailed. Winners were in the 5.5 m Bernard Haissly SNG, in the Starboats Kulpe/Roeseler YCSe and in the Dragons Lang/Wullman/Lang GER. The ranking lists have not yet been posted on the TYC-website this morning.