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Sailing Switzerland

Sailing Switzerland – Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Tuesday, October 21, 2014   
The Optimist World Championship 2015 in Argentina began yesterday with the measurement controls, and today, the Practice Race is on the program. 261 participants from 51 nations are present, and the key favorites are this year again the Singapore sailors.
The Swiss Team consists of Florian Geissbühler SCM, Nicolas Rolaz CNM, Nick Zeltner RCO, Joshua Richner SCM and Livio Erni SCC, and has been at San Isidro since last Thursday. Here their daily weblog.
The event website.
Tuesday, October 21, 2014   (Image © Icarus Media)
The Student Yachting World Cup at La Rochelle continued yesterday with 4 short races and coastal race, sailed in a light wind. England with Annabel Vose GBR defended the lead but less dominantly as the day before. The advantage is still 18 points. New on rank 2 is Italy with Luca Nassini ITA, while Ireland with Philip Doran IRL is still on 3rd. Thanks to a race win, the Swiss Team of the EPF Lausanne progressed on rank 5.
The event facebook page.
Tuesday, October 21, 2014   (Image © Kurt Arrigo)
Lull conditions prevailed also yesterday at the Middlesea Race, and the bulk of the fleet still trailed North of Sicily at a 1 kn speed. Only the three Maxis on top of the fleet made some progress. 'Esimit Europa II' with Jochen Schümann GER, followed closely by 'Ran', rounded the Pantelleria Island, the second-last waypoint before the finish, this morning. 'Shockwave' has lost some miles, but is still in the race for the line honours.
The three Swiss keep their places in the first half of the fleet. 'Kajsa III' with Rolf Auf der Mauer SUI, 'Kuka-Light' with Marco Niggeler SUI and 'Gordons' with Jürg König SUI will probably round the waypoint Favignana today. The expected time of arrival of the leading boats is Wednesday morning, provided the announced fresh West wind will fill in.
The race viewer and the reports.
Sailing Switzerland – Monday, October 20, 2014
Monday, October 20, 2014   (Image © Matt Knighton/Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing/Volvo Ocean Race )
The trade winds South of the Cape Verde Islands are relatively light with 10-15 kn, but nevertheless, the fleet advances at speed around 10-12 kn and will soon reach the innertropical convergence zone with its unpredictable thunderstorms and lulls.
The still leading Chinese 'Dongfeng' with Charles Caudrelier FRA and the closest chasers 'Mapfre with Iker Martinez ESP and 'Team Vestas Wind' with Chris Nicholson AUS passed the islands on the East, while 'Brunel' with Bouwe Bekking BED, 'Abu Dhabi' with Ian Walker GBR, 'Alvimedica' with Charlie Enright USA and 'SCA' with Samantha Davies GBR went West. This will most probably pay off today as the the fresher breeze allows a 2 kn faster speed. 'SCA' with Samantha Davis GBR and Justine Mettraux SUI, having lost much ground after being tied in a fishing net, has reduced the backlog on the leader to 61 miles. Here the video. The race viewer, the video of the day and the event website.
Monday, October 20, 2014   (Image © Icarus Media)
The Student Yachting World Cup at La Rochelle FRA, sailed on Grand Surprises, has been running since Friday. Eight races were completed so far in light winds.
First in the interim's rankings is the English Teams with Annabel Vose GBR steering with six race wins. Ireland with Philip Doran IRL and Italy with Luca Nassini ITA are on the ranks 2 and 3. Switzerland, represented once more by the EPF Lausanne Sailing Team with Irène Pla SUI steering follows on rank 6 among the 12 teams.
The ranking list and the event facebook page.
Monday, October 20, 2014   
After a windless Saturday on Lake Neuchâtel, all classes sailed three light-wind races on Sunday.
In the Dolphins, Rico Gregorini RCO was the clear winner with three bullets, ahead of Lorenz Müller YCB and Tom Studer CVN. In the Fireballs, Liechti/Ernst were first in front of Härdi/Kohler and Giovanoli/Giovanoli SCStä. Unfortunately, the results of the ofther classes have not yet been posted on the event website, but a news text is available.
Monday, October 20, 2014   (Image © Lars Wehrmann)
The inaugural Champions' League Regatta in Copenhagen DEN, an annual final series attended by Club Champions (or the best-qualified Club) of European national sailing federations, ended yesterday in pouring rain but with a well-established breeze.
With an impressive performance on the final day, the first European Champion of Club Champions is the Kongelig Dansk YC with the double Olympian Michael Hestbaek DEN, who compensated the 10 points' deficit on the previous leader Circolo Canottieri Ansiene ITA with Lorenzo Bressani and advanced on the first place with a 0,5 points advantage on the Italian team. 'Oman Sail' with Phil Robertson NZL follows on 3rd. The Swiss representative 'Thunersee YC' with Flavio Marazzi, Linda Fahrni, Maja Siegenthaler and Patrick Zaugg SUI finished 14th among the 23 teams.
The ranking list, the official report and the report of the Swiss team.
Monday, October 20, 2014   (Image © Rolex / Kurt Arrigo)
Light to very light winds dominate this year'd Middlesea Race. The leading 'Esimit Europa II' with Jochen Schümann GER rounded the Stromboli island yesterday afternoon, but did not move on much farther. This morning, the 100-foot Maxi trailed with a speed of 0,8 kn North of Sicily. The two immediate pursuers, the 70-footers 'Ran' and 'Shockwave', reduced their backlogs on the leader on a more southern course. The three Swiss boats passed Stromboli also with Rolf Auf der Mauer SUI on his 'Kajsa III' as best-ranked in the interim's rankings in calculated time on the 22nd place.
The race viewer and the reports.
Monday, October 20, 2014   
Very light winds at the Starboat regatta on Lake Hallwil allowed to complete two races on Saturday. On Sunday, the breeze never filled in sufficiently.
Winner after two heats were the locals Beat Hunziker/Vincent Nagelisen SCH ahead of Christoph + Stefano Gautschi YCB and Jürg Rudolf/Emanuel Marinello ASC. The ranking list (PDF).
Monday, October 20, 2014   
Bad luck with the wind for the 28 Moths ready for the Swiss Championship on 'Petit Lake Geneva'. Never enough wind from Friday till Sunday to complete a race ! The wind on Friday allowed at least to do some Speed Contest runs in a 8-10 kn breeze. Patrick Jan with his Foiler Kiteboard clocking a 16.667 kn speed was the fastest closely followed by Jean-Pierre de Siebenthal-Ziegert with 16,477 kn on his Foiler Moth.
The ranking list and the event facebook page.
Sailing Switzerland – Sunday, October 19, 2014
Sunday, October 19, 2014   (Image © Corinna Halloran/Team SCA/Volvo Ocean Race)
The fleet advanced rapidly in the freshening trade winds, and the leading Chinese 'Dongfeng' with Charles Caudrelier FRA took the most out of it. This morning, her advantage over the 2nd ranked 'Abu Dhabi' with Ian Walker GBR, closely followed by 'Vestas Wind' with Chris Nicholson NZL, was already 32 miles. The all-female team 'SCA' with Samantha Davis GBR and Justine Mettraux SUI on the last place was already 91 miles behind. Why the women lost so much cannot be found out in the complicated event website.
The race-viewer, the onboard report of the leading teams and the event website ... but apparently, there are no updates posted over the weekend.
Sunday, October 19, 2014   (Image © Rolex / Kurt Arrigo)
A record-size 122 boats' fleet from 24 nations started yesterday out of the La Valetta Harbour to the Middlesea Race 2014. The 608 miles classic regatta leads from Malta thru the Messina Strait around the volcanic island Stromboli, along the Sicilian West coast, around the islands Pantelleria and Lampedusa back to La Valetta on Malta. The only Super-Maxi 'Esimit Europa II' with Jochen Schümann GER will most probably take the line honours this year as well. This morning, in the approach to the Messina Strait, 'Esimit' had a clear lead already. Three Swiss teams are among the participants in remarkable positions in calculated time. Franco Niggeler SUI with his 40 foot yacht 'Kuka Light' is on the 7th place, Rolf Auf der Maur SUI with his 'Kajsa III' is 27th, and Jürg König/Blumi Scherrer SUI on 'Gordons' are 32th.
The positions at the first way point, the race viewer and the reports.
Sunday, October 19, 2014   
The Champions' League Regatta – kind of European Championship of Sailing Clubs – continued in Copenhagen DEN yesterday with 21 races sailed in light winds. With a row of 1st and 2nd ranks, Lorenzo Bressani ITA skipper of the 'Circolo Canottieri Aniene' ITA has built up a solid 9,33 points' lead before the crucial last races today. Phil Robertson NZL, helmsman of 'Team Oman' follows on rank 2, the local matador Michael Hestbaek DEN from the 'Koneglig Dansk YC' and Carsten Kemmling GER ('Norddeutscher Regatta-Verein') follow closely behind at equal points. Less successful was the team of the ‚Thunersee Yacht-Club' with Flavio Marazzi SUI, dropping on rank 11 among the 23 teams.
The ranking list,the official report and the report of the Swiss team. Racing can be followed live on the Internet as from noon.
Sunday, October 19, 2014   (Image © SN St Tropez)
Light winds prevailed yesterday off St-Tropez during the final race where the leading duo were controlling each other and finished midfleet, i.e. their discard result. Thanks to the superior number of race wins, Giuseppe Duca ITA won the Trophy ahead of Gavia Wilkonson-Cox GBR at equal points. Marc Bouet FRA followed on the 3rd place. The three teams sailing under Swiss flag finished 11th (Dirk Oldenburg GER), 21st (Yves Gaussen SUI) and 30th (Liz Wedekind SUI).
The ranking list and the event facebook page
Sunday, October 19, 2014   (Image © MaxComm Communication/SYZ & CO Speed Week)
No news from the Moth Swiss Championship or other competitions at the Sail-Speed-Record event this morning, ... not on the event facebook page and not on the Club website or the Moth class website. Considering the wind forecast, we suppose that there were no sailing activities due to lack of wind.
Sailing Switzerland – Saturday, October 18, 2014
Saturday, October 18, 2014   (Image © Matt Knighton/Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing/Volvo Ocean Race)
The seven teams have reached the trade winds after one week's sailing and sail at average speeds around 20 kn southwards. Today, they will pass the Cape Verde Islands, and soon after, the innertropical convergence zone, the Doldrums, will start to complicate strategies and tactics with its unpredictable thunderstorm and lull patches.
'Abu Dhabi' with Ian Walker GBR is back on top of the fleet with a 3 miles' advance on the Chinese 'Dongfeng' with Charles Caudrelier FRA. The fleet is still pretty close together except the all-female Team 'SCA' with Samantha Davis GBR , having lost considerable mileage yesterday and is 58 miles behind the leader this morning.
The race viewer, the onboard reports, the videos and the event website.
Saturday, October 18, 2014   
'Only' 8-10 kn was the wind on the opening day of the Geneva Speed Contest, but the fastest speeds were astonishingly high. Patrick Jan SUI with his foiler-kiteboard was the fastest with 16,667 kn, closely followed by Jean-Pierre de Siebenthal-Ziegert, best of the Moths, with 16,477 kn. The Moth Class begins with the 2014 Swiss Championship today.
The speed rankings and the event facebook page.
Saturday, October 18, 2014   (Image © Lars Wehrmann)
Yesterday was day one of the inaugural Sailing Champions League 2014 Regatta in Copenhagen DEN, with teams from European top clubs competing on J/70s in a stadium-type racing close to the harbour shore. L
Leader after day one is 'Oman Sail' with Robert Greenhalgh ahead of the 'Kongelig Dansk Yachtclub' with Michael Heastback and the 'Circolo Canottieri Aniene' with Lorenzo Bressani ITA. Well performing was the team of the 'Thunersee YC' with Flavio Marazzi/Linda Fahrni/Maja Siegenthaler and Patrick Zaugg SUI on rank 6 among the 23 teams, just behind the 'Norddeutsche Regatta Verein' (Carsten Kemmling GER). Here their report.
The ranking list. Racing can be followed live on the Internet this afternoon.
Sailing Switzerland – Friday, October 17, 2014
Friday, October 17, 2014   (Image © Corinna Halloran/Team SCA/Volvo Ocean Race)
After passing the Canary Islands near the Moroccan Coast, the 7 yacht fleet has now reach the first trade-winds with the leading boats touching the breeze as first stretching the gaps between the boats. The Chinese 'Dongfeng' with Charles Caudrelier FRA extended her lead on over 10 miles. 'Abu Dhabi' with Ian Walker GBR and 'Mapfre' with Iker Martinez ESP follow behind. The all-female Team 'SCA' with Samantha Davies GBR and Justine Mettraux SUI dropped on the last place with a backlog of 26 miles this morning.
The race-viewer, the report of the teams and the videos.
Sailing Switzerland – Thursday, October 16, 2014
Thursday, October 16, 2014   
Light winds prevailed yesterday and the fleet is now about to pass the Canary Islands in an Easterly breeze. The leading 'Abu Dhabi' with Ian Walker GBR is only 6 miles ahead of the last-ranked 'Mapfre' with Iker Martinez ESP. Still among the leading yachts is the all-female Team 'SCA' with Samantha Davis GBR and Justine Mettraux SUI on the 3rd place 2,4 miles back.
The race viewer, the report, the daily reports of the teams and the first video of the week.
Thursday, October 16, 2014   (Image © Robert Hajduk / AWMRT)
Winning Chicago and Lelystad NED move the defending World Champion Taylor Canfield ISV on top of the latest ISAF Match Racing World Open Rankings of October., ahead of Ian Williams GBR and Mathieu Richard FRA. The intensive racing in the last weeks with the victory in Geneva was paying for Eric Monnin SUI who is now on rank 6, his best ever ranking.
No changes happened in the women's World Rankings. Camilla Ulrikkeholm DEN remains on top ahead of Anna Kjellberg SWE and Stephanie Roble USA.
All ISAF World Ranking Lists.
Thursday, October 16, 2014   (Image © SN St Tropez)
The 'Dragon St-Tropez' is the first of a series or regattas organised by the still much appreciated former Olympic keelboat class on the Mediterranean during winter time with an event almost every second weekend in the hopefully always shining sun on the Côte d'Azur. Light winds and sun cared for Indian summer conditions yesterday, and two races were completed.
Ron James GBR took the leas with the ranks 2 and 7, one point ahead of the tied Gavia Wilkinson-Cox (the IYRU Executive Secretary of the 80ies), Alar Volmar EST and Marc Bouet FRA. Dirk Oldenburg SUI is as best of the 3 Swiss on rank 11. 30 teams from 12 nations and 3 continents participate.
The ranking list and the event website.
Sailing Switzerland – Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Wednesday, October 15, 2014   (Image © ISAF)
The Qingdao Worldcup began yesterday in an 8 kn breeze. Lasers and 470s sailed two, the RS:X windsurfers three races. Gusts and a strong current made the competition quite challenging. Tonci Stipanovic CRO mastered the conditions flawlessly and won both heats in the Lasers Standard. His training's partner Pavlos Kontides CYP was twice on rank 2. The Worldcup leader Tom Burton AUS however is already in difficulties with the day ranks 10 and 20, leaving him on rank 14 overall. First in the small Laser Radial fleet is the previous year's winner Dongshuang Zhang CHN. Sara Winter NZL follows on rank 2.
In the 470 men, Mantis/Kagialis GRE succeeded to keep control over the strong Chinese teams on the ranks 2 to 4. The Swiss teams on the entry list did not compete. In the 470 women, the leaders are Mengxi Wei/Yani Xu CHN ahead of Ai Kondo/Miho Yoshioka JPN, the only non-Chinese team in the fleet.
A big fleet but not many international athletes compete in the windsurfing races. In the RS:X men, first is the only European competitor Byron Kokkalanis GRE, closely followed by Qi Xue CHN. On top of the 30 RS:X womenh/URL] are at equal points Yunxiu Lu CHN and Olga Maslivets RUS, the only non-Chinese in the fleet.
All [url=wxw.sailing.org/worldcup/results/index.php?view=schedule&rgtaid=17541®attaid=17541#results__17541]ranking lists
and the report.
Sailing Switzerland – Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Tuesday, October 14, 2014   (Image © Dongfeng)
A few hours after passing the Strait of Gibraltar, a depression over the North Atlantic brought Westerly winds and the fleet still very close together is now reaching down South. New on the first place is 'Abu Dhabi' with Ian Walker GBR, followed 0,5 miles back by 'Mapfre' with Iker Martinez ESP. 'Team SCA' with Samantha Davies GBR and Justine Mettraux SUI is on the 3rd place 1,4 miles behind.
The race viewer and the reports of the teams.
Tuesday, October 14, 2014   
The Italian Lasers sailed their National Championship on Lake Garda over the past weekend. Light and unconstant winds prevailed in rainy weather, but nevertheless, 7 races by class could be completed.
Superior winner in the Lasers Standard was Robert Scheidt BRA, followed by Francesco Marrai ITA and Alessio Spadoni ITA. Guillaume Girod SUI finished 15th among the 48 participants from 9 nations.
A Scheidt victory also in the Lasers Radial: Gintare Scheidt-Volungeviciute LTU, Olympic Silver medalist 2008, dominated with 3 race wins and clearly won ahead of Silvia Zennaro ITA and Joyce Floridia ITA.
The event website with all ranking lists.
Tuesday, October 14, 2014   
Last Saturday, the Luderitz Speed Week 2014 in Namibia was kicked-off. As in the previous years, this is the reunion of the fastest Kiteboarders and Windsurfers trying to establish personal, national and World records on the specially prepared race channel pushed by an optimal wind.
Already on the first three days, a number national records were beaten. The fastest windsurfer was Patrick Diethelm SUI/ITA setting the new national record on 51,09 kn. Franz Grabner AUT improved the Austrian record on 47,22 kn. Among the 48 participants are tthe Swiss windsurfers Patrick and Remo Diethelm SUI.
The event website with the reports of the first three days as well as the video of the 2nd day.
Tuesday, October 14, 2014   
Last Sunday, the CV Vidy organised the traditional Season Closing Regatta. 15 boats, split in two categories, participated.
Winner in Group A (5 participants) was Pierre Fayet CVV on 'Zeintude'. In Group B (10 participants), Jonathan Girardin CVL was first on his Surprise 'Cust 2'. Alain Hostettler CVL and Sarah Henry CVL completed the podium.
The resultats.
Despite of the fact, that the sailing season is supposed to be officially over, the CV Vidy organises a regatta counting for the Winter Challenge 2014-15 on every first Saturday of the month.
Sailing Switzerland – Monday, October 13, 2014
Monday, October 13, 2014   
The seven boats' VOR fleet is about to pass the Strait of Gibraltar. The positions at 4 hrs 52 min UTC had the all-women team 'SCA' of Samantha Davies GBR with Justine Mettraux SUI in the lead, 4 miles ahead of the trio 'Vestas Wind', 'Alvimedica' and 'Brunel'. 'SCA' was the only team having opted for a track along the European coast. The initial superior speed dropped in the meantime to a low 2 kn compared to rest if the fleet progressing at 5 or 6 kn.
The race viewer and the event website.
Monday, October 13, 2014   
The 4th ISAF Olympic Worldcup event of this year in Qingdao CHN begins today with the Practice Race. 470 (M + W), Laser Radial and Standard as well as the RS:X-Windsurfers (M + W), 213 boats in total, are on the entry lists. Germany, France and Switzerland are represented by a 470 men's team each. Here the list of participants by nation. For the first time, price money is at stake, 18'000 US$ for the winners by class.
The event website and the ISAF preview.
Monday, October 13, 2014   (Image © Nicolas Jutzi)
Eric Monnin SUI and his team won the ISAF Grade 2 Geneva Match Race Final against David Gilmour AUS 2-0. Past-Surprise-European Champion years ago, he felt at home not only with the home water but also 'his' boat from the past. The event website.
Monday, October 13, 2014   
The traditional Trofeo d'Amicizia at Brenzone/Lake Garda was sailed in 5 races over the past weekend. Ante Razmilovic/Brian Hammersley GBR were the surprising winners defeating the favorites and reigning European Champions Diego Negri/Sergio Lambertenghi ITA by one point. Christian Scheinecker/Gebhardt Wallinger AUT finished 3rd. A victory in the final race moved Lorenz Zimmermann/Edoardo Natucci SUI on 110th among the 24 teams from 6 nations.
The results (PDF).
Monday, October 13, 2014   
In spite of the still prevailing very light wind conditions on Lake Zoug, the responsible race officers succeeded to finish the fourth race necessary to validate the Swiss Championship. Maxime Bachelin/Philippe Pittet CVV satisfied the expectations and won the Championship with the ranks 1/1/2 after discarding the worst result. Francesco + Giorgio Brichetti CVLL sailed their discard yesterday but they defended the Silver medal thanks to their race win on Friday against the tied Lea Rüegg/Diana Otth YCA. 18 teams participated. The results.
Monday, October 13, 2014   
Flavio Favini ITA/Franco Rossini SUI won also the last race yesterday and are the superior overall first in the Melges 24 Swiss Open, the Swiss Class Championship 2014. Andrea Rachelli ITA and Andrea Amati ITA completed the podium. 19 teams from 6 nations participated.
The ranking list.
Monday, October 13, 2014   
No luck with the wind on Lake Zurich for the 80 Lasers sailing their 2014 Swiss Championships. During four days, only one race had been completed by the Lasers Standard and Radial. Nils Theuninck GYC won the only race of the Standards ahead of Pascal Ganz ZSC and Benoît Lagneux SNG, in the Radials, Max Haenssler AVP was first ahead of Giulia Servida CVLL and Maud Jayet CNP. The Lasers 4.7 could not finish a single race.
The ranking lists.
Monday, October 13, 2014   
After three races on Saturday, there was again enough wind on Lake Thoune to add another two heats on Sunday. Christoph Burger/Renato Marazzi TYC won again twice in the Starboats winning overall clearly ahead of Kurt and Markus Scheidegger TYC and Will Wargnier/Laurent Hayoz CNP. The ranking list and the report of Christoph Burger TYC.
Winner in the 18 boats' Dragon fleet were Andi Herrmann GER and his team ahead of Garlef Baum SUI and Stefan Bleich GER. Unfortunately, no results have been posted so far on the club website for the 5.5 mIJ.
Sailing Switzerland – Sunday, October 12, 2014
Sunday, October 12, 2014   
Light winds prevailed at the start to the first leg of the Volvo Ocean Race 2014/15 in Alicante ESP yesterday. After a farewell round off the Harbour, the seven teams, lead by 'Team Brunel' with Bouwe Bekking NED left the Port of Departure heading for Cape Town RSA. Here the video summary of the start.
This morning, the Danish team 'Team Vestas' with Chris Nicholson NZL took the lead 4 miles ahead of 'Mapfre' with Iker Martinez ESP on 2nd. The all-woman team 'SCA' with Samantha Davies GBR and Justine Mettraux SUI followed 7 miles behind on rank 6. The fleet progresses rapidly in a 25 kn rear wind and will probably pass the Strait of Gibratar with its tricky currents this afternoon. The race viewer.
The unusual event website full of interesting information needs getting used to. Where to find what, is the question !
Sunday, October 12, 2014   (Image © Thom Touw)
The Laser Master World Championship 2014 in Hyères FRA ended yesterday with one race sailed in a moderate wind around 10 kn.
Adonis Bougiouris GRE controlled his last remaining opponent Maciej Grabowski POL in the Standard Apprentices to such an extent, that finally both abandoned the race, and the title was Bougiouris'. Bronze went to Matt Blakey NZL.
Winning 8 of the 9 races, Brett Beyer AUS proofed to be a class of his own in the Standard Masters. The podium has been completed by Arnoud Hummel NED 2nd and Scott Ferguson USA 3rd. Markus Ochs SUI finished 46th of the 116 participants
In the Standard Grand Masters, the winner is Nick Harrison GBR just one point ahead of Andy Roy CAN. Peter Vesella USA takes the Bronze medal. Mauro Lentini SUI won in the Silver fleet and is 45th overall.
Jon Emmett GBR climbed on top of the Radial Apprentices in the last race. Scott Leith NZL had to content himself with Silver 2 points behind. Alp Alpagut TUR remained 3rd. Didier Lenormand SUI finished the competition on rank 15.
In the Radial Masters, the duel for rank 1 was even closer, as only the superior number of race wins of Stefen Cockerill GBR broke the tie over Mark Kennedy AUS. Bronze went to Joao Ramos BRA. Roger Moser SUI remained 36th in spite of a premature start yesterday.
No changes occurred in the Radial Grand Masters: Michael Keeton NZL won ahead of Jeff Loosemore AUS and Terry Scutcher GBR. Gilbert Choppard SUI progressed on rank 27 among the 71 participants.
In the Radial Great Grand Masters, Keith Wilkins GBR grasped another title after 40 years Laser sailing. Robert Lowndes AUS and Peter Seidenberg USA took Silver and Bronze. Jacques Perret SUI is on rank 44, Heini Wellmann SUI follows as 48th among the 77 participants.
With 7 wins in 10 races, Stephen Walsh AUS is the superior winner in the Laser 4.7 Great Grand Masters, followed by Mark Bethwaite AUS and Robert Blakey NZL with Silver and Bronze.
All ranking lists and the event facebook page.
Sunday, October 12, 2014   (Image © Nicolas Jutzi)
The favorable wind conditions on Lake Geneva persisted yesterday and permitted to complete the full Second Round Robin. This time, it was David Gilmour AUS who won all duels, taking the overall lead with the same total score as the 2nd-ranked Eric Monnin SUI, winner of day 1. The other two Semi finalists are Arthur Herreman FRA and Dejan Presen SLO.
The event facebook page.
Sunday, October 12, 2014   
The sailing conditions on Lake Zoug were far from perfect, but nevertheless, two races could be finished yesterday in a light breeze, the second one shortened. Adding another race win, Maxime Bachelin/Philippe Pittet CVV remained on top of the rankings. Francesco + Giorgio Brichetti CVLL, winners of the second race, advanced on rank 2 overall. Moira Hegi/Seraina Fischer SVT are 3rd and best girls' team.
The results (PDF).
Sunday, October 12, 2014   
Almost no wind and partly rain on Lake Zurich yesterday and the Laser fleets stayed ashore during the whole day. Up to now, only the Lasers Standard and the Lasers Radial completed a race. Nils Theuninck GYC and Max Haenssler AVP are the leaders.
The ranking lists.
Sunday, October 12, 2014   
Perfect conditions - a 12 - 15 kn breeze - on the Lago Maggoire on the second day of the Melges 24 Swiss Open. Three races were sailed and all three were won by Flavio Favini ITA/Franco Rossini SUI taking the overall lead. Andrea Rachelli ITA on 2nd has a 4 points backlog. Andrea Amati ITA is 3rd, and the 4th-ranked Marco Cavalini ITA is the best Corinthian sailor. The results and the event facebook page.
Sunday, October 12, 2014   
Favorable sailing conditions prevailed yesterday on Lake Thoune, where all classes completed three races. Unfortunately, only the results of the Starboats have been available, with Christoph Burger/Renato Marazzi TYC winning all three races are on top. Kurt and Markus Scheidegger TYC follow on rank 2 among the 12 teams. The ranking list.
Sunday, October 12, 2014   
The C-Catamaran Class Association visited the Société Nautique of Geneva (two times America's Cup holder) in view of the Little Cup (formerly Little America's Cup) to be held in 2015. The C-Class Cats are leading-edge experimental multihulls with foils and wing-sails. The General Assembly was held and one of the Agenda items was the preparation of the 2015 event and a check of the racing area. Here a worthwhile-reading interview with the Class President Steve Clark. The event website.
Sailing Switzerland – Saturday, October 11, 2014
Saturday, October 11, 2014   (Image © Thom Touw)
The fresh East wind around 20 kn and big waves persisted on the third day in a row and made racing spectacular. Before the last races today – probably in rain with a breeze below 10 kn – the top positions are clear in many categories.
Suspense remains in the Standard Apprentices, where Adonis Bougiouris GRE took advantage of the fresh wind winning two more races and starting today with a 2 points lead over Marciej Grabowski POL.
Brett Beyer AUS won the first two Standard Master Gold fleet races, extending his lead on Arnoud Hummel NED on 8 points. Scott Ferguson USA closely followed by Peter Shope USA remain in the race for a medal. Markus Ochs SUI, the only Swiss in the Gold fleet, is 46th.
In the Standard Grand Masters, the title will most probably be decided between Nick Harrison GBR and Andy Roy CAN 3 points behind, but Peter Vesella USA on rank 3 is not too far away. Wolfgang Gerz GER on rank 4 has a 5 points' deficit on the podium. Mauro Lentini SUI is first in the Silver fleet (= 45tj overall).
The duel of Jon Emmett GBR and Scott Leigh AUS separated by 2 points only on top of the Radial Apprentices is very fierce and today's races will be crucial for the title. Alp Alpagut TUR on 3rd is already 20 points behind. Didier Lenormand SUI is now 16th.
In the Radial Masters, the first place is shared by Stefen Cockerill GBR and Mark Kennedy AUS, with Joao Ramos BRA as 3rd 14 points behind. Roger Moser SUI is 36th.
A duel for the title goes on in the Radial Grand Masters as well with Michael Keeton NZL 2 points ahead of Jeff Loosemore AUS, clearly in front oft he 3rd-ranked Vanessa Dudley AUS. Gilbert Choppard SUI is now 33rd.
Keith Wilkins GBR leads in the Radial Great Grand Masters now with a 6 points advance on Robert Lowndes AUS. Peter Seidenberg USA on 3rd is already over 20 points behind. Jacques Perret SUI descended on rank 21.
Stephen Walsh AUS ist the clear leader in the Laser 4.7 Great Grand Masters. Mark Bethwaite AUS remains on rank 2.
All ranking lists and the event website .
Sailing Switzerland – Friday, October 10, 2014
Friday, October 10, 2014   
After 4 hours' waiting on Lake Zürich, the Lasers were towed back ashore. The official website does not contain any information. Considering the weather forecast, today might be again a difficult day wind-wise. May be that the announced depression filling in from the West in the evening will bring some wind.
Friday, October 10, 2014   
No information on thde 420 Swiss Championship on Lake Zoug available on the event website. We shall keep you posted ....