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News – Friday, April 25, 2014
Friday, April 25, 2014   (Image © Frank Socha)
The thermal breeze on the Bay of Hyères filled in around noon, initially with 8 kn, increasing during the afternoon on 15 kn, the lightest wind so far at the 2014 SOF for the continuation of the Final Series.
Matthew Belcher/Will Ryan AUS added another race win yesterday and kept the lead in the 470 men 2 points ahead of Sofian Bouvet/Jeremy Mion FRA. Mantis/Kagialis GRE follow another 2 points behind. The fight for one of the 10 Medal Race places will be close today as Barreiros/Curbelo ESP on rank 9 are only 10 points ahead of Lan/Wang CHN on rank 15. Unchanged is the top trio in the 470 women with Jo Aleh/Polly Powrie NZL on rank 1, 2 points ahead of the tied Weguelin/McIntyre GBR and Haeger/Provancha USA. Kyranakou/Van Veen NED on rank 9 are only 4 points in front of the 12th Skrzypulec/Woitic POL. In the 49ers, Peter Burling/Blair Tuke NZL have already an advantage of 22 points on the surprise team Seaton/McCovern IRL on 2nd. Very likely, the New Zealander will have the overall win secured already this evening. 8 points is the gap between rank 10 (Morrison/Grube GBR) and rank 11 (the tied Evans/Powys GBR and Delle-Karth/Resch AUT). Increase of the advantage also in the 49ersFX, where Martina Grael/Kahena Kunze BRA are now 12 points ahead of Alexandra Maloney/Molly Meech AUS. In the fight for the top-10 Medal-Race qualifications, Conti/Clapcich ITA have a 12 points' lead over the 11th Peters/Groves GBR. On the way to a premature overall win is also the Olympic medalist Pieter-Jan Postma NED. He leads in the Finns with a 17 points' advantage on Thomas Le Breton FRA and Ivan Klijakovic-Gaspic CRO closely following on 3rd. A close fight is on in the Nacra 17: The new leaders Vittorio Bissaro/Silvia Sicouri ITA are 2 points ahead of Billy Besson/Marie Riou FRA and Darren Bundock/Nina Curtis AUS. Also in the RS:X-men windsurfers, the final decision seems clear as Piotr Myzka POL is 22 points in front of Pavel Tarnowski POL. Kieran Badloe NED follows on 3rd, the Olympic Champion Dorian Van Rijsselberge NED on 4th. The leading Jiahui Wu CHN lost her first place in the RS:X-women windsurfers and descended on rank 3. Maja Dziuarnowska POL is new on top, just one point ahead of the day's best Moana Delle GER.
All ranking lists and the reports.
Friday, April 25, 2014   (Image © Frank Socha)
The Laser Final Series continued yesterday with two races sailed in a 10-12 kn wind, the lightest breeze so far at the SOF.
Tom Burton AUS defended his lead in the Laser Standard Goldfleet, but the chasers did come closer. Andrew Maloney NZL is one point, Robert Scheidt BRA on rank 3 5 points behind the leader. Today, the last races for the Medal Race qualifications will be sailed. The ranks 8 (Jean-Baptiste Bernaz FRA) to 11 (Nicholas Heiner NED) are separated by 8 points only.
A leader change happened in the Lasers Radial, where Marit Bouwmester NED is now 2 points ahead of Evi Van Acker BEL. Tatiana Droszdovskaja BLR - best of the day yesterday with the ranks 1 and 9 - follows as 3rd 12 points behind. The Medal Race qualifications are also very tight. Annalise Murphy IRL on rank 7 is only 4 points ahead of the 11th Silvia Zennaro ITA.
For today, rain and light winds have been announced. The ranking lists and the event-website.
Friday, April 25, 2014   (Image © Yvan Zedda)
The westerly thermal breeze filled in late around noon increasing to a moderate 15 kn wind during the afternoon. Before the last heats of the Paralympic classes today - they do not sail Medal Races - several teams have still chances for the overall win.
In the 2.4m one-person-keelboat, the leader is still Heiko Kröger GER, but his advantage on the tied chasers Damien Séguin FRA and Megan Pascoe GBR is only one point.
In the Sonars, the gap between the first John Robertson and Bruno Jourdren FRA with their teams is only 2 points. The 3rd-ranked Aleksander Wang-Hansen NOR is another point behind. Chances for a medal are also with Colin Harrison AUS, whose backlog on the leader is 4 points.
The reports and all ranking lists.
Friday, April 25, 2014   
Not enough wind to start races at the International Optimist Spring Cup in Cannes FRA. Up-to-now, 8 races have been completed, and it boils down to a duel for victory in the D1-(top)-category between Tom Marsan FRA and Nicolas Rolaz SUI (1 point behind) in the final regattas today. Their advantage on the 3rd is 24 points. The rankinglist.
Leader in the younger Benjamins is Jules Renaudeau FRA. The ranking list.
More information on the event-website. Photos have been posted on the event-facebook-page.
Friday, April 25, 2014   (Image © Alexis Courcoux)
With just 700 miles to go, the number of contenders for the win becomes smaller. Approaching the Caribbeans, the trade winds are decreasing, and the average speed of the Bénéteaus' is now down on 9 kn. Fabien Delahaye/Yoann Richomme FRA are the new leaders 9 miles in front of Gwenolé Gahinet/Paul Meilhat FRA. The race-viewer, the reports and the Videos.
Friday, April 25, 2014   
The Qualifier Series for the Gold- and Silver-Fleet split at the 420 CIMA in Cap d'Agde FRA was concluded yesterday with two races sailed in a light breeze. Maxime Pedron/Elliott Michal FRA lead one point ahead of Hippolyte Macchetti/Sidoine Dantes FRA. 80 teams competing. The ranking list.
Friday, April 25, 2014   
Five races have been completed at the Byte-Worlds on Lake Garda. The clear leader in the Boys' fleet is Jonatan Vadnai HUN with four race wins. Scipio Houtman NED and Pavle Zivanovic CRO follow on the ranks 2 and 3.
First in the Girls is Odile Van Aanholt NED, also with four race wins. Mirthe Akkerman NED and Carolina Albano ITA follow behind. The Girls' rankings and the report of the day.
Friday, April 25, 2014   (Image © Frank Socha)
Five races have been completed also by the Techno-windsurfers at their European Championship, at the same time the nations' qualifier for the Youth Olympics.
In the Boys, Maxim Tokarev RUS has taken the lead ahead of Tom Monnet FRA. On rank 3 follows Lars van Someren NED.
No changes occurred in the Girls, where Noy Drihan ISR leads ahead of Shaval Ravitzky ISR, Lucie Pianazza FRA follows on 3rd.
The event-website.
Friday, April 25, 2014   
The fleetrace part of the RC44 Tour began yesterday in typical Cascais conditions with a fresh breeze and a big swell with three races. The first leader is 'Petroleum Peninsula' with John Bassadione GBR/Vasco Vascotto ITA ahead of 'Team Aqua' (Chris Bake GBR/Cameron Appleton NZL) and 'Synergy' with Valentin Zavadnikov RUS/Ed Baird USA. The ranking list and the daily report.
News – Thursday, April 24, 2014
Thursday, April 24, 2014   
After a short start delay yesterday, a moderate max. 15 kn thermal breeze from the West filled in. The changed conditions caused some modifications in the rankings.
Not in the 470 men, where Matthew Belcher/Will Ryan AUS continued their winning runs adding another bullet, but Panagiotis Mantis/Pavlos Kagialiis GRE on rank 2 remain very close. Sofian Bouvet/Jéremy Mion FRA follow on the 3rd place. In the 470 women, the Olympic Champions Jo Aleh/Polly Powrie NZL have taken the lead followed by Sophie Weguelin/Eilidh McIntyre GBR, who won both heats yesterday. Anna Haeger/Briana Provancha USA descended on rank 3. Peter Burling/Blair Tuke NZL extended their lead in the 49ers on 11 points. New on rank 2 is the surprise team Ryan Seaton/Matthew McGovern IRL, best of the day finishing twice on 3rd. Fletcher/Sign GBR follow on rank 3. Martine Grael/Kahena Kunze BRA reclaimed the first place in the 49ersnFX, but Charlotte Dobson/Sophie Ainsworth GBR are only two points behind. Alexandra Maloney/Molly Meech NZL advanced on the 3rd place. The winner of both races in the Finns was the Olympic medalist Pieter-Jan Postma NED taking an overall lead of 18 points. Caleb Paine USA and Thomas Le Breton FRA are on the 2nd and 3rd positions. A new leader showed up in the Nacras 17 where - only two months after starting a campaign for Rio - the double multihullOlmpic medalist Darren Bundock AUS with Nina Curtis AUS have joined the best Billy Besson/Marie Riou FRA who are just one point behind. Vittorio Bissaro/Silvia Sicouri ITA are new on rank 3. For a change, Piotr Myszka POL remained without race win in the RS:X-men windsurfers yesterday, but he still clearly leads in the overall rankings ahead of Pavel Tarnowski POL and Kiran Badloe NED. Two race win for Jiahui Wu CHN brought her on top of the RS:X-woman windsurfers with a clear lead. Maja Dziarnowska POL and Moana Delle GER are on the ranks 2 and 3.
The report of the day and all ranking lists.
Thursday, April 24, 2014   (Image © Frank Socha)
Flat water and a 10 to 12 kn breeze from the West set different conditions for the first Final Series races. Both Laser fleets sailed two races.
In the Lasers Standard, Tom Burton AUS has taken the lead with the day ranks 2 and 3. An even better day (ranks 1/3) had Andrew Malones NZL, advancing on rank 2 with a 2 points' backlog. Rutger Van Schaardenburg NED is 3rd, followed at one point by Robert Scheidt BRA.
The two Olympic medalists Evi Van Acker BEL and Marit Bouwmester NED, both with the day ranks 2 and 3, opened the gap on the chasers in the Lasers Radial. Tatjana Droszdowskaja BLR on 3rd is already 13 points behind.
The daily report and the ranking lists.
Thursday, April 24, 2014   (Image © Yvan Zedda)
Two races yesterday also for the two Paralympic Classes.
With the day ranks 1 and 2, Heiko Kröger GER took the sole lead in the 2.4m- Damien Séguin FRA follows 3 points behind. Finishing 1 and 2 also, Megan Pascoe GBR is on rank 3.
In the Sonars, Akeksander Wang-Hansen NOR and his team won both races of the day and moved up on rank 3 overall. John Robertson GBR and his team remain on top 2 points ahead of Bruno Jourdren FRA.
All ranking lists and the report of the day.
Thursday, April 24, 2014   
The Optimist Spring Cup in the Bay of Cannes continued yesterday with two races.
In the category D1, the top group of the elder (12-15 years') Optimist sailors, the duel for lead between Tom Marsan FRA and Nicolas Rolaz SUI, one point behind, continues. Eduard Morin FRA on rank 3 is already 24 points back. The ranking list D1.
In the younger Benjamins, Jules Renaudeau FRA remains on top.
The event-website with all further details.
Thursday, April 24, 2014   (Image © Alexis Courcoux)
The whole fleet is now sailing in the trade winds, still somewhat stronger in the South, without options to attack tactically. Best sailing in the light and flucky winds approaching the finish will decide on the final victory. Nicolas Lunven/Eric Péron are leading ahead of Fabien Delahaye/Yoann Richomme FRA having reduced the backlog on 3 miles. The report of the day, the race-viewer and the videos.
Thursday, April 24, 2014   
The Ora was very light on the first day of the Byte World Championship, at the same time the European Qualifier Event for the Youth Olympics taking place in Nanjing CHN. One race was sailied in both gender fleets. In the Boys fleet, Jonatan Vadnai HUN was first ahead of Eric-Jan Westerhof NED and Richard Roman FRA. 36 participants from 20 nations and 4 continents are present.
In the Girls fleet, Odile Van Aanholt NED won ahead of Kateryna Gumenko UKR and Carolina Albano ITA. 27 participants from 17 nations and 4 continents are present.
Not represented among others are Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The event-website.
Thursday, April 24, 2014   
The Coupe Internationale Méditerranéen d'Amitié CIMA of the 420s began yesterday at Cap d'Agde FRA. Three races were sailed. Unfortunately, neither the event-website, nor the event facebook page contain information on the race or a list of participants. Available are reports of two Swiss teams in French and German.
Thursday, April 24, 2014   
The European Nations' qualification series for the Youth Olympics in China in August for the windsurfing event are also taking place on Lake Garda during this week. With over 300 participants split in the categories U15 and U17, a new participation record can be registered.
On the first day, the Ora was blowing 'according to program', but yesterday, the wind was barely filling in, and only the Girls completed a race. The rankings after 3 heats show Shoval Ravitzki ISR on top of the U17-Girls in front of Noy Drihan ISR and Lucie Pianazza FRA an. Also in the U17-Boys, the leader after two races comes from Israel thanks to Yonatan Zachar ISR, winner of both races in his group, as was Maxim Tokarev RUS. On rank 3 follow at equal points Lars Van Someren NED and Tom Monnet FRA. 134 Boys competing. The event-website and the video of day one.
Thursday, April 24, 2014   
Yesterday in Cascais, the second round of the RC44 Championship Tour began, as always, with the matchrace day. During the day, the wind increased up to 20 kn. Ed Baird USA steering the Russian 'Synergy', won all 6 duel, taking at the same time the lead in the annual rankings. As from today, fleetracing is on the program The report.
News – Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Wednesday, April 23, 2014   
Perfect conditions also on the second day of the Hyères Worldcup with sun and a 15-18 kn East wind, and all classes completed the planned 2-3 races, concluding the Qualifier Series for the Gold- and Silverfleets.
Matthew Belcher/Will Ryan AUS remained on top of the 470 men thanks to a race win, but the best of the day (ranks 2/3) Sofian Bouvet/Jérémie Mion FRA reduced the backlog to one points. Mantis/Kagialis GRE follow on rank 3. Even better as on day one (ranks 1 and 2) were Anne Haeger/Briana Provancha USA in the 470 woman, extending their lead on the Olympic Champions Jo Aleh/Polly Powrie NZL on 2. Weguelin/McIntyre GBR and Lecointre/Defrance FRA stayed on the positions 3 and 3. New leaders in the 49ers are Dylan Fletcher/Alan Sign GBR, winning 2 of the 3 races. Peter Burling/Blair Tuke NZL and Marcus Hansen/John Porebski NZL follow on the ranks 2 and 3. Finishing 2/2/1, Charlotte Dobson/Sophie Ainsworth GBR climbed on top of the 49ersFX, 3 points ahead of Martine Grael/Kahena Kunze BRA. Ida-Marie Baad/Marie Thusgard DEN are 3rd. Ioannis Mitakis GRE defended the first place in the Finns with just one point in front of Pieter-Jan Postma NED (ranks 1 and 2) who considerable reduced the gap. Caleb Paine USA remains on the 3rd place. As in the Skiffs, the Brits took over the lead also in the Nacras 17, where Ben Saxton/Hannah Diamond GBR overtook Billy Besson/Marie Riou FRA thanks to two race wins. Progressing also the multihull champion Darren Bundock with Nina Curtis AUS new on rank 3. Already five race wins (and a 2nd rank as discard) has Piotr Myszka POL in the RS:X-men-windsurfers, ahead of the Olympic Champion Dorian Van Rijsselberge NED. Thomas Goyard FRA is new on the 3rd place. In the RS:X-women windsurfers, the first place is shared by Jiahui Wu CHN and Maja Dziarnowska POL ahead of Flavia Tartaglini ITA. The Laser results are - as usual - in separate news just below.
All results, the report of the day and the photos.
Wednesday, April 23, 2014   (Image © Frank Socha)
The Qualifier Series for the Gold- and Silverfleets were concluded yesterday with two races by class. The fresh 15 to 18 kn easterly breeze was the perfect stage for the top cracks.
In the Lasers Standard, Tonci Stipanovic CRO moved up on top with the day ranks 1/2 and leads now 2 points ahead of Tom Burton AUS. Robert Scheidt BRA is only one point farther behind. Jean-Baptiste Bernaz FRA, leader after day one, dropped on the 9th place after a premature start.
In the Lasers Radial, it is Evi Van Acker BEL who controls the fleet with now 4 of the 5 heats in her favor. 2 behind follows Marit Bouwmester NED and on 3rd is Tatjana Droszdowskaja BLR, who demonstrated a solid performance as well with four 2nd ranks.
All ranking lists and the report of the day.
Wednesday, April 23, 2014   (Image © Yvan Zedda)
The Franco-German duel on top of the 2.4m, again in top sailing conditions, continued and with a race win for each, Damien Séguin FRA and Heiko Kröger GER remain on top at equal points. Megan Pascoe GBR follows on rank 3. Also in the Sonars, the first place is shared by Robertson/Stodel/Thoams GBR and Jourdren/Vicomt-Vicary/Flageul FRA, both with the ranks 1 and 2 yesterday each. The daily report and the photos.
Wednesday, April 23, 2014   
The well-established easterly breeze allowed to complete another three races at the Optimist Coupe de Printemps in Cannes. The new leader in the categoryD1 is Tom Marsan FRA, 6 points ahead of Nicolas Rolaz SUI on 2nd and new Tim Carpentier FRA on 3rd.
In the younger Benjamins, Maylis Radulic FRA is on top.
All ranking lists.
Wednesday, April 23, 2014   (Image © fotozambra)
No races at the Laser Europacup on Lake Lugano on Easter Monday with pouring rain and no wind. In the final rankings after three races, the winners were Marco Ponti ITA Lasers Standard (33 participants), John Booth GBR Lasers Radial (59 participants) and Guillaume Rol SUI Laser 4.7 (60 participants). The ranking lists.
Wednesday, April 23, 2014   
The results of the 5o5er-Europacups, ending on Monday in St-Raphael, have been posted meanwhile. Wolfgang Hunger/Holger Jess won 5 of the 7 races sailed and are the stellar winners. With a good final day, Caroline and Philippe Jacot SUI moved up on rank 2. Jan-Philipp Hofman/Jan Brocherhof GER finished 3rd. The final rankingis.
Wednesday, April 23, 2014   (Image © Alexis Courcoux)
The trade wind pushes the fleet now at speeds of more than 10 kn direction Caribbeans, and also the former Northern group has now reached the favorable wind stream, but with a backlog of 150 miles and more. Nicolas Lunven/Eric Péron FRA keep the lead 15 miles ahead of Gwenolé Gahinet/Paul Meilhat FRA on rank 2. Over 1100 miles remain to the finish. The race-viewer, the reports and the videos.
Wednesday, April 23, 2014   
In 1929, the Starboat launched in 1911 in the USA, was for the first time sailed in Europe. Selected as Olympic class in 1936, more and more Starboat regattas were sailed in Europe such as e.g. 1938 in Naples ITA. Now finally, the video of this regatta has been published.
News – Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Tuesday, April 22, 2014   
Perfect conditions prevailed yesterday on the first day of the last 2014 ISAF Worldcup event with sun and an initial 12 kn easterly breeze, increasing to 18 kn during the day. All classes sailed 2-3 races.
The Olympic Champions Matthew Belcher/Will Ryan AUS won two of the three races in the 470 men and lead overall ahead of Barreiros/Curbelo ESP and Dahlberg/Bergström SWE. Anne Haeger/Briana Provancha USA are on top of the 470 women after two heats, followed by the Olympic Champions Jo Aleh/Polly Powrie NZL and Sophie Weguelin/Eilidh MyIntyre GBR. Two wins in three races also for Peter Burling/Blair Tuke NZL in the 49ers ahead of Dylan Fletcher/Alan Sign GBR and Diego Botin/Pablo Turredo ESP. The Olympic Champions Nathan Outteridge/Iain Jensen AUS are 4th for the moment. And also in the 49ersFX, the favorites are already ruling the show: Martine Grael/Kahena Kunze BRA lead in front of Ida Baad-Nielsen/Marie Thusgaard DEN and Charlotte Dobson/Sophie Ainsworth GBR. Rather surprising is the interims lead of Ioannis Mitakis GRE in the Finns, followed by Milan Vujasinovic CRO and Caleb Paine USA. To be noted, that the strong GBR Finns do not compete. A dominating first day had Billy Besson/Marie Riou FRA finishing 2/1/1 in the Nacra 17. Pippa Wilson/John Gimson GBR and Ben Saxton/Hannah Diamond GBR follow on the places 2 and 3. Even three bullets went to Piotr Myszka POL in the RS:X-men-windsurfers. Toni Wilhelm GER and Dorian Van Rijsselberge NED follow at equal points on rank 2. Leading in the RS:X-women-windsurfers is Natalia Kosinska NZL ahead of Maia Dziarnowska POL and Jiahui Wu CHN.
The official report, all ranking lists and the pictures.
Tuesday, April 22, 2014   
Perfect conditions with a 15-18 kn East wind prevailed on the opening day of the last 2014 ISAF Worldcup event. In his Laser Standard group, Jean-Baptiste Bernaz FRA won two of the three races on his home waters and leads overall one point ahead of Matthew Wearn AUS. Tom Burton AUS is 3rd. The World nbr 1 Tonci Stipanovic CRO follows on 7th for the moment, the World Champion Robert Scheidt BRA is 9th. Charlie Buckingham USA is 14th, Tom Ramshaw CAN 27th.
In the Lasers Radial, Evi Van Acker BEL and Marit Bouwmester NED lead with two race wins each. Annalise Murphy IRL follows 2 points behind. Paige Railey USA is 9th.
The daily report, all ranking lists and the pictures.
Tuesday, April 22, 2014   
Two of the three Paralympic classes start at the Hyères Worldcup as well. Leading in the 2.4m are Heiko Kröger GER and Damien Séguin FRA, ahead of Megan Pascoe GBR. 16 participants from 7 nations. The fleet of the 8 Sonars is lead by Robertson/Stodel/Thomas GBR. Jens Korjker GER and Bruno Jourdrain FRA with their teams follow on the ranks 2 and 3. The report of the day.
Tuesday, April 22, 2014   
The International Optimist Spring Cup began yesterday in Cannes with three races sailed. Thomas Tristan FRA leads in the D1 group of the best sailors with two race wins, one point ahead of Tom Marsan FRA. Third, with a race win in his group as well, follows Nicolas Rolaz SUI 2 points behind. 151 Optimists sail in the top D1 group.
Jules Renaudeau FRA leads in the younger Benjamins' (age 8-11) category. All other ranking lists are on the event-website.
Tuesday, April 22, 2014   
The 29er Eurocup at Cavalaire FRA (between St-Tropez and Hyères) ended yesterday with three races. Peter Janezic/Anze Podlogar SLO were the winners with a 55 (!) points advantage after 14 races, ahead of Juuso Roihu/Henri Roihu EST and Cas Van Dongen/Daniel Bramervaer NED. The final rankings.
Tuesday, April 22, 2014   
No doubt that the Southern option is highly preferential. Lunven/Peron FRA lead 15 miles ahead of Gahinet/Meihat. Two of the teams in the North are now heading South to touch the trade winds as soon as possible. The race viewer, the report of the day with 1'300 miles to go to the arrival and the videos.
Tuesday, April 22, 2014   (Image © Ouest France)
The Spi Ouest in La Trinité ended yesterday with a light-wind race. Winners in the Grand Surprise is C.Montoriol FRA and his team. Leader change in the M34 where Daniel Souben FRA, 'Courrier Dunkerque' FRA, replaced the previous first 'Groupama' of Fabien Henry FRA by one point. Nicolas Berenger FRA won also the last race and clearly dominated the Longtzes. In the largest fleet, the J/80s, the 49er Olympian Morgan Lagravière FRA moved up on rank 1 on the last race day. All ranking lists and the event-website.
Tuesday, April 22, 2014   
Yesterday evening, the Maxi-Trimaran IDEC with Francis Joyon FRA reached Rio de Janeiro BRA after the Atlantic Crossing in 13 days, 3 hours and 5 minutes, establishing a first benchmark record for this route, the Route de l'amitié. The report.
News – Monday, April 21, 2014
Monday, April 21, 2014   
Today begins the 5th and last ISAF 2013/14 Worldcup Event on the Bay of Hyères FRA. With 780 boats and over 1100 sailors from 60 nations, this is the worldwide best attended sailing competition of the year ..... they are all here, the World Champions, Olympic medalists and the Worldcup leaders. Light to moderate Easterly winds will prevail for the Qualifications Series today and tomorrow, while by the end of the week, an up to 30 kn breeze will set the stage for a fast and furious events' final. The official preview. Racing can be followed on Twitter and as from 10 hrs UTC live on the Internet.
Monday, April 21, 2014   (Image © Elena Giolai)
Local sailors from Lake Garda were the winners of the 2014 Optimist Meeting at Riva ITA ending yesterday. The first of the two races in the morning was sailed in a rather unconstant wind but the final heat in the afternoon was completed in a perfect Ora breeze. Davide Ducchi ITA flopped in the first Juniores race (rank 73) but winning the last heat, he remained on top of the rankings six points ahead of Lucas Bergström SWE on 2nd. Daniil Krutskikh RUS was 3rd. Zoya Novikova RUS on rank 23 was the best girl. The Goldfleet ranking list.
In the younger Cadetti, the tiebread went in favor of Francesco Novelli ITA thanks to better individual race results ahead of Felix Neszvescko GER. Third and the best girl was Gaja Pela ITA. The results of the Cadetti.
All other ranking lists and the final report (in Italian).
Monday, April 21, 2014   (Image © Alexis Courcoux)
The expected leader change happened ! The southern group keeps on racing 3 kn faster as the previous leader trio in the North. Nicolas Lunven/Eric Peron FRA are the new leaders 10 miles ahead of Gwenolé Gahinet/Paul Meilhat FRA on rank 2. The best of the northern Group are Gwenael Gbick/Kito de Pavant FRA on position 6, but they will no doubt descend even more, as will Contin Horeau/Michel Desjoyeaux FRA, still 10th. The race-viewer, the daily report and the videos.
Monday, April 21, 2014   (Image © fotozambra)
Turbulant weather on day three of the Lugano Laser Europacup as well. The normal thermal wind seemed to take over in the morning and the three fleets completed a race on Lake Lugano. But an upcoming rain front from the East caused a 90° windshift and a second race was started with good hopes to continue the competition. However, shortly after the start of race 2, the wind slackened and only the Standards and Radial succeeded to make the finish line.
The Laser 4.7 rankings after the Sunday race had Guillaume Rol SUI on top thanks to a 2nd race rank. The best girl Asya Luvisetto SUI advanced on rank 2. Alexis Mégevand SUI and Damian Suri SUI on the position 3 and 4 confirmed the strong Swiss performance. New on top of the Lasers Radial was John Booth GBR, the only one with all single-digit results so far. Guglielmo Bonfili ITA on rank 2 is already 11 points back. The best girl Anna Liebmann GER follows as 3rd. In the Lasers Standard, Marco Ponti ITA defended his lead just one point ahead of the tied Robert Rönnback FIN and Doré de Morsier SUI. The ranking list.
Monday, April 21, 2014   
Five races in moderate winds were sailed yesterday off Cavalaire FRA. The updated ranking list after 11 heats has now been published. Janezic/Podlogar SLO, winners of the Riva ITA Eurocup a week ago, are again the clear leaders with a huge 36 points' advantage. Lindermann/Schaeper GER follow on rank 2, Van Dongen/Bramervaer NED advanced on rank 3. The ranking list.
Monday, April 21, 2014   
Traditionally, the 5o5s have their international season opening in the South of France, and 49 teams from 5 nations (incl the USA) participated in the Europacup Regatta at St-Raphaël FRA. Five races were completed until Saturday with Wolfgang Hunger/Holger Jess GER leading ahead of Morten Bogacki/Lars Dehne GER 4 points behind. Excellent the third place of the mixed team Caroline and Philippe Jacot SUI inmidst of the top-teams, i.e. in front of the former Worldchampions Mike Holt/Dave Shelton USA and Ian Pinnel/Adam Kenny GBR on the positions 4 and 5. The ranking list.
Monday, April 21, 2014   (Image © Vincent Mouchel)
Three races were sailed at the Spi Ouest in moderate conditions. Leader after seven races in the Grand Surprise ist R.Jehanno FRA. Dominating the M34 is still Fabien Henry FRA on 'Groupama', but Daniel Souben FRA on 'Courrier Dunkerque' slightly reduced the gap to the leaders thanks to two race wins. In the Longtzes, Nicolas Berenger FRA extended his lead. Sylvain Pellessier FRA is the new leader in the J/80, the largest fleet with 89 units. All ranking lists and the event-website.
Monday, April 21, 2014   
The breeze on the Bay of Almanerre FRA filled in late in the afternoon to allow to complete a final heat in an easterly breeze with flat water. Marco Lange AUT added another race win and was the stellar winner overall ahead of Daniel Aeberli SUI and Richard Stauffacher SUI. 64 windsurfers from 5 nations participated in this traditional season opening event, the majority coming from Switzerland. The ranking list and the illustrated short report.