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Tuesday, 10. July 2012   (Image © Alexis Courcoux)
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Bénéteau Figaro - La Solitaire du Figaro 2012 - Leg 3 - Day 2
The 35 solo skippers are actually in a long upwind beat direction Wolf Rock South of Ireland to round this turning point this morning before heading back to France. The leading group - including the first-ranked overall - is still closely together, with Fabien Delahaye FRA 0,1 miles ahead of the overall-second Morgan Lagravière FRA. Nicolas Lunven FRA (backlog 0,8 miles) and Yann Eliès FRA (0,9 miles back) remain very close. The race-viewer, the reports and the videos.
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Bénéteau Figaro - La Solitaire du Figaro - Perros-Guirrec FRA

Sunday, 31. July 2011– Wednesday, 24. August 2011


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