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Monday, 11. June 2012   (Image © Elena Giolai)
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420, 470 - Intervela - Riva ITA - Final Results
The traditional Intervela of the 420s and 470s on Lake Garda ended yesterday with the planned number of 6 races in summery temperatures and a perfect 4-5 bft breeze. Winner by a small margin in the 420 were the locals D'Errico/Marini ITA ahead of the Sicilians Attina/Genna ITA. Best girls among the 28 teams were Clara Addari/Arianna Perini ITA on rank 4. In the 470s, Capurro/Puppo ITA were the clear winners. The report (in Italian).
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420, 470 - Intervela - Riva ITA

Saturday, 9. June 2012– Sunday, 10. June 2012


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