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Friday, 1. June 2012   (Image © Andrew Carter)
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World Match Racing Tour - Gyeonggi KOR - Day 2
With three wins yesterday, Ian Williams GBR took the clear lead on top of the interims Round Robin rankings. This morning, the English Matchrace World Champion 2011 and Tour winner added another point increasing his score to 7-1 in front of Torvar Mirsky AUS, Björn Hansen SWE and Phil Robertson NZL with 3-2 wins each. Critical is the situation re a quarter final qualification for Pierre-Antoine Morvan FRA on rank 7 with a 4-4 score. The report. The results of the day are continuously updated on the event-website.
World Match Racing Tour - Korea Match Cup - Gyeonggi KOR

Tuesday, 29. May 2012– Sunday, 3. June 2012


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