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Tuesday, 22. May 2012   
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Swiss Olympic Team - Final selections on June 5
With all Olympic Classes World Championships (also the final selection races) concluded, the Swiss Sailing Team AG (SST) has published a Communiqué, announcing, that Swiss Sailing will submit a selection proposal to Swiss Olympic by May 31. Swiss Olympic will select the 2012 Swiss Olympians formally on June 5. The criteria set by Swiss Olympic have been met in three classes only. In addition, Switzerland has acquired Olympic starting places in the 470 men and Lasers also. The Communiqué does not reveal whether the SST will propose these classes for a participation as well. Never before, such a small number of classes have met the criteria set. In the first week of June, the next ISAF Worldcup event will take place on the Olympic waters of Weymouth. Practically all Olympic Teams participate in this last tune-up, including all Swiss hopefuls, except Marazzi/De Maria in the Starboat. The entry list

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