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Friday, 9. July 2010   
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Skipper der ‚Ady Gil’ – two year's prison with sentence suspended
Last Wednesday, the "Whale Warrior" Captain Pete Bethune, member of the Sea Shepherds was sentenced to two years and he will be deported back to New Zealand on July 9th with his sentence suspended. On January 6, 2010, Captain Hiroyuki Komura of the illegal Japanese whaling vessel the 'Shonan Maru #2' deliberately rammed and destroyed Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's vessel, the 'Ady Gil'. Es wurde schwer beschädigt und sank. (More ...). Captain Bethune's mission was successful. His efforts helped save the lives of 528 whales. He was able to take one of the harpoon vessels off the hunt when it was forced to return him to Japan. Most importantly, he exposed the brutality and illegality of the Japanese whaling fleet to the world. The report.