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Friday, 5. March 2010   (Image © Tyler Doyle/Doyle Sails)
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Speed sailing – Can Monohulls fight back?
'BMWOracle', 'Groupama 3',' Banque Populaire V,' and 'L'Hydroptere': the world's fastest and most exciting boats are multihulls. But if it's up to yacht designer Vlad Murnikov, that's about to change. Murnikov, who was born in Russia and lives in Massachusetts, was the principal designer of 'Fazisi', the Russian entry in the 1989-1990 Whitbread. And he has a 'Speed Dream'. Using the latest in technology and design, Murnikov wants to develop a record-shattering monohull that might be able to go 50 knots in open ocean conditions, to hell with limiting box rules. Read his post in Sail-World.